How D Y Patil University is benefited with Online Exams

Student Selection using Online Entrance Exams

Do you want to simplify admission and entrance exams for your institution or university ?

Are you looking to simplify student administration and selection Process using Technology ?

University Admission and Entrance Exam Management

Here is the case study about how Ajeenkya D Y Patil University has simplified admission process with digital admission and online entrance exam process.


About Ajeenkya D Y Patil University






Ajeenkya D Y Patil University is one of the reputed universities of Maharashtra. Each year thousands of students apply for the admission to various under graduate and post graduate courses.

Institute wanted to streamline pre admission process and conduct entrance exams for the students to get them on singular merit instead of having scores from different universities with different grading standards.

University opted to use Eklavvya platform to simplify this process. Eklavvya platform helped university to simplify pre admission and online entrance exam. University got benefited with best practices implemented by Eklavvya platform for the online assessments.

Student Selection using Online Entrance Exams

Ajeenkya DY Patil University Pune is using our platform to manage Filling Online Admission Forms/ Online Form Fee Payments/ Entrance Exam for the candidates of various streams like Commerce, Business Management, Law.


Entire Student selection and Entrance Examination process has been automated


Following Objectives were achieved by the university

  • Automation of Student Enrollment Process
  • Simplification of Entrance Exam for the students
  • Automation of Student Selection based on Online Entrance Exam Score card
  • Digitization of pre admission and Entrance exam Process
  • Saving of administrative and people oriented cost to manage entire process


Here is the feedback from Regional Manager of the University about Eklavvya platform and services


We have been using ePravesh and Eklavvya services from last 2-3 years. We found services extremely useful to manage our pre admissions, admission processes.

Our admission process became simplified with online application process. We have also used Eklavvya to conduct online entrance exams for the students. It helped us to filter out suitable students fitting in admission criteria. Thank you for continued support.

Kedar Ayachit
Regional Manager – Marketing (ADYPU University)