How Essilor implemented psychometric Assessment to identify Entrepreneurship Ability of candidate


Are you looking to analyze prospective employees for their leadership ability ?

Do you want to simplify hiring , recruitment process specially for senior management with personality, psychometric analysis of their ability ?


Here is the case study for you. One of the leading multinational company Essilor has been using online assessment effectively to conduct personality test during franchise selection process.


About Essilor


Essilor is reputed multinational company in the business of eye care.

This is the vision of Essilor.

Essilor Vision

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Essilor wanted to expand across Indian cities to appoint franchise for their Eye Mitra Opticians program. In order to analyze applicants of franchise operations, they were looking for technology of assessment to simplify their process and selection process.

Selection of Person for Franchise Operations

In order to simplify selection process, Essilor designed innovative psychometric assessment to analyze ability of the individual in terms of entrepreneurship, risk taking ability, ability to run business with leadership qualities etc.

Each person showing interest in franchise operations of Eye Mitra are asked to appear for online assessment. Test is designed with objective questions which need to be completed in 15 mins of time.

After each such assessment, system generates the result. It is communicated to regional head over email. It is helping while taking decision about selecting particular individual for franchise operations in the particular city/ region.


Multi Lingual Assessment

There were applicants from multiple states of India with regional language as their mother tongue. Assessment were defined in such a way that each candidate was able to appear for test in their own mother tongue or in English Language.

Indian Languages for assessment

Regional applicants found it user friendly and comfortable to appear for the assessment in their regional language. System was able to solve barrier of the language.

System supports conducting assessments in multiple languages where questions are shown in regional languages as per candidate preference.


Essilor NVG India  Business Division India Head has provided below feedback about technology platform Eklavvya


Milind Jadhav Essilor India






Milind Jadhav
Head – 2.5 NVG India
2.5 NVG is inclusive business division of Essilor India Pvt. Ltd.


We have been using Eklavvya platform for assessing the Entrepreneurial  Propensity of the candidates for enrollment into our flagship Eye Mitra Opticians program.

 Our award-winning Eye Mitra Opticians program aims to help address the issue of 55 crore cases of uncorrected refractive error in India by creating a network of optical micro-entrepreneurs in rural India.

They provide primary vision care services through their micro-franchise outlet as well as by conducting community screening events.

 The biggest challenge we face is getting the right candidate with required entrepreneurial capacity and business acumen.

To overcome this, we have devised a propensity test (kind of a basic psychometric test with no right or wrong answer) to test the fitment of the candidate.

We rolled this out using the Eklavvya platform and subsequently, our manual activities involved in the process have been reduced considerably.

The platform is quite user-friendly and caters to our requirement of candidate registration, multi-lingual support, image proctoring, report generation etc.

We look forward to a continued support from the Eklavvya team. Thanks.