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Online Exam Proctoring Services

Online Exam Proctoring Services ​

In traditional exam process, the exam is conducted in classrooms at a certain exam centre.

An invigilator is present at the exam centre to validate the identity of candidates appearing for the exam.

For each exam centre, one invigilator is required to supervise around 30-50 candidates.

Thus, while conducting exam for 1000+ candidates, you would need more than 25 invigilators to control the candidates during the exam process.

As we can see, there are a lot of manual efforts required in while conducting an exam in the traditional way. The government/exam management team need to find and book the exam centres and ensure that all the facilities and infrastructure is available adequately.

They also need to arrange the team of invigilators to monitor the candidates as also personnel to transport the question papers and answer sheets to the exam centre and from there to the examination administration team.

This involves physical handling of the answer sheets which always indicates a risk of damage or loss.

The candidates appearing for the exam as well as the teachers/invigilators need to travel to the exam centre everyday which might not be very close.

They need to carry their identity proofs and hall tickets. There are high chances of candidates cheating or carrying out some sort of malpractice as and when the invigilator’s attention moves away even for a minute.

Therefore, the classroom based examinations are proving to be costly as also inefficient.

The exams conducted online by using the remote proctoring technique would prove extremely competent in this case.

Remote proctoring is the process to authenticate, authorize and control online examination process in a scalable manner.

This is achieved by different mechanisms or features present in the online examination platform.

Let us understand the features of remote proctoring and in detail.

Live Streaming of Online Exam

Track Remote Exam using web camera Live Streaming. Remote Proctor can see remote candidate activity and can also initiate live chat.


Exam can be paused, Resumed by Remote Proctor.


System can capture Photo of Remote Candidate ​


Here is short video to understand How Proctoring Works ?

Types of Proctoring Services

1. Image Proctoring

This type of proctoring is most suitable where internet connectivity is low. Your aim is to verify remote candidate  during random times. System would capture photographs of the candidate at certain time intervals like exam start, exam end, questions attempt, after each 30 second or 45 seconds etc.

You can verify those images to ensure online exam has been attempted by valid candidate and there is no malpractice happening. This type of proctoring is also cost effective compared to video streaming activity.

2. Video Proctoring

This is most suitable type of proctoring for very high stake exams where remote proctoring continuously monitors remote candidate using continuous video streaming activity.

Remote proctor has various facilities like Live Chat with remote candidate, Pause/ Resume Online Exam, Verify if candidate environment is as per requirements and there is no malpractice happening during online exam process. 

Remote proctor can to continuous chat with remote candidate during online exam process. It is close to physical exam invigilation. It provide huge advantage as candidate and proctor can do these activities from remote location. There is no need to travel to particular exam center. 


3. Auto Proctoring 


In case if you wish to automatically do monitoring and analysis activity for the remote candidates then auto proctoring is for you. Auto proctoring does continuous streaming activity of the candidates sitting at remote location for online exam.

Auto proctoring do the analysis of the images and videos to identify if same candidate is appearing for the exam, identifies if any kind of cheating happening during online exam like use of mobile phone, another person is assisting the candidate during online exam process, candidate is using notes, reference books while attempting online exam etc.

4. Candidate Identity Verification

Identity of the of candidate can be verified using I card verification process. In this case prior to start of online exam, candidate is supposed to show individual identity card, Exam Hall ticket in front of camera. That identity card is verified by the proctor sitting at remote / any location. Proctor then approves or rejects candidate based on available official records.
Candidate identity verification process

Videos Related to Proctoring

Here is one of the case study of how one of the leading Institute has used Proctoring to conduct entrance exam of Executive MBA students

Why opt for Proctoring during Online Exams ?

Frequently Asked Questions About Proctoring

1. What is Remote Proctoring ?

Remote Proctoring is technology driven process to invigilate online examination activity for multiple candidates in an cost effective manner. 

Physical exam invigilation is costly affair and it involves many manual activities. 

Physical exam invigilation can be eliminated using remote Proctoring process as computer with web camera is used to invigilate candidates instead of physical presence of the proctor.

2. How it prevent Cheating during Online exams ?

Remote proctoring is the best solution to prevent cheating during online exam. This technique helps the management to conduct exams in a hassle free manner from any remote location without worrying about cheating and malpractices.

Artificial intelligence approach is one of the most useful to identify key cheating events such as candidate is taking help from other person, candidate is using mobile phone or referring to notes during exam, candidate is using any other electronic device, etc.

3. Can remote proctor Replace physical exam invigilation process ?

Currently remote proctoring  is considered as preferred mode to conduct online exams where remote candidates are located in multiple cities or diverse locations. Cost of booking physical exam center is high and there are lot of co ordination activities involved to execute online exams at exam centers.

Remote proctoring is helping to eliminate need of exam centers and moving forward we would see more number of exams being conducted in proctored environment.

4. What is cost for remote proctoring process ?

Remote Proctoring cost is minimal if you decide to go only for image proctoring. For auto proctoring, there is no need of remote proctor as the system itself monitors the candidates. Cost of auto proctoring is slightly higher as compared to image proctoring due to increased operations of video streaming, video storage and retrieval process.

In case of manual remote proctoring, the cost of remote proctor needs to paid and it is charged on the basis of per examination session and the number of candidates appearing for the session.

Overall cost per session varies between 1 USD to 20 USD.