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About Prism Johnson Limited

Prism Johnson Limited is a leading construction materials company that was founded in 1992, has an employee base of over 3500, and is known for its quality products. The company manufactures building materials, including products from cement, concrete, and tiles.

On one hand; hiring a right candidate can help the organization to sustain and grow, and on the other hand, a wrong candidate can negatively impact the company’s performance.

Early talent acquisition is considered one of the most effective ways of bringing innovation in a company, the young pupils come up with new ideas and new perspectives making the transformation possible.

Why is campus hiring important?

Campus hiring becomes a crucial and important aspect for any organization for maintaining a talent pool by early talent acquisition. 

It comes up as a challenge to effectively screen the candidates and maintain the transparency of the process. The hiring process needs to be designed in such a way that the screening makes it possible to get the best candidates onboarded. Considering the importance and need of campus recruitment, many corporations are visiting the campuses of reputed colleges.


In the year 2022, the majority of reputed corporations will prefer campus hiring for recruiting freshmen. Prism Johnson Limited is one such company that was looking forward to conducting the campus recruitment process, Prism Johnson Ltd wanted the recruitment process to be reliable and transparent, so the company approached Eklavvya with their demands for an online recruitment test,

Eklavvya, with its years of experience and expertise, could efficiently conduct 11000+ tests for students of 100+ colleges efficiently.

Advantages of conducting the campus recruitment process online mode-

Here is how the Online Recruitment Tests could help Prism Johnson for hiring the best of the candidates

Question types support recruitment test

There was a requirement of including multiple question types including the mathematical and statistical questions which would require inclusion of the special characters and symbols, with Eklavvya it was possible to include the mathematical symbols in the questions, the company had not to compromise on question selection.

Recruitment test configuration

The test configuration was totally customizable, the company had total control over what types of questions would be included in the test, whether negative marking is needed or not, the duration of the test and the type of schedule. The test pattern, including the difficulty level of questions, could be defined.

Convenient recruitment test process

The test schedule type was flexible. The students were given a time window to appear for the test; the test duration was 100 minutes, and candidates were allowed to appear for the test anytime within the given time frame, which made the test process convenient for the candidates.

Certain training videos were shared with candidates which helped them to appear on the test in a hassle-free manner, here is an example of one such demo video-

Reliability of the recruitment test

Considering the importance of these tests, multiple methods of preventing malpractice were employed. The logs of candidate activity were recorded, and the tests were conducted in a proctored environment, meaning that the candidate activity was tracked using the web camera of their devices. These records could be accessed anytime even after completion of the test. Any individual cases of cheating or malpractice could be efficiently tracked, making the test process reliable

The convenience of test administration

With the help of Bulk Question Import; large number of questions could be imported in the system with a single click,  questions once imported in the system could be used for multiple tests, a test once created could be used for conducting multiple test sessions, the results could be automatically generated and exported, the pass and fail candidates could be tracked using these exported results. The communication of username, password, test date and schedule, test link was totally automatic, these details were shared with the student automatically as soon as the test is assigned to them

The admin side interface was easy to use, a training was conducted for the core team, a library of training videos was shared which helped team to do admin side activities with minimal help.

Time and cost saving

The hiring team could conduct the test without visiting the campus in an online mode, there was no need of supervising the candidates during the test, paper and human resource cost could be efficiently cut off, making the process time and cost effective. The time which would have otherwise been wasted in candidate data and result processing was saved.

Tests could be conducted efficiently with end to end support

The platform was new for the client, Eklavvya team was here to help at each point of time, a detailed training session was conducted for kick starting the project, help videos were shared, an expert coordinator was assigned to make the test conduction a smooth activity

The blend of all the advanced features, technology, experience, expertise and collective efforts made it possible for Prism Johnson Limited to conduct the test with ease, the Prism Johnson team acknowledges the service and efforts of Eklavvya team-

We at Prism Johnson Limited, are using the Eklavvya platform to conduct online tests for the recruitment process of B.Tech. and MBA graduates. We find the Eklavvya platform quick, easily accessible. The service of Eklavvya is good.

The test interface is easy to understand for candidates, the platform is affordable and test conduction is feasible using Eklavvya

Swati Pandey,
Asst. Manager- HR,
Prism Johnson Ltd. (Cement Division)

Are you looking forward to conduct the online recruitment tests for your organization, here are certain tips for you-

Please reach out to us at or to know more and streamline the online campus recruitment process.

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