What is Online Exam Proctoring?

Remote Proctoring Process

Remote proctoring is the process to authenticate, authorize and control the online examination process in a scalable manner. In the traditional exam process, an invigilator needs to be present at the exam centre to validate candidates appearing for the exam.

For each exam centre of around 30-50 candidates, you need one invigilator. So for conducting an exam of 1000+ candidates you would need more than 25 invigilators controlling the exam process.

Remote proctoring can simplify this process so that individual proctors can invigilate the exams by looking at the computer screens of multiple users appearing for the exam.

Online Exam Proctoring

Exam Proctoring is part of our Enterprise edition. You can request the demo of Remote Proctoring and can check this useful article

Here is a short demo of how Remote Proctoring Works

Remote Proctoring Process for Online Exam

Here is one of the case study of successful implementation of Remote Proctoring (in Camera Assessment/ Exams)