How Sharda University Simplified Evaluation Process Using Onscreen Marking [Case Study]

Onscreen Marking- Large University [Case Study]

About Sharda University

Sharda University, located in Greater Noida, India, stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of higher education. Established as a multidisciplinary university with global exposure, it boasts a sprawling campus spread over 63 acres and is home to 13,000+ students representing 85+ countries.

Offering a rich tapestry of 200+ courses across various disciplines, Sharda University is renowned for its state-of-the-art infrastructure, experienced faculty, and a holistic approach to education, making it a preferred choice for students from across the globe.

Challenges Faced by Sharda University

Answer Sheet Checking Process

1. Manual Evaluation

The traditional method of manual evaluation was time-consuming and prone to human errors, affecting the overall accuracy and reliability of results.

2. Examiner Travel

Examiners had to travel to centralized evaluation centers, leading to logistical challenges, increased costs, and potential delays.

3. Physical Handling of Answer Sheets

The physical transportation and handling of answer sheets posed risks of misplacement, damage, and unauthorized access.

4. Delay in Result Declaration

Due to the manual processes involved, there were significant delays in declaring results, affecting the academic calendar and student progression.

How It Changed

Sharda University, in its quest for excellence and efficiency, adopted the Eklavvya Onscreen Marking System. This innovative solution eliminated the challenges of manual evaluation, examiner travel, and physical handling of answer sheets. The digital transformation ensured a seamless, accurate, and swift evaluation process, leading to timely result declarations.

Benefits of Onscreen Evaluation

Benefits for Examiner

  •   Streamlined workflow with easy access to answer sheets.
  • Digital tools for marking, annotations, and comments.
  • Reduced fatigue as compared to manual paper checking.
  • Flexibility to evaluate from any location, reducing travel needs.

Benefits for Moderator

  • Easy review and moderation of marked answer sheets.
  • Digital trail of changes and annotations.
  • Efficient handling of discrepancies and re-evaluations.

Simplified Result Processing with High Accuracy

  • Automated tabulation and calculation of marks.
  • Reduced chances of errors in result compilation.
  • Swift generation of result reports and transcripts.

Cost-Effective Way to Manage Evaluation Process of University

  • Significant savings on logistics and operational costs.
  • Reduced need for physical infrastructure like evaluation centers.
  • Digital storage reduces costs associated with paper, printing, and storage.

Feedback from Exam Department of Sharda University

“At Sharda University, we’ve been using the Eklavvya Onscreen Marking System to make our result management and evaluations better. With an impressive track record, we’ve successfully evaluated over 100,000 answer sheets with exceptional precision, setting a new standard in accuracy. 

The implementation of the Eklavvya Onscreen Marking System has had a profound impact on our moderation and examiner evaluation processes, leading to substantial improvements in efficiency. 

Eklavvya has played a crucial role in efficiently processing results for more than 200 courses and catering to the needs of over 25,000 students, all while maintaining a high level of accuracy.

We extend our gratitude for the professional and technical support provided, which has truly revolutionized our examination department and its overall functionality.”


Sharda University’s adoption of the Eklavvya Onscreen Marking System is a testament to its commitment to excellence and innovation. The transformation has not only streamlined the evaluation process but has also set a benchmark for other institutions to follow. In the age of digital transformation, onscreen evaluation is the way forward, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and sustainability.

Are you an educational institution looking to revolutionize your evaluation process? Discover the benefits of the Eklavvya Onscreen Marking System and take the leap towards digital transformation.

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