5 Easy Steps to enable Online Exams in School ERP

Adding online exam module in school ERP might be easier than you think
Steps to add Online exam module in school ERP


Most of the schools have streamlined the academic activities through digital interface[1]. As soon as the candidate takes admission in the school, the candidate profile is created which is used for attendance management, result generation, parent-teacher communication, and various applications like bonafide certificates, leave requests by the candidate to school authorities.

All these activities are streamlined using cloud based software and android applications. Schools are now in need of “Exam Module” to conduct the online examination.

API integration turns out to be excellent solution to avail the feature secure online examination in the existing school ERP software.

What is API integration?

Application programming interface (API) is one kind of feature available with the Eklavvya which can help you to incorporate our online assessment application with your ERP software, Android app, Learning Management System (LMS) as well as your website.

Here are certain advantages of API integration

  • No need for faculty and students to install any separate software for online exam
  • Separate login credentials not needed, all existing login credentials can be used
  • No need to create separate database for online examination
  • Cost saving
  • Deployed in a quick time with ease

Steps for API integration

ERP system can easily incorporate online exam related APIs in the system to get started with Online Exam API integration

1. Creating implementation plan

Our team will coordinate with the IT team of the school ERP software provider to discuss the API integration related technicalities and make the implementation plan accordingly

2. Data sharing by school

School shares the data for exam, which includes the details of staff and examinees(for creating their profiles). The school can choose whether to share the data with us or to do data import by themselves. The training and end to end support is provided during the process

3. API integration, Data linking and quality review

As soon as the API integration is done, the quality review is done by the quality assurance team. In case any issues are observed; those are fixed and final consent is provided by quality assurance team to conduct the online examination for your institute

4. Conduct online exam through school ERP

The school staff can import the questions, candidate data and communicate candidate about the online exam through platform in form of automated SMS and email

Steps to implement online exam module in school ERP

Here is how the school chain could manage to conduct online examination by adding exam module in school ERP

We can introduce the online exam module in the school ERP software with following cutting edge advantages-

Advantages of API integration (Online exam)

Central login for students

Student did not require separate login credentials for appearing the online examination, this reduced a lot of time of students that would have otherwise wasted in installing other applications and in unnecessary confusion

Furthermore, the last minute rush of finding and coordinating for login credentials was nullified, which made login process hassle free

Unified interface

The teachers who were acting as examiner did not need to create any separate profile, they could check the answer sheets through same software and login credentials

The exam module matches the user experience of school ERP, thus student will feel familiar with the module, the exam interface was simple and intuitive.

Result generation

The administrators of the school chains could fetch the results of all the candidates through their login, these results were exportable which could directly be shared with the printing offset which saved a lot of processing time

Access management

The school had thousands of employees, the admin could efficiently manage the access of employees to the database. Teachers were allowed only to set the question paper, result viewers were allowed only to see and export the result and so on.

The exam module had 11 such roles which helped in maintaining the organizational hierarchy, available user roles are


Superadmin is the top most role, superadmin can create other users and access to all the functionality of Eklavvya including question bank management, exam creation, candidate data management, organization management and result generation

Exam administrator

Exam administrator can access all the features online exam platform except “organization management”, the exam administrator cannot add other users in the system, this role is mainly oriented for school/ branch level management


Manager is the third most important role in this hierarchy, the managers have similar rights as that of exam administrator, manager role is intended for secondary management at school/branch level


Examiner role is assigned to those who would check the answer scripts uploaded by the candidates, examiners are assigned for paper checking by superadmin/ exam administrator/ manager


Proctors are the online invigilators, they can access the live video and audio of the candidate during online examinations, assigned proctors make sure that the exams are being conducted adhering to norms and are malpractice free

Subject expert

Subject experts can import the questions in the system, they can also be referred as paper setters. They can modify and sort the questions as and when needed. admins can assign specific subject to a person so that person can import/ modify questions only for the assigned subject.

Result viewer

Person with result viewer role can access, sort and export the results of online examination. The result can be exported in PDF, excel format and can be shared with the vendor for printing. The result is stored on the secure cloud with restricted access (only authorized people can access these files)

Proctor admin

Proctor admin can trace the activity of assigned online invigilators, certain additional bulk proctoring features are also accessible to proctor admin. Proctor admin can perform certain actions like “bulk authentication”, “Broadcast message” as and when needed.

Bulk authentication facility lets the proctor admin admit all the candidate in single click, authentication/candidate verification is done by the proctor before start of the examination.

Candidate manager

A technically competent person from school academic office can act as candidate manager, candidate manager would be responsible for adding and managing the candidates in online exam system. The candidate manager needs to understand the patterns of classes and subjects and needs to create the batches accordingly; the exam assignment can be done on the basis of these batches.

Custom Assessment Solution

The solution provided to school was in while labeled/ custom; meaning that “school name” was displayed in the assessment URL with logo. School branding is used in all the links, messages, website and android application

How Eklavvya can help?

Eklavvya support seamless ERP integration and is a reliable tool with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certification for Information Security System, We have conducted over 35 million examinations in 15+ countries with more than 99% success rate

For more information, connect with us at www.Eklavvya.com

Exam InCharge (Delhi Public School)

We have been using Eklavvya platform to conduct exams.

Interface is very user friendly ,Remote proctor can pause or terminate the exam if any malfunction occurs from student side.

Proctor can listen audio of students ,Evaluation interface for subjective answers is very simple for teachers,Compilation and Generation of result is too fast and accurate.

Our teachers really enjoyed eklavvya platform for the conduction of online exam.