A Global Food Chain Company Streamlined Online Employee Assessments using Eklavvya

A highly reputed global food chain streamlined employee assessment process


As a global food chain of repute, trusted by millions of consumers every day; the main focus of the company was to maintain the quality of the food products served across the globe. The internal quality management system of the company is dedicated to maintaining quality across all franchises. The company conducted online employee assessments using Eklavvya

Why was the assessment needed?

trainings are crucial for maintaining the quality of services across the globe franchises, training assessments make these trainings assessment make these trainings reliable

To maintain the quality, the operating procedures; often referred to as “standard operating procedures (SOPs)” are mandatory to be followed by all the employees of the firm. These SOPs are updated from time to time and training is assigned to global employees.  Employees undergo training and appear for Online Employee Assessments on completion of the training.

Here are the highlights of the reputed food chain to conduct the employee assessments

Eklavvya served as an assessment tool for employees across the globe

A single tool for all franchises across the world

With thousands of franchises across the world, it was necessary for the company to maintain the quality and standards of all the franchises to global standards. With Eklavvya, the assessments could be conducted in a timely manner for all employees across the globe.

The quality-related training used to get assigned to all the employees across the globe, after completion of training; the employees could appear for the post-training assessment as per their time convenience.

The schedule of these assessments was kept flexible considering the time zone differences among the employees, the flexible schedule made it convenient for the employees to appear for the Online Employee Assessments

The employee assessment process was automated

Employee assessment process automation

The employee data could be efficiently maintained in an organized manner in the system, The employee assessments could be assigned to global employees with a single click. Once the assessment is created, it could be reused and reassigned if required. 

There was absolutely no need of coordinating manually with the employees regarding training assessments, employees used to receive login credentials and links for the assessment and could complete the assessment on their own.

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The Leadership board feature helped the company to identify top performance

Leadership board feature helps to identify top performers

As a company that keeps “quality” a priority, it is important to identify and promote talent. The one who understands the quality aspects well will surely benefit the company, thus; the company wanted to identify the top performers of these tests.

The leadership board feature of Eklavvya helped the company to get the list of top solvers for each of the assessments. The company acknowledged & appreciated the top solvers.

The company conducted internal assessments for promotion

Online assessment for promotion

When a company needs a suitable person for a new job role, it is always a better idea to promote the existing employees, but promotions are largely dependent on one’s relationship with the manager and other such factors. The promotion process may be significantly influenced by the unconscious bias of the manager.

The company understands and acknowledges that real talent should be promoted and biased decisions must be avoided, considering the same; the company implemented online assessments for promotions.

These Online Employee Assessments were composed of questions based on situation aptitude, quality parameters, and franchise procedure understandings and communication skills of the candidate.

The assessment process was cost-effective and reliable

Cost effective online assessments

All the assessments conducted by the company were created by a small team of employees, as a small team of employees could handle the complete assessment process, it saved a lot of human resource costs.

Also, the assessment process was highly automated and thus saved a lot of time for the administration and improved the productivity of the employees.

Eklavvya served as a competent tool for conducting the employee assessment for various purposes, the process was automated, fast, and reliable, apart from the employee assessments, the food chain is now looking forward to streamlining the employee hiring process using Eklavvya.