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What type of Online assessments can be conducted on Eklavvya ?

Online Exam Types

Introduction to Online Assessment

As per Oxford Dictionary, to assess means to judge or evaluate something. An assessment is a single or a series of different tests taken to evaluate or measure a person’s progress, performance, interests, skills, attitudes, beliefs, etc. These assessments can be used to identify a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, personality, character, knowledge, orientation and many more things.

These assessments when conducted online i.e. from a remote location are called as online assessments. Such assessments are conducted over internet and the candidates can appear for them by using any devices which supports internet such as their personal computers, laptops, tablets or mobile phones. These online assessments can be conducted by using a software platform which would provide many other advantages as well.

These online assessments are organized by corporate companies while hiring fresh candidates from campuses. These tests help them to find a candidate who is best suited to their requirements from a huge pool of applicants. Even schools might conduct such assessments to gauge the student’s academic performance and their understanding of different subjects.

Eklavvya is one such platform developed at Splashgain, which not only helps you to conduct assessments online but also provides other beneficial services such as remote proctoring (supervision) and digital evaluation.

By designing the best solutions, Eklavvya can enable you to conduct assessments online, prevent any sort of cheating or malpractice as also evaluate the answers quickly and generate accurate results.

Eklavvya supports various types of exams. It offers an array of assessments which are conducted online for different purposes.  Our solution has been used by many corporate organizations for their training and recruitment needs. Education Institutes are also using platform for conducting entrance exams, training exams and certifications.

Let us understand more about the assessments supported by Eklavvya.

Online Assessment for Psychometric Tests

Psychometric test is helpful for personality analysis. It is used to measure a person’s interests, cognitive ability and potential ability. This type of online assessments gives an idea about a person’s strengths and weaknesses. This test also includes behavioural assessments. Thus, this test can assess the suitability of a candidate accurately for a role based requirement.

Career Profiling Online Assessment

Career profiling online assessments can be used to identify a person’s area of interest. This assessment can help gauge a person’s career field which suits his/her strengths perfectly. This helps that person to choose the right career if he/she is in a dilemma. Career profiling online assessment uses some interest based activities to understand the creativity quotient or creative intelligence of the candidate. 

Employee Training Online Assessment

Organisations arrange training sessions for employees to fill in the knowledge gaps, update them about new features and prepare them for upcoming projects. The employee training online assessment is used to measure the knowledge gained by the employees in a training session.

These tests might also be conducted to test the abilities of employees to grasp the knowledge received during training sessions, to increase their domain knowledge and increase their learning ability.

Online Assessment for Practice Test Series

The practice test series are like mock tests which can be taken by candidates as a part of preparation for the actual tests. Such tests series prove very helpful for candidates who are about to appear for a competitive exam. This test can analyse the progress of the candidate and give an idea about his/her performance in the actual test. The online practice test series can provide topic wise analysis of strong and weak areas of the candidate.    

Online Assessment for Aptitude Tests

Aptitude tests are conducted by organizations before hiring a candidate. This test is conducted to test a candidate’s Intelligence quotient, reasoning ability, mathematical skill, problem solving skill and logic.

This test helps the organization to predict a candidate’s contribution to the organization and his/her contribution to the organization’s success accurately. Conducting aptitude tests help the organizations to improve the quality of recruiting the candidates or promoting the employees. 

Online Assessment for Subjective/Theory Exams

Subjective tests are opposite of objective tests wherein the candidates need to write descriptive long answers. These tests give candidates the liberty to express their opinions and views in whichever words they want. The candidates can write the answers according to their personal judgements, standards or beliefs.

These tests are less systematic but more valid as compared to objective type tests. These tests consist of open ended questions which are useful to measure the candidate’s writing skills and language skills. Aptitude tests might also include case studies used to measure the candidate’s ability to analyse the case. Hence, they are helpful to understand candidate’s basic knowledge and understanding. 

Video-based Online Assessment

The video based online assessments include questions which are based on a video. In these types of assessments, the candidates need to first watch the video carefully and understand it thoroughly. Then they can proceed towards answering the questions.

This type of assessment includes training video and an assessment at the end which is based on that video. The video acts like a case study which the candidates need to scrutinize to be able to answer the questions correctly. The video-based assessments help to measure the candidate’s listening and viewing skills. 

Sound/Audio based Online Assessment

The sound based assessments include questions wherein the candidate’s needed to hear the voices or sounds ultra-carefully as the questions are based on the sounds or audio voices. Hence, the candidates need to identify the sounds or the words to answer those questions precisely.


Such tests are meant to test a candidate’s listening skills, language skills and also to test his/her domain knowledge. The audios are provided as a case study to analyse the candidates after they answer the questions related to that audio. 

Eklavvya supports various types of exams. Our solution has been used by many corporates for their training, recruitment needs. Education Institutes are using platform for conducting entrance exams, training exams, certification.

Following are some of the new ways to conduct online exams


Online Viva oral exam

You can also define a viva or oral exam. Candidate can log in using a mobile phone/ desktop/ laptop and attempt each viva question. The speech of the candidate for each question is recorded in the system.


Examiner is provided with a login to evaluate viva answers. You can check the details of the viva exam here.

Here is the demo of Objective Exams supported with Images, Audio, Videos

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Here is video of Conducting Subjective or Theory Assessments

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Here is the success story of how one of the multinational company has implemented psychometric test

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