How to define Question Types ?

Question Type


1.Login to Admin Section

2.In the Top menu select Question Bank > Question Type Menu

Question Bank-Menu Question Type Management

3.You will be able to see following screen.

4.Here you can see various Question Types Supported in the System

A. Programming Questions: Useful to conduct coding assessments

B. Multi Select: To define questions with multiple selection of correct choices from the available choices

C. Math The Pair: To define question where user need to match column 1 contents with column 2 suitable / Logical pairing

D.True/ False: Questions with True/ False answer option

E. Fill in the blank: Question where user need to identify missing text from question text

F. Subjective: Question where user need to type descriptive answer

G. MCQ ( Multiple Choice) : Question where user need select one answer option from available choices ranging from 2 to 5.

Question Type is useful attribute attached to particular question. It is useful in question bank classification to define exam pattern. Question types are system defined and are not editable.

Online Exam Question Type