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Identity Verification

Remote Proctoring is the process which can help you to conduct online exam for remote candidate. Authentication of remote candidate is important so that you can allow valid person to appear for online exam. When candidate is appearing for exam from remote location, you need to verify person by checking his/her identity. Technology can help you to simplify this process. Here are steps to verify it.

Here is short video to understand this process

1. Candidate can log in to the system using valid credentials.

2. On Successful Login, the candidate is asked to enter the identity card number to be entered in the system

3. The system would validate it with records provided during registration.e.g. if the candidate has provided PAN number information then the system would compare it with record available in the system.

4. If identity information matches then the candidate needs to show his/her identity card to the remote proctor sitting and monitoring candidate.

ShowIDCard for proctored online exam

Identity Verification during Remote Proctoring online examination

Here the candidate is showing his Identity card to be validated by proctor.

5. If identity is not valid then proctor may reject it. Candidate needs to redo this process of showing identity card for validation.

6. If identity is valid then the candidate is allowed to move forward and appear for the online exam. During the Online exam there is continuous streaming of the candidate activity. Exam screen is also blocked and the candidate can not open any other window during the online examination process.

7. Proctor can initiate a live chat with the candidate.

8. Candidate can appear for the exam within a defined exam timeline and finish exam activity. The remote proctor can monitor it and the system also records the overall process. Video of candidate activity is available in the system for audit purposes.

In this way, it is possible to conduct online exams for remote candidates in a secure environment. Candidate gets the flexibility of the location and remote proctor can monitor the exam from any location. Technology provides a process framework to conduct online exams with the secure and proctored environment.

Online Exam Tracking

Remote Proctor has all the facilities and features to monitor the online exam activity of multiple candidates appearing for the exam from a remote location.

Remote Proctoring Features for Proctor to Manage Online Exams

Pause/ Resume/ Terminate Exam: 

Proctor has a special privilege to control the online exams. There is a facility to pause/ terminate the remote exam process. If during the online streaming process proctor finds a candidate is not appearing for the online exam in a fair manner or trying to cheat then the proctor can issue a warning or can pause/ terminate the exam process.

The entire activity of the exam process along with candidate activity is recorded using live streaming so it is easy to audit wrongdoings of the candidate related to the online exam process.

Here is the technical summary of managing online exams using Remote Proctoring

Remote Proctoring Process for Online Examinations


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