Multinational Company has simplified skill based global hiring

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How a multinational company automated the hiring process


Industry 4.0 has transformed the way we do things, right from daily routine activities to complex processes, the approach is changed dramatically within a short period. Work from home turned out to be a great alternative, with high acceptance of work from home and hybrid model, work from home is a technology driven futuristic approach of doing work.

What made the company opt in for remote hiring?

Advantages of online hiring

As the company operates in virtual mode, they wanted to complete the whole candidate selection process including registration and hiring tests in online mode. Considering the large number of applicants, it was taking significant time to screen the candidates, this proposed the need of automation of candidate screening, also; the company wanted to keep the hiring process a continuous process.

With such a requirement, the company approached Eklavvya to streamline the candidate hiring process, with the help of its cutting edge technology, Eklavvya could help the global scientific communication company to completely automate the hiring process.

Here are the salient features of hiring process and Eklavvya which helped the company to automate candidate selection procedure-

Automatic candidate registration process

Candidate registration automation

The job postings were done on the job portal, any interested candidates could simply register themselves via a specially designed portal for candidate registration.

The form was designed in such a way that it collects all the required information about the candidate. Only eligible candidates could complete the form as there were certain mandatory fields in the form. Only the candidates who fulfilled the given criteria could proceed for hiring test.

Efficient candidate data management

Automation of candidate data handling

Once the students register on the portal, their data used to get automatically saved in the system, it was possible to track the candidate activity and prevent the possibility of creating multiple accounts using the same email address. On successful registration, each candidate was getting assigned with a unique ID, which made tracking applications even easier using candidate data management feature.

Automatic test assignment

Automatic test assignment

The system was set up in such a way that, once an eligible candidate completes the application process, an assessment is automatically assigned to the candidate. On successful registration, candidates used to get their credential for appearing for the assessment test. All this assessment related communication was completely automated.

There were multiple job profiles, each of these profiles required a different skill set, considering this, multiple job specific assessments were created in Eklavvya system, the assessment used to get assigned according to the job role for which the candidate has applied.

Automatic result generation

Automatic result generation

The instant result generation was possible, as soon as the candidate completed the assessment, the result used to be displayed. The list of those candidates who have passed the initial hiring test were allowed to continue for further recruitment process.

Multiple screening rounds

Mutiple round of hiring in online mode

 It was possible to conduct the multiple screening rounds, the company wanted to assess the skill of candidates to write in a scientific and grammatical error free way, considering this, an additional round of subjection question based assessment could be added in the recruitment process. Only those candidates who had passed the initial round could appear for the second round of recruitment process.

Remote response sheet evaluation

The online response sheet evaluation using online platform

The second round of recruitment contained the subjective questions, these questions were supposed to be evaluated by the experts, for experts, separate login credentials were provided, using these credentials, the experts could proceed for response sheet evaluation.

Equal opportunity to all

Skill oriented online hiring

The process implemented by the company was totally free from any bias, there was even no need of discussing the qualifications and CV. The hiring process was completely based on the skill of the candidate. The one who is eligible could clear the test and successfully enter the company totally by virtue of one’s skill. This created a scenario where there is equal opportunity for all and everyone who applies for the job role gets evaluated via a hiring test.

Possibility of continuous hiring

Hiring process on a continuous basis

It is said that there is always a need for talent.

The company implemented the same and continued hiring on a continuous basis. The hiring process continues 24×7 without any restrictions, the candidates can simply visit the website anytime, apply and get assessed for the job role.

Wider candidate reach

Global level hiring

The candidate across US,UK,India and Australia could apply for the job role and get assessed immediately after applying. Apart from this, candidates did not need any high end resources to appear for the test, just a working device with internet was enough for applying for the job and appearing the test.

Reduced cost of hiring

Cost effective online hiring

Assessment related activities required for hiring were totally automated, the human resource cost and infrastructure required for maintaining candidate data, screening the candidates could be nullified with technology making it a cost effective process.

Convenience to candidates

Convenient hiring process for candidates

The candidates had not to travel to any distant places and neither needed any high end infrastructure to appear for the test, the time and cost that would have otherwise been spent in traveling and accommodation could be saved. Candidates could appear for the hiring test from the comfort of their home and at any convenient time.

Thus, Eklavvya could help the global multinational company in accomplishing its mission of “Remote first” by assisting in continuous online hiring in an automatic way.