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Success story of online exams of school students

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Conducting an online assessment of school children is a challenging task considering their young age and unfamiliarity with computers and online exams. However, online exams are a great way to conduct exams in a hassle-free and cost-effective way in comparison with traditional exams, that too across multiple locations. 

Global Olympiads Academy has successfully implemented online remote proctored exams with the help of the Eklavvya platform. Here is a case study of how Global Olympiads Academy conducted online assessments for school students



Global Olympiads Academy

The Global Olympiads Academy has been established with the aim to remove the fear of Mathematics amongst Indian students. The academy brings international exposure to students or self-analysis and motivation in the form of world-class global contests and learning events. 

It also brings the best of online learning resources for exercising and strengthening their interest in studies to improve their knowledge and intellect. This is required to equip them for the highly sought after 21st-century competencies like real-world problem solving and critical thinking.

The academy believes that in these times of exponential technological advances across the globe and high competition, quality education has become the need of the hour. The focus should be on shaping young minds to develop critical, logical and analytical thinking known as Higher-order Thinking Skills (H.O.T.S). These are going to be the crucial competencies for the future for the millennials.



About Exams

Using the Eklavvya platform three exams were conducted. These were Asia International Mathematical Olympiad (AIMO), Thailand International Mathematical Olympiad (TIMO) and Hong Kong International Mathematical Olympiad (HKIMO). 


Let’s see briefly what these exams are:



Asia International Mathematical Olympiad (AIMO) is an annual international Olympiad competition that originated from Hong Kong. It is organized by the Asia International Mathematical Olympiad Union since 2012. 


This competition has been running internationally with 13 countries which include Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Kazakhstan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Macau, South Korea, Bulgaria, and Myanmar.


It is a platform for students to improve critical thinking skills and exchange knowledge, and to promote educational and cultural development.



Thailand International Mathematical Olympiad (TIMO) is an annual Mathematical Olympiad competition organized by the Thailand Mathematics Society. As the majority of Mathematical Olympiad competitions are only focusing on 0.1% of the elite students, TIMO provides an opportunity for all students with strong interests in Mathematics to participate in the Mathematical Olympiad competition. 


What makes TIMO special is that after the competition, TIMO will release the general statistics of students’ performance which shows the strength and weaknesses of the candidates on the following topics such as Logical Thinking, Arithmetic / Algebra, Number Theory, Geometry, and Combinatorics. Students can then apply these analytics to their individual learning strategies.



HKIMO, is named as Hong Kong International Mathematical Olympiad, is developed by former Hong Kong  Mathematical Olympiad Team Team Leader Mr. Wong Tin Chun.


The objective to develop HKIMO is to promote Mathematical Olympiad all over the world. The examination paper consists of 5 main topics: Logical Thinking, Arithmetic (Kindergarten / Primary Section) / Algebra(Secondary Section), Number Theory, Geometry & Combinatorics. 

Implementation Approach

The academy wanted to conduct the exam for various students across multiple students and from the age group six through eighteen years.  There were a few challenges for conducting these exams, let’s read more about them. 


Lack of awareness of Online Exams

online exams

Not all school going students are aware of online exams and how to appear for them. This can be a major hurdle for many students who are appearing for an online exam for the first time, and it will only stress them more. We wanted to ensure that the exams are conducted in a seamless manner and no student is afraid of appearing for online exams. 

Eklavvya helped the academy in designing online mock exams. These practice exams helped students to get to know the online exam system before the main examination process. Mock exams along with demo videos and help documents proved to be useful for the students and helped them understand the online exam system


Exam Invigilation Challenge

Exam INvigilation Challenge

Exam invigilation was another challenge for the organization. Thousands of students registered to appear for the online exam of the olympiad from their school or from their home. Physical Examination invigilation across multiple locations was a next to impossible task.  

To solve this problem, the academy decided to use the Remote Proctoring functionality of the Eklavvya platform. It helped the organization to monitor remote candidates along with authentication of the identity of the end-user who is appearing for the exam. Detailed proctoring audit entries and logs helped the academy to conduct online exams in a fair and secure manner.

Olympiad Online exam was conducted across multiple schools across various cities. Thousands of students were able to appear for online exam simultaneously. Entire examination management became a seamless experience due to technology.


How Remote Proctoring came to be a solution?

Remote Proctoring was the feature of the Eklavvya platform that enabled the academy to conduct the olympiad exam across multiple locations. Let’s see how remote proctoring works. 

A proctor is an officer who is certified to invigilate examinations to avoid any foul play and cheating.

Remote proctoring is a technology that aids in the remote assessment of candidates. This technology allows the test to be taken from any location provided that the candidate has access to computers, laptops, tablets or mobile phones, and an internet connection. 

In a remote proctored test, candidates are monitored for the duration of the test via webcam, mic, and access to the screen of the candidate’s device.

To take such a test the candidate needs:

  1. A suitable device such as a desktop PC, laptop, mobile phone, tablet.
  2. Access to the internet.
  3. A functioning webcam and mike.

The following process takes place when a candidate appears for a remote proctored test:

1.Candidate Identity Verification

The identity of the candidate is verified by the remote proctor with the help of a government-issued ID-card. 


2. The candidate is allowed to appear for the exam

Upon identity verification, the candidate is allowed to appear for the exam and the examination begins. 


3.Images and Video capturing

Images, Videos, and audio of the candidate are recorded using the web camera and microphone attached to the device.


4.Auto proctoring 

Auto proctoring keeps track of key events pf candidate movement, mobile phone usage, and suspicious audio to monitor the examination process.

Olympiad Online exam was conducted across multiple schools across various cities of India. Thousands of students were able to appear for online exam simultaneously. Entire examination management became a seamless experience due to technology.

Feedback of Global Olympiad Academy 

Here is the feedback of director of Global Olympiad Academy about Eklavvya platform for the management of online exams of students.

Global-Olympiads-Academy Debraj Chakravarty






Debraj Chakravarty, 

Global Olympiads Academy


Eklavvya platform is amazing to conduct secure online exams for any age group. We have successfully conduct remote proctored assessments for our International Olympiad exams for students in the age group of 6 to 18 years. We conducted thousands of such assessments and counting…


The Eklavvya platform has simplified our examination process to a great extent. It gives the flexibility to students to take the exams from home while being remotely proctored by Ekavvya’s Proctors.


Students were able to appear for online exams of mathematical questions with simple, user-friendly features of the online assessment process. Mock exams helped prepare them to a great extent.


The system is very easy to understand and extremely user-friendly. Eklavvya’s account management team has been very understanding our needs and customizing the solution.


Thanks for excellent platform and support.