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Managing Entrance Exam of Education Institute and universities


Student selection during admission process  is one of the key tasks for the education institutes and universities. Collecting student applications, issuing exam hall tickets, managing online entrance exam process and result processing are some of the key tasks to be managed.

Eklavvya platform has managed many entrance exams of reputed institutes and universities for admission process of MBA, BBA, MCA, PhD, Engineering etc. Entire process can be digitized.

Entrance exam can be conducted with dedicated exam centers.

Eklavvya has tie up with exam centers across India in multiple cities. You can outsource entire process to us for managing online exam, managing exam center infrastructure, generation of hall tickets, generation of exam result.

Online Entrance Exam Management for education


Here is the video explaining how Entrance Examination Process can be simplified for education institution or university

Following are some of the advantages of managing digital entrance exam using Eklavvya

  1. Entire process can be managed in paperless environment right from form filling to conducting entrance exam
  2. System can generate ranking of the students based on results. Additional analytics is also available where you can analyze student results based on individual topics
  3. You can define topic wise, subject wise and overall cut off of the entrance test
  4. Advance technology like Screen Lock, Remote Proctoring can eliminate malpractices of online exam process
  5. Entire question bank can be uploaded in the system in secure manner. Entire question bank data is stored in encrypted format
  6. Candidate can appear for online test using mobile/ tablet/ desktop computer
  7. You can get detailed analytics of each student similar to below

Competency Graph of Aptitude test result

TOpic wise analysis of online Exam


Here is success story of how one of the leading Govt Institution has simplified Entrance Exam using Eklavvya Platform



Dr. Jonardan Koner

Dr. Jonardan Koner
(Dean-Admissions NICMAR)



Thanks Eklavvya for Providing Professional Service in conducting high stake entrance exam of NICMAR. We at NICMAR were looking for a remote exam solution for our academic entrance exam NICMAR NCAT.

Eklavvya platform helped us for remote invigilation, recording of entire exam sessions with audio/ video/ screen activity monitoring with advanced proctoring solution. Applicants from all across India were able to appear for proctored admission entrance without any kind of difficulty.

Looking forward to continued support in exam management activity.Special thanks to the support team for helping students for their exams.




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