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Exam Proctoring Online Exam Proctoring to capture images/photo/ video streaming of the candidate appearing for the online exam to conduct exams in a secure environment with remote invigilationYou can refer to the below video to understand the advantages of proctoring. Refer to detailed articles to understand how remote proctoring works?

Eklavvya platform provides you the option to conduct online exams on the mobile phone of the student. While the student is attempting an online exam on a mobile phone, the camera of the phone continuously streams the activity/face of the user to the exam proctor. The exam proctor can ensure that candidate is not using any means or taking help from books, notebooks, or talking to another person while the exam is happening. We are conducting many such exams for various educational institutes across the world.

The following types are supported

  1. Video Proctoring
  2. Audio Proctoring
  3. Screen Recording
  4. Image Proctoring
  5. Automated AI Proctoring

Secure browser App

  • Prevent HDMI Cable extensions
  • Kill background screen sharing applications with ease
  • Prevent unauthorized access to exams using remote logins
  • Prevent users from opening any other background recording applications
  • Facility to keep exam window always on top
  • White list required application so that you can switch windows  (e,g Excel for accounts calculation, R Programing app for analysis)