AI-powered video interview platform revolutionizes the recruitment process by providing an efficient, unbiased, and comprehensive analysis of candidates.

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What is Generative AI Video Interviews?

This technology uses artificial intelligence to analyze candidates interviews. AI evaluates various aspects like speech, facial expressions, and body language Providing a detailed report on the candidate’s performance.
How does the AI Ensure Unbiased Evaluations?

The AI is programmed to analyze responses based on predefined criteria that focus solely on the content and quality of the candidate’s answers, eliminating human biases that can affect the hiring process.
Can the Evaluation Criteria be Customized for Different Needs

Absolutely. The AI parameters can be tailored to suit specific job roles and company requirements, ensuring that the evaluation criteria are relevant and effective for each unique position.
Eklavvya Platform Is Quick And Easily Accessible. The Service Of Eklavvya Is Good. We Have Been Able To Simplify And Scale The Recruitment Process.

(Cement Division)
Asst. Manager- HR, Prism Johnson Ltd.

We’ve been able to evaluate better, conduct evaluations more frequently. Hiring and Employee evaluation process is so much more streamlined due to Eklavvya.

Lindo Paul
(AVP, Business)
Zerodha Broking Ltd.

Managing Manual Offline Recruitment Activities Was Challenging For Us. With The Support Of Eklavvya, We Could Conduct The Bulk Hiring Drive Smoothly.

(Associate Manager)
HR Voonik Technologies Pvt Ltd.

We wanted to streamline the certification and accreditation assessment process for our cash management employees across India. Eklavvya proved to be an effective tool to manage secure online tests.


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AI-Powered Interviews Over Traditional Interviews


AI can process and evaluate video interviews much faster than humans, saving valuable time for recruiters.

Fair Decision Making

AI algorithms assess candidates using predefined criteria, minimizing the potential for unconscious bias found in traditional interviews.


AI-powered platforms can handle a large number of interviews simultaneously, making them ideal for mass interview scenarios.

In-depth Analysis

AI can analyze multiple aspects of a candidate’s performance, including verbal responses, body language, and facial expressions.

3 Easy Steps to Generative AI Video Interviews

1. Candidate Records Answer

Candidates are presented with interview questions on the platform. Using the front camera of their device, they record their responses in a video format.

This allows them to express their thoughts and ideas in a more personal and engaging way compared to traditional text-based responses.

2. AI Analysis

Once the video responses are recorded, our advanced AI comes into play. The AI is capable of analyzing various parameters from the video.

It evaluates the candidate’s speech patterns, facial expressions, and body language. It also assesses the content of the candidate’s responses.

This multi-faceted analysis provides a holistic view of the candidate’s communication skills, confidence, and suitability for the role.

3. Generating Reports

Based on the AI’s analysis, the platform generates comprehensive reports for each candidate. These reports provide detailed insights into the candidate’s performance, including their strengths and areas for improvement.

The reports can be used by recruiters to make informed decisions about the candidate’s fit for the role and the organization.

Applications in Education Sector

Application in Admission Interviews

Holistic Evaluation of Applicants: Beyond academic achievements, the AI can assess communication skills, confidence, and other soft skills that are crucial for success in an educational setting.

Scalability for Large Applicant Pools: The software can handle a large number of interviews efficiently, making it easier for institutions to manage admissions at scale.

Personalized Feedback for Applicants: The software can provide applicants with feedback on their interview performance, offering a unique value-add to the admission process.

Enhancing Diversity and Inclusion: By minimizing human biases in the evaluation process, the software can help in promoting a more diverse and inclusive student body.

Streamlining Administrative Processes: Reducing the administrative burden on admission committees, allowing them to focus on strategic decision-making.

Application in Viva or Oral Exams

Objective Assessment: The AI can provide an unbiased evaluation of the student’s presentation skills, knowledge, and confidence, offering a more balanced view than human evaluators who may have unconscious biases.

Consistency in Grading: With standardized criteria for assessment, the AI ensures that all students are evaluated equally, maintaining fairness in grading.

Efficiency and Time-saving: The software can analyze viva exams quickly, reducing the workload on educators and providing timely feedback to students.

Record Keeping and Review: Videos of viva exams can be archived, allowing for future review by students or educators for improvement or accreditation purposes.

Remote Examination: Especially beneficial for distance learning programs, it allows students to take viva exams from remote locations while ensuring the integrity and quality of the assessment.

Applications in Corporate Sector

Application in Recruitment and Hiring

Comprehensive Candidate Evaluation: By analyzing video interviews, the AI can assess not only what candidates say but how they say it, evaluating non-verbal cues, confidence, communication skills, and more.

Bias Reduction in Hiring: The AI’s objective analysis can help reduce unconscious biases, promoting a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

Efficient Screening Process: For roles attracting large numbers of applicants, the software can quickly analyze interviews, allowing HR teams to focus on the most promising candidates.

Remote Interviewing: In an increasingly remote or hybrid work environment, the software facilitates efficient and effective remote interviewing and assessment processes.

Application in Employee Training and Development

Training Effectiveness Analysis: By analyzing recorded training sessions, the AI can provide feedback on employees’ engagement and understanding, helping trainers improve their methods.

Skill Assessment: During internal training or workshops, the software can evaluate employees’ presentation and communication skills, aiding in their professional development.

Training for Public Speaking and Presentations: Employees can use the software to practice and receive feedback on their presentation skills, improving their public speaking and communication abilities.

Industry-Specific Customization: The software can be tailored to meet the specific needs and challenges of different industries, from finance to technology to healthcare.

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India Infoline Finance

Assessment and survey for employee training and evaluation across hundreds of branches in India

Jubiliant FoodWorks

Jubilant Foodworks

Using Eklavvya to conduct regular assessments of their employees across the nation at various franchise branches.


Cactus Communications

Global hiring using Skill Assessment Process in multiple countries

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Implemented Internal Assessment and Knowledge Management Process for Employees using Eklavvya



Sales team Assessment for various locations with video proctoring of remote candidates

Prism Johnson

Prism Johnson Ltd

Automated campus and lateral hiring process with remote proctored assessment process with the help of Eklavvya Assessments.

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