Conduct Domain Specific Test

Domain Specific Online Assessment Test

Domain Specific Online Assessment

Domain specific tests are useful to check domain knowledge of the person. Following are some of the examples of domain specific test

1.Customer Support Assessment

Such test can be focused on to check if candidate has ability to manage customer support. This function requires good written and oral communication along with assertiveness to understand customer point of view. Online Assessment can be defined to understand how person can respond in various scenarios of customer complaint, customer request, customer grievance etc. Assessment result can provide some insights of knowledge of the person to manage customer support.

2. Product Quality Assurance Assessment

It is another area where you can define online assessment to check knowledge of the person. If a person has applied for the job in quality assurance department of your organization then you can check person’s knowledge using this test. Online assessment can be defined to check knowledge about product quality, checks applied during quality supervision etc. Such test can help to decide if person is eligible for hiring.

Detailed analysis of the online assessment can provide details of each topic-wise performance of the individual.

Analysis of Assessment Result
3. Software Engineer Assessment Test

Eklavvya support multi level question bank structure. You can define topics related to software programming like c#, database, object oriented programming, c++ etc. Each topic can have multiple questions with difficulty level ranging from 1 to 5. Person who is interested in job profile of software engineer can be asked to appear for the test. System can provide you detailed topic -wise analysis of individual. Each topic can have individual cutoff so it is easy to shortlist candidates after the test. Following is one of the sample report.

Exam Result Analysis

4. Entrepreneurship Ability Test

Such tests are useful if you want to check entrepreneurship ability of the individual. It is useful when you are running business and looking to appoint franchise across multiple locations. Individual who is interested in franchisee can appear for entrepreneurship ability test. Such test can be designed to take ability of the individual in terms of leadership, risk taking ability, team work etc. Detailed report can be generated which can provide insights of individual’s trait related to entrepreneurship.