Can user open any other window during Online Exam ?

Security is important aspect during online exam. We have added feature where user opening any other window apart from exam window is prevented. When user tries to open other window during online exam, system shows warning message of user opening other window/ navigating to other activity. After 3 such warnings online exam is suspended.   Following alert message displayed to the user when user tries to navigate to other window from online exam window. Online Exam window alert screen   It is possible to have custom approach where exam can be suspended immediately when user tries to move away from exam window and tries to open another browser window or starts other activity. It ensures that exam is being conducted in secure manner.    

Secure Browser Features

> No need to install any third party application > Works on all browsers > Works on all devices including desktop, laptop, mobile devices > Configure secure browser alerts as per your requirement > Detailed audit log of window switching event > Can be coupled with Screen Recording of the exam screen

We have been using the Eklavvya platform to conduct exams.
The interface is very user-friendly, Remote proctor can pause or terminate the exam if any malfunction occurs from the student side, Proctor can listen to audio of students, Evaluation interface for subjective answers is very simple for teachers, Compilation and Generation of result is too fast and accurate.
Our teachers really enjoyed eklavvya platform for the conduction of online exam.

Delhi Public School Exam incharge

We are extremely happy with the service and support you have provided us during online exams.
This is the first time we have taken online proctored exams and it went very smoothly.
The management feels grateful as we realize that the project couldn’t have been done successfully without your support.
Thank you once again.
We appreciate you and your team.

S R K R Engineering College
Dr. Chandra Sekhar Vasamsetty Associate Professor in CSE, S R K R Engineering College