India’s largest stock broking company has simplified employee assessments using Eklavvya

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About Zerodha


Zerodha Broking Limited has been serving in the finance sector for the last 12 years. It is recognized as one of the best start ups and is recipient of many prestigious awards including Startup of the Year by Economic Times StartUp awards.

It is believed that continuous improvement is the key to success, The employees of any organization must be encouraged to improve their skills, knowledge and expertise to improve their own and organizationโ€™s performance. Understanding the same; Zerodha wanted to conduct a monthly knowledge assessment for product and process knowledge of their employees.

Need of Assessment Platform

Zerodha wanted to conduct the assessment for its employees every month and provide the certification on the basis of these tests. As the tests were crucial for the continuous growth of the company, tests were needed to be conducted in secure mode. Along with the Employee knowledge assessment, the company also wanted to conduct tests for hiring the fresh talent. 

With such a spectrum of requirements, Zerodha Broking Limited approached the Eklavvya team for streamlining the exam process. With the help of experience, expertise and technology, Eklavvya could successfully conduct thousands of assessments with excellence

Here are the top features that helped Zerodha Broking Limited to streamline its employee knowledge assessment and hiring process

Ability to conduct frequent assessments

Zerodha broking limited could conduct assessments more frequently with Eklavvya

With Eklavvya, the company could conduct the assessments at a higher frequency. Once the data of Employees was added in the system; they did not have to do the rework of importing the data again for the next assessment. The employee batches could be created in the system and exams could be assigned batch wise with a single click. This also provided a hassle free exam assignment experience for the management

Better traceability of the exam process

It was easier to maintain and trace the records of assessment

The employee details for exam, applicant details for pre-hiring assessments could be efficiently stored in the system, the results could be generated within a single click. The result was exportable with different data columns and file formats. Admin team could easily trace the candidate activity, assigned exams and results. Individual score cards and review reports were available to management. This provided better traceability and record accessibility to the management team.

Secure exam process

Exam process was malpractice free and secure

The company wanted to provide internal certifications to those who would pass the assessment. It was a must for the company to keep the exam process cheating free in order to appreciate the excellence of those who really deserve it and to keep the value of the certification.

Considering this; Company opted for the video proctored exam. An online invigilator could stream the live videos of examinees; this efficiently helped the company to curb the malpractice during the assessment process. Moreover, these video recordings could be saved for future reference

Technical error free exam process

Employees did not face any technical glitch during the assessment

Corporate proctored assessments must be conducted in a technical error free system as the employees have to take time out of their busy schedule to appear for the assessment. The exam process was totally technical error free, the online exam system was stable even at the highest volume of concurrent video proctored assessments. The user interface was easy to understand for the examinees which made the assessment process even easier. Online assessment credentials were shared to candidates automatically and well in advance to minimize the last minute rush before the assessment

Here is what the Zerodha team says about Eklavvya Platform

We’ve been using the platform for conducting evaluations for our employees internally and for recruitment tests. Eklavvya is a much more streamline platform than the previous platform that we have been using. 

With Eklavvya, We’ve been able to evaluate better, conduct evaluations more frequently. Tracking responses of employees was faster and convenient. 

We had quite a unique requirement which was efficiently met in our case by Eklavvya.

Furthermore, We plan to conduct a few certifications for our clients using this as well

Lindo Paul,
AVP, Business Analysis,
Zerodha Broking Limited
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