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Nowadays, conducting the viva exam in an online environment has become a popular choice for many institutions.

Recently; University Grants Commission (UGC) has recommended the universities to conduct the Online viva-voice for MPhil and Ph.D. programs. Online viva exams are more advanced and provide many benefits that traditional methods cannot offer. In this article, we will discuss the importance of online viva exams and how they can benefit students and staff alike. 

The viva exam is an important part of the assessment process for many students. It allows students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in front of a panel of experts. The viva exam can also be used to identify any areas where further study is required. Online viva exams are conducted in a similar way to traditional viva exams, but they offer many benefits that traditional methods cannot offer.

Benefits of Online viva-voice

Advantages of online viva exam
  • Online viva exams are more convenient for both students and staff. They can be conducted at any time with a customizable schedule and from anywhere in the world.
  • Online viva exams are more cost-effective. There is no need to pay for travel and accommodation costs.
  • Online viva exams are more environmentally friendly. There is no need to print out materials or use paper during the exam.
  • Online viva exams allow students to present themselves through an online platform, which is a new normal and must-needed skill.

How to conduct the online viva-voice?

No doubt that the online viva exams can greatly help to simplify the viva examination process, but how to conduct the online viva assessment comply with UGC guidelines?

According to UGC, the online viva-voce needs be conducted using reliable and convenient technology. On conducting the viva-voce, a report needs to be generated which has to be signed by the examiner or expert conducting the viva-voce.

There are various ways to conduct the viva assessment in online mode, the most common flow of viva assessments includes simple 6 steps-


Let us see each of these steps in brief

Step 1) Create the question bank in the system

The below video describes the steps to define the subjective questions (the viva questions for which the answers are descriptive)

Step 2) Import the candidate data into the system

No doubt that online viva exams can be conducted using online video calling platforms, but the communication with the candidates regarding online viva exam becomes tedious and difficult, the sophisticated online viva software makes the communication with the candidates about their online viva examination easier than ever. You can add the data of all the candidates who are supposed to appear for the online viva exam.

Once the candidate data is imported, the bulk communication can be done with candidates with the help of online viva software.

Here is how you can import the candidate data in the online viva software with a single click

Step 3) Create the viva assessment with required configuration

The online viva software lets you take total control over the configuration of your online viva exam, while creating the exam, you can define various parameters including questions, passing marks, and exam duration. Here is how you can configure the online viva exam-

Step 4) Candidates can attempt Viva- Voice Test with Answer Recording Facility

The online viva exam can be assigned to the candidates student wise, batch wise or in bulk .

All the answers of the individual candidates can be listen on live mode and it can also be recorded for future references.

Step 5) Process the results of viva exams

The evaluator can award marks to students for their answers in the online viva system, this makes the coordination among the evaluators easier; especially when there are a large number of students and evaluators. The administrator can download the result in the form of an excel sheet.

Step 6) Print the reports and get those signed by examiner (As per the UGC guidance)

You can easily compile reports of the individual performance of the candidates and generate results as per required format.

Conducting the viva-voice is easier than ever with these 6 steps.

Overall, online viva exams offer many benefits that traditional methods cannot offer. If you are considering using online viva exams, we encourage you to do so. They are an excellent way to assess students and provide them with valuable feedback.