Remote Exam Invigilation Process

Remote Exam Invigilation Process
Remote exam invigilation process

Online Invigilation Software Features

Online Exam invigilation solutions can help you to conduct secure online exams with cheating and exam malpractice prevention.

You can track screen recordings during exam activity, you can also record the voice of the student attempting the exam. So if someone is speaking during an exam activity it is recorded in the system. You can get to know how many people are speaking. It is considered malpractice.

You can monitor the user using a web camera, AI system detects cheating with facial recognition, if more than one face come in front of the camera, if the wrong user is attempting the exam, or if the user is not present in front of the camera then it is also flagged.

If the user looks left or right while attempting the exam then only it is flagged. If the user tries to use electronic devices like phones, tablet then it is flagged in the system. The remote proctor can monitor remote exams in live streaming with the facility to chat with a user, there is a provision to pause/ terminate an exam in case of suspicious activity

Remote Invigilator can perform the following tasks

  1. Initiate Live Chat with Candidates appearing for the exam.
  2. Kill the Exam of the remote candidate in case it is found that the candidate is cheating during the exam.
  3. Live Streaming View of the Candidate during Exam Process to authenticate the individual identity.
  4. Verify that candidate is not getting any help from the surrounding environment.
Remote Proctoring Steps during Online Exam

Remote Exam Invigilation Process is part of our Enterprise Edition. Please get in touch with us for the demo of Remote Exam Invigilation.