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A Modern University Embraced Technology for Conducting Assessments

An artificial intelligence university conducted online proctored exams

Artificial intelligence is one of the major breakthroughs of the twenty-first century, artificial intelligence is being discussed, developed, and regulated at a great pace, as we go ahead with this technology, there is so much of a need of teaching artificial intelligence as a part of formal education.

About Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI)

The Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence is one of such progressive universities that are involved in the formal education of artificial intelligence, they provide master’s and Ph.D. degrees in this sunrise sector “the artificial intelligence”

How does Eklavvya help MBZUAI in conducting online examinations?

We understand that the need of every organization is different, and no one solution can work for all the organizations, the new era is back to preferring the “tailored fit”, and our solutions are designed in such a way that the features are aligned to client requirements to match their needs, our research and development team is constantly involved in the work of making the solution customized for client’s needs.

What were the unique requirements of MBZUAI

essential features of online exams

The subjects of interest for MBZUI were largely related to the mathematics and artificial intelligence, the question contained large formulae and complex questions which are surely much different than the questions asked in other conventional examinations

Apart from this, the MBZUAI wanted to keep exams stringent and malpractice free in order to maintain the quality of the internal assessments and select the students of high caliber to take admission at their progressively modern institute.

How Eklavvya could deliver the service to MBZUAI’s niche needs

Eklavvya supported the use of complex mathematical formulae in the system, Eklavvya comes with the integration of LaTex, using which it is easy to import highly complex mathematical formulae in the question, apart from this, such questions which were already available in the word format could be directly used as a question by making their images.

The solution provided to MBZUAI was proctored technology-enabled, while the exams were ongoing, the assigned invigilator could watch the videos of the examinees with their prior permission, this was achieved by getting videos from the web cameras of the candidate’s computer device. This made the examinations strict and significantly prevented malpractice during the examination. The proctors (Online invigilators) could pause, resume and terminate the examinations of candidates as and when needed.

Here are other notable features of Eklavvya that helped smooth the conduction of proctored examinations

Platform Usability and user experience

user experience nad usability

One always wants to adopt things faster, we understand the importance of user experience, and the platform is directly usable for anyone, right from the children having their primary education. On other hand, the administrative operations like question import, exam creation, and assignment were also very easy to understand, initial kick-off training was provided to the concerned staff, and a coordinator from the Eklavvya team acted as a helping hand during the whole exam process which made the administrator experience conduction of examination smooth.

Technical error-free exam sessions

the online exam processes are critical to students, the platform mandatorily needs to be stable

The examinations were conducted without any technical issues, which saved a lot of time and unnecessary efforts which would have otherwise been had to put into solving the issues and coordinating with students. This made the exam process even more reliable and convenient

Although the exams were technically error-free, a resource from our team was available dedicatedly to solve any possible issues.

Automated Result Processing

result generation automation with technology

Result management is a terminal and tedious task, the results are the ultimate outcomes of the exam and thus are an inevitable part of the examination process. Essentially, the results are required to be accurate and reliable; moreover, the results need to be declared within the stipulated time.

Automation of results makes it possible to create the results of hundreds of examinations with a single click, these results can be downloaded in the consolidated form, can be exported, and the student-wise result of all the exams that appeared by the student can be downloaded which fastens the result printing process.

There are many more such perks of the online exam technology that any edtech enthusiast would like to learn more about, here are more such case studies which enlighten the impact of our online exam technology on institutes across multiple countries!