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Online Assessment for Education

Online assessments for education

There is tremendous thrust for reforms in the education sector as far as the examination process is concerned.

Many universities/ institutes are using online assessment tools to enhance and improve their examination structure.

Our AI based proctoring has been effectively used by education institutes and universities across the world with success.

Secure browser and Remote Proctoring, Image Proctoring helps to conduct online exam in the cheating free environment.

Why Eklavvya for Online Exams

Trusted by Clients in 15+ Countries.

CERT-IN (Indian Govt. National Nodal Agency for Responding to computer security) Certified for Software Security.

Experience in Managing Large Scaled Proctored Exams.
Successfully conducted 100,000 + concurrent exam sessions.

Online Exam Types Supported

Objective / Multiple Choice Based Questions

Theory/ Subjective Test with support for typing answers in multiple languages

Accept Response in the form of Audio/ Viva Test with facility to upload Scanned copies of answer sheet/ diagram/ R Programming files/ excel files

Here is the introductory video of how Online Assessments can be helpful for your institution

Examination Management is one of the key processes of Education institutions, universities. The traditional exam process can be easily converted into an online format with the help of the Eklavvya platform.

Following are some of the types of exams that can be easily digitized.

Semester Exams/ Academic Exams

Instead of using a traditional exam method of pen and paper, many institutes and universities have started shifting to the online assessment process.

Our platform is used to conduct various academic level exams. Such exams save a lot of administrative costs and result declaration becomes easy. The platform supports the management of online exams for higher education, K12 (schools), certification agencies, training organizations.

You can also define theory exams where the student needs to type answers. Examiners can evaluate it easily. It is the best way to shift pen and paper-based tests to online

Aptitude Test

Aptitude test is useful to assess the problem-solving ability of the candidate. It is mainly used to assess the aptitude level of the student.

Many education institutes have started providing practice tests of aptitude for the students. It is useful to prepare for the campus placement process

Programming Test

This test is specifically applicable to software/information technology. The candidate needs to solve specific questions related to programming.

This test is useful to understand the knowledge of the candidate for a specific programming skillset.

[arve url=”” title=”How to Conduct an Assessment for a Coding Skill?” description=”Explore steps to conduct coding skill assessment in c, c++, java, c#, python, Javascript, Go, Php. Eklavvya platform offers user friendly and seamless coding assessment in proctored environment. You can conduct online coding assessment with advance AI proctoring and all anti-cheating configurations.” /]

Entrance Exam Test

Our platform supports the management of entrance exam processes like online registration, hall ticket generation, online test, merit list generation, etc.

Preparation for Final/ Competitive Exams

If you are looking to help students to prepare for competitive exams like NEET/ CET then you can effectively use our platform.

Online Mock tests can be defined for a batch of students.

Personalized feedback and analysis of individual performance can help students to prepare for the competitive exams

Scholarship Exams

If you can conducting scholarship exams for students situated at multiple locations then the Eklavvya platform is suitable for you.

We provide detailed end to end implementation including student registration, online form filling, online fee payment for appearing for scholarship exams, Online hall ticket generation, exam centers to conduct online exams, result processing.

Your entire examination management would be simplified using technology.

Subjective Exams

The subjective exam involves a lot of paperwork and administrative activities.

Using Eklavvya platform you can conduct the online subjective exam.

Students can type answers and it can be evaluated by the examiner from any location with auto calculation of the total score.

Viva/ Oral Exams

Using Eklavvya platform you can conduct the online Viva/ Oral Exams

You can define the Viva exam online and ask students to appear for it online. Students can use their mobile + microphone to appear for the online exam.

Question text associated with viva would be displayed on the screen where the candidate can speak about the answer. The entire speech is recorded in the system.

Examiner is provided with a login to listen to the audio and evaluate/ assign marks for each individual answer attempted by the student.

Details of theory exam with Mathematical Symbols and Speech to Text Method

Here is the process for managing Objective type of Exam

Monitor Live Candidates using Remote Proctoring

You can also conduct online exams in multiple languages like Hindi, Arabic Tamil, Gujarati etc

Management of Entrance Exam

AI Driven Online Exams to prevent cheating

Best Practices for Online Exams

Online Exam Features

# Feature Feature Details
1 Question Authoring & Publishing Create and Define Question Bank based on Subject/ Topic/ Question Types along with difficulty level
2 Objective Exams


Define Objective Exam Pattern for questions

including Fill in the blanks, True / False, Objective Multiple Choice Questions

3 Subjective Exams Management Define Subjective Exams where candidate need to

type answer for the questions such as Essay Writing, Long answers. Facility of documents upload if student want to upload scanned copies of the written answers or diagrams

4 Exam Scheduling Schedule Exam according to time table
5 Candidate, Batch / Groups Management Manage Batches of the candidates according to candidate type, exam type
6 Standard Reports – Score Card, Candidate


Export/ Download Candidate Results in excel / PDF along with detailed analysis of the result
7 Exam, Student &

Question Bank Analytics

Graphical analysis of Current Question Bank, Exam

Results, Group wise analysis of the result, overall batch performance analysis

8 Technical Support Our support is always available to help you.
9 Role based Access and Security Support to various Roles like Subject matter Expert, Examiner, Super Admin, Exam Result Processing Admin to have access to specific features of the system
10 Offline Question Paper Generation and Secure Download Facility to generate Offline Question paper for Offline (Pen and Paper based) Exams. Question paper should be available 2 hours prior to exam schedule in respective college exam controller login to download
11 Chatbot for Query Resolution Facility to have personalized chatbot for query resolution process of the students related to exams
12 Multi Lingual Interface Exam User interface in  English, Hindi, Marathi Language. Exam user ( student) can select preferred interface prior to start of the exams. Entire User interface should be shown in respective language accordingly
13 Examiner Facility to evaluate subjective exams by examiners. Facility to assign answer papers to one or more examiners, moderators for evaluation. System is be able to handle optional questions attempted by the student

Facility to add annotations on the screen during evaluation of subjective answers.

14 Web API Integration Facility to integrate examination system with existing ERP system for student data and result data processing
15 Audio, Image, Video Proctoring Facility to capture audio, images, video of the remote user attempting the exam. Facility of live screen monitoring is also provided.
16 Rich Text Editor Support for mathematical, chemical symbols while defining the question paper. Facility to upload rich text, images for questions
17 Management of Objective+ Subjective Assessment Student can attempt objective or subjective exams
18 Speech to text Facility Student can speak the answer which would be converted into text format for subjective questions
19 Per Question Timer Facility You can define per question timer for the exam. Student can attempt question only for specifc time say 60 seconds (it is configurable). After it system moves to next question of the exam, no backward navigation is possible
20 CERT-IN Certified System is cert-IN certified for various security aspects
21 Paper Setter Facility for paper setter to define their own question bank and exams for the respective subjects, Paper setter can see questions entered by individual and can not see other paper setters data
22 Audit Log Facility to download and view detailed audit log of all activities of student, examiner, admins for login, logout, question attempt, navigation, internet speed, IP address etc
23 Secure Browser System works on secure browser setting where if user tries to open any other window then exam can be suspended by the system automatically. No external setup is needed in this case. It works on normal browser
24 Secure Browser App Prevent HDMI Cable extensions

Kill background screen sharing applications with ease

Prevent unauthorized access to exam using remote logins

Prevent users from opening any other background recording applications

Facility to keep exam window always on top

White list required application so that you can switch windows  (e,g Excel for accounts calculation, R Programing app for analysis)

(Works on windows operating system)

25 Admin Dashboard View Live Online user count, Exam Status, Proctor status, authentication status of each exam with details
26 Proctor Dashboard Monitor and track No of candidates approved, in progress, absent candidates for each individual proctor

Features for the Student

No. Feature Details
1 Objective + Subjective Exams To receive exam notifications and schedules on E-mail

To receive exam notifications and schedules on SMS

Appear for various and multiple exams as per their schedule and during the set duration

Facility to use Hint to answer specific question(s)

Get assessment results instantly and online

Get Assessment results on SMS and on E-mails

2 Navigation of Question Facility to Jump on any Question
3 Shuffle Answer Facility to shuffle the Answer of Question
4 Resume the Exam Facility to continue the exam due to power or internet Failure
5 Online Exam on any device Facility to attempt exam on Smart Phone, Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, MAC etc
6 Online Exam APP on Android Playstore Student can download the app for attempting exam on Mobile App
7 Internet Speed of 0.1 MBPS Exam works on internet speed of as low as 0.1 MBPS
8 Training Video Online Exam training video about how to attempt online exam in English/ Hindi/ Marathi Laguage.
9 Concurrency Support Support to conduct 100,000+ concurrent proctored exams at any given point of time.
10 Internet network System works on 2G/3G/ 4 G network with internet speed as low as 100 KBPS

Features for the Proctor

No Feature
1 Watch Live Streaming of the users attempting the exam Proctor is able to see live videos of students attempting the exam
2 Live Chat with remote users Proctor can initiate live chat with students attempting the exam
3 Facility to pause, terminate, resume remote exams Proctor can pause, terminate, resume remote exam of any user
4 Broadcast Message to students during exam Proctor can broadcast exam instructions or other messages using live chat broadcast
5 Attendance Report Analysis Proctor can see live attendance report
6 Analysis of student activity in terms of time remaining for the exam, window switching activity Proctor can track key analytics of each exam
7 Facial Recognition System can monitor face of the user and logs if face is not detected for the exam user, wrong person is attempting the exam or more than one person is seen in the screen during exam. System can also detect objects used during online exam like microphone, electronic devices
8 Candidate Identity verification The identity of the candidate can be verified using I card verification process. In this case, prior to the start of the online exam, candidate is supposed to show an individual identity card, Exam Hall ticket in front of camera.

That identity card is verified by the proctor sitting at remote / any location. Proctor then approves or rejects candidates based on available official records.

9 Auto Proctoring Auto proctoring do the analysis of the images and videos to identify if the same candidate is appearing for the exam, identifies if any kind of cheating happening during online exam like the use of mobile phone, another person is assisting the candidate during the online exam process, a candidate is using notes, reference books while attempting the online exam, etc.

Here are some of the feedback from Clients

My team and I thank you for the flawless conducting of an online test for The J N Tata Endowment as part of the selection process for its loan scholarship program. It was very thoughtfully organized and conducted.
We could see that a lot of thinking had gone into ensuring success considering that many students took this test in various parts of India and overseas countries.

We thank you and your team for their prompt response. They were always there to support us and we appreciate this.
We wish you and your team all the best for your future endeavors

Tj Ravishankar
Tj Ravishankar
Director Tata trust endowment

We have been using the Eklavvya assessment tool to evaluate and assess different stakeholders (both internal and external) in Syngenta. The Eklavvya assessment tool has helped us streamline the over learning experience of our employees and made our work much easier.

Having used the platform for over two years now, I can say it with confidence that tool is very effective AND very simple to use for both the assessor and the assessed

Abhijeet Dasgupta Capability & Learning LEAD, India Syngenta
Abhijeet Dasgupta
Capability & Learning LEAD, India Syngenta

The entire examination experience for we at MIT School of Distance Education and our students has changed since we have partnered with Eklavvya platform.
The once very complicated system of getting the question banks ready to get uploaded, making any corrections in them has just vanished.

Very simple registration process, swiftly created exams, easy-to-use interface, proctored examination link, proctored invigilation reports, examination videos and ever ready to customise requirements, we find Eklavvya to be a one-stop-destination for all exam requirement for any educational institution.

We are able to follow a exam pattern and monitor the exam performance of every student without any hassle. Eklavvya – we definitely see it to be a World Class Technology Partner.

Annie Francis Registrar- MIT SDE MIT Group of Institutions
Annie Francis
Registrar- MIT SDE MIT Group of Institutions