Introduction of Online Examination System

Online Examination System

What is an Online Examination System?

Online Examination System is a technology-driven way to simplify examination activities like defining exam patterns with question banks, defining exam timers, objective/ subjective question sections, and conducting exams using a computer or mobile devices in a paperless manner.

Online Examination System is a cost-effective, scalable way to convert traditional pen and paper-based exams to online and paperless mode. Candidates can appear for the exam using any desktop, laptop, or mobile device with a browser. Exam results can be generated instantly for the objective type of questions.

It can simplify overall examination management and result in generation activity.

Why Eklavvya for Online Exams?

  • Trusted by Clients in 15+ Countries. 
  • CERT-IN (Indian Govt. National Nodal Agency for Responding to computer security) Certified for Software Security.
  • Experience in Managing Large Scaled Proctored Exams.
  • Support for Generative AI Based Assessment
  • AI Question Paper Generator
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Here is the Short video about the Introduction of the Online Examination System is an online assessment and knowledge management solution used by many corporate, Professional Training Institutes, and Universities.

The platform is used to conduct assessments, aptitude tests, psychometric tests and personality tests, entrance exams, and hiring assessment tests.

The platform provides flexibility to define online assessment with various attributes like negative marking, random questions, variable marking, etc.

You can conduct an assessment using a computer, mobile, or tablet device. There is a facility to conduct offline assessments which can be synced with the main system after the assessment is completed.

How to Get Started with Online Examination System-

You can check detailed steps of Dashboard Steps for Exam Admin Here

You need to complete 7 steps in order to Get Started with your Online Exam Activity. As soon as you are able to define the subject/ topics and their associated questions with the exam patterns, you are ready to get started with online examination activity.

Here is a short video of How to Appear for an Online Exam

Generative AI Based Assessments in Online Exam System

You can also use Generative AI to conduct case study, scenario, Domain specific assessments. Evaluation is done with the help of Generative AI which provides a rating for the performance of the candidate during online exam

working of generative AI assessment

Case Study Based Evaluation

An intriguing evaluation method for candidates employs a case study-based approach. In this context, the user is presented with a practical, real-life scenario case study, requiring them to analyze the situation and develop unique recommendations or solutions to the problem at hand.


As the student responds to the case study, the AI will typically ask subsequent questions, as these evaluations are founded on a generative AI approach. This creates an interactive case study experience, where the candidate engages with the AI while providing solutions. Upon completion, the AI generates a skill-based rating for the candidate, assessing their ability to comprehend the case study, problem-solving aptitude, domain knowledge, and analytical prowess.

This dynamic, practice-focused case study proves particularly beneficial for skill-based assessments in higher education or management education settings, where case study evaluations are of prime importance. By utilizing an AI-driven case study assessment approach, you’ll likely discover a more effective means of evaluating your students.

You can conduct various types of assessments using Generative AI

Email Communication Skill Assessment

Cloud Management Assessment

Application Security Hiring Assessment

Customer Service Assessment

Remote Proctoring

Remote Proctoring features

It is a useful tool for conducting assessments along with remote proctoring.

You can conduct online video streaming or can capture photographs of the candidate after a certain time interval during the online exam process.

Remote Proctoring helps to keep track of the overall activities of the candidate during the online exam process.  It is possible to conduct the assessment process using a tablet to manage the offline mode exam process.

Here is the Introductory video of Remote Proctoring 

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360 Degree Proctoring

360-degree proctoring is a highly secure and reliable method of conducting online exams. By utilizing two cameras, it enables live streaming of the remote user during the entire duration of the exam. This comprehensive approach ensures a fair and cheating-free environment.

One camera captures the user’s face and expressions, while the other provides a complete view of the surroundings, including the workspace. This dual-camera setup allows proctors to monitor the test-taker’s behavior, ensuring their undivided attention and discouraging any illicit activities.

With 360-degree proctoring, educational institutions can confidently administer remote exams, maintaining the integrity and upholding the credibility of online assessments.

Let’s take a look at the features of the system

Online Tests

You can conduct Online Aptitude Tests to understand the problem-solving, and reasoning abilities of the individual. Personality tests are suitable to know the nature of the person. Many multinational companies and institutes use this method to select candidates.

You can also define the online test series. It can be helpful in the preparation for various competitive exams. You can also conduct exams in multiple languages. It is useful to eliminate the barrier of working online exams in English for rural areas.

If you wish to show exam questions and responses in 2 languages like English and Hindi then it can be configured easily in the system. Candidates preferring Hindi can select the Hindi option while the English Language can be chosen by students who want to appear for the online exam in English.

It is an efficient and cost-effective way to conduct online exams in multiple languages.

There is a facility to conduct subjective exams. In the subjective exams, the candidate can type an answer to the theory question. Theory answers can be easily evaluated by the examiner using the exam admin panel and marks can be assigned according to answers typed by the student.

You can also define your own custom assessment.

Subjective exams are useful when candidates need to write / type answers. It would be saved in the system and examiner can assign marks to individual answers accordingly. It is useful to convert your traditional paper-based exam to online mode. Click Here to Read more about Subjective Exams

 Steps to manage Oral / Viva Exams

The solution supports the objective and subjective question of bank management.

What are the types of online examinations?

The following types of Questions are Supported in the system

  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Match the Following
  • True/ False type questions
  • Multiple Selection of Correct Answers
  • Subjective Questions to write answers
  • Image-Based Questions
  • Audio/ Video-based questions
  • Psychometric Questions
  • Viva/ Oral Exams

If you wish to have questions on certain graphics, or mathematical symbols then they can be managed easily. We also have innovative technology for remote proctoring.

Using this technology it is possible to monitor remote candidates appearing for the exam.

You can monitor and can also initiate a live chat with candidates. In this manner, an online examination can be invigilated using a web camera attached to the system. We have many success stories for the successful management of online exams with remote proctoring.

You can conduct various types of Exams using Online Examination System

Admission tests help evaluate a student’s skills and abilities needed for a specific course. These tests are useful for school admissions and management education programs.

Center-based exams are usually held in a local area network (LAN) setting. A central server connects to other computers in this secure environment, delivering questions to candidates who answer them offline.

There’s no need for a continuous internet connection during the exam. At the end, results are synced with a central cloud server. This method is ideal for secure certification exams, recruitment tests, or academic exams.

If you want to check a candidate’s coding skills, the usual interview process might not be enough. Online coding tests can help because they create a simulated environment.

In these tests, candidates write code, compile it, and get an output that is compared with predefined test cases. This way, you can better analyze their coding abilities.

Oral exams, also called viva exams, are done one-on-one with an examiner. These exams are not scalable and can be biased. However, with online oral exams, candidates can record their answers. Examiners can then evaluate these recordings at any time.

This allows thousands of candidates to take the exam at the same time. Everything is recorded in the system. Examiners can listen to the audio responses later and then grade the students’ performance.

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Online Exam Pattern

You can define an online exam with a specific pattern.

You can conduct an exam with negative markings with defining passing marks criteria.

You can also define online exams based on certain subjects, topics, and difficulty levels. Examination questions can also be randomized from the available pool of the question bank based on predefined criteria.

Here is a short video explaining various online examination attributes like marking scheme, exam pattern, timing, difficulty level, question randomization, etc.


Online Examination results can be analyzed with all analytics support.

You can download the exam results in excel. You can get the topic-wise results of a batch as well as an individual.

Analytical data of overall batch performance, minimum, average, and max scores can also be generated.

You can also download results based on ranking. It is possible to design custom reports as per your requirements.

AI For Online Exams

AI is increasingly being utilized for online examination processes. This includes a range of activities, from preparation of the question bank to assigning exams to students, invigilation during the exam process, and processing results. Each of these tasks can be facilitated or even automated with AI technologies.

AI Question Paper Generator


Creating or defining questions for online exams is a critical task that requires careful consideration of the exam syllabus, difficulty level, and objectives.

Evaluating specific students or subject-topic combinations also factors into this process. Traditionally, such tasks required the expertise of a subject matter expert.

However, AI technology now offers an efficient way to automate question generation. This system can take content from particular chapters or even entire PDFs to generate questions based on your specifications.

You’ll need to provide various inputs like subject topic hierarchy and difficulty levels. The system can also integrate with Bloom’s taxonomy if you want conceptually oriented questions.

If you’re looking to analyze problem-solving abilities or student knowability, simply provide these inputs and AI will produce unique questions at your chosen difficulty level.

Additionally, it allows customization in terms of question types – be they objective, descriptive, or coding related – depending on the examination schema.

The generated questions are not final; you have the ability to verify, update and alter them as needed before conducting the exam. Thus, AI simplifies and automates exam question paper generation saving countless man-hours tied up in manual creation processes while increasing examination frequency through its efficiency.

AI Descriptive Answer Evaluation


Evaluating descriptive answers is typically a lengthy process for examiners, involving meticulous reading of extended student responses.

The task becomes even more daunting when faced with 5,000 to 10,000-plus answers. This not only calls for multiple examiners but also introduces bias and dependency issues. Moreover, the evaluation could take weeks or even months.

Now imagine using AI technology to automate this process. With AI’s ability to analyze model answers and previously evaluated responses by the examiners, it can intelligently identify patterns and conduct evaluations efficiently.

If you’re looking to save significant time on evaluating descriptive answers or want an automated solution that reduces cost and frees up examiner man-hours during the evaluation process – consider exploring AI-based answer evaluation.

Here is a detailed presentation of How AI Can benefit Descriptive Answer Evaluation

AI Proctoring for Remote Exam Invigilation

As education shifts towards online and distance learning, examinations follow suit. However, the challenge of exam invigilation persists in this digital realm. Enter AI technology: a solution that automates remote exam supervision with ease.

Advanced AI algorithms detect electronic devices around students and discern any malpractice during the test. These algorithms also provide ratings for examination authenticity. With facial recognition capabilities, they can identify candidates remotely and even record their identity cards.

So, thanks to AI technology, you can automate countless remote exams without need for physical invigilation or manual proctoring—making online testing not just feasible but efficient.

Here is the detailed presentation of Proctoring

Knowledge Management

Knowledge management

We also have a knowledge management section.

There is a facility to upload and share documents in a secure way.

You can upload one or more documents and share them with the batch. Registered candidates can read the documents but they cannot be downloaded.

It is useful if you wish to share educational notes, instructions, or knowledge base articles.

You can define your own custom documents in the form of pdf or videos. It can be uploaded to the system. Those documents can be shared with individual users or one or more batches.

The system prevents the user from downloading the documents as it is provided with secure view-only access.

Our platform is highly scalable and secure.

The Entire information is stored in an encrypted format along with encrypted communication technology.

We provide secure browser technology which is useful to prevent users from opening any other window during online examination activity.

Online Exam Preparation Tool

Should you desire to engage in online examination practice in mock exams for preparatory purposes, is a fantastic resource for those competing in exams.

This tool offers in-depth analytics on your exam performance and presents two accessible modes: test mode and actual mock exam mode. Consequently, you receive valuable feedback on your performance.

In addition to feedback, assists you in comprehending the correct answers for specific questions. Overall, it serves as an excellent starting point for your exam preparation journey.

How online Examination System made secure-

Onscreen Evaluation Process

The system also has the facility to scan/ upload physical copies of answer scripts and examiners can evaluate them online using a tablet/ desktop/ mobile phone.

It can eliminate physical handling of the answer sheets and examiners can also get the flexibility of doing evaluations form any location. The system also has the capability to do the auto calculation of total marks obtained by the student.

An onscreen marking system is very useful to remove the hassles of offline exam result processing.

White Label Solution

Our Platform can also be deployed with custom branding and URL. You can upload your own logo and define a custom workflow associated with your online exams. This feature is available in our enterprise edition.

Candidate Registration

We can also provide a custom workflow where a candidate needs to register for an online exam by making online payment of the fees.

Candidate Registration
Online Form Filling
Online Fee Payment
Hall Ticket Generation
Online Exam Management
Result Processing

There are very simple steps to subscribe and get started. You can register and upload your question bank and define the examination pattern. Assign candidates for the exam and get started with your online examination process.

Our platform has been implemented successfully by many multinational companies, education institutes, and universities. We have credible feedback and testimonials from people working across industries. We have included the best practices of the assessment process.

Center Based Exams

Center based exams are used for various high-stakes entrance exams and competitive tests. In this context physical exam centers are used to conduct online exams in a secure environment with physical exam invigilators present at the exam center.

When conducting center-based exams, several facilities are available. One significant advantage is that exams can be held at a remote examination center without needing a continuous internet connection. Examination data is securely downloaded at the remote center in an encrypted format. A server machine at the center, connected to the LAN, allows candidates to take the online exam seamlessly.

Robust security mechanisms ensure continuous data encryption. Typically, the exam question paper is downloaded 30 minutes before the scheduled exam time. Once the exam concludes, examination data syncs with the main server.

Various roles and responsibilities are part of offline or center-based examination management. Subject matter experts from the institution can securely define the question paper, which is published only 30 minutes before the exam. Role-based access and security ensure that only administrators have full system access. Other roles, such as examination administrators, subject matter experts, or evaluators, receive access according to their responsibilities.

If you seek scalable examination management at a remote exam center, a center-based examination system is essential.

Hybrid Mode of Exams

Connectivity-related limitations may be addressed by conducting a hybrid exam. The primary advantage of such an exam is its ability to operate in offline mode, eliminating the need for a continuous internet connection.

In a hybrid exam scenario, questions and examination data are securely downloaded onto a local server in encrypted form. Candidates then connect to this local area network (LAN) and attempt the online exam while maintaining a steady connection with the local server. Upon completion, the local server synchronizes the data with the main server, allowing for results to be accessed via an online cloud-based server.

This hybrid approach enables thousands of candidates to participate in an online exam without requiring a constant internet connection. Hybrid exams can accommodate various types of assessments, including descriptive exams, multiple-choice exams, and even some practical exams. Additionally, students may be provided with facilities to upload documents that can be evaluated by examiners during the evaluation phase.

Here are some of the Success Stories of the Implementation of the Online Examination System

One of the leading multinational companies Essilor has implemented Online Assessments to check the entrepreneurship ability of the user. The assessment helped them to identify if the user has the ability of leadership, risk-taking, and business ownership. It helped them to appoint the right franchise person in various regions.

Click here to know details of this case study

Here is another case study about How North Gujarat University has conducted Online Exams for Ph.D. candidates using the Eklavvya Platform.

You can read the Details Here

What is the scope of the online examination system?

Online examination systems can be useful to conduct the objective, subjective, and psychometric type of assessments. Each type of assessment can have different objectives to analyze candidates in terms of academic knowledge, and skill sets. Online Examination systems are scalable, flexible, and cost-effective for doing an evaluation of the candidate.

Assessment for companies
Intelligent Remote ProctoringSubjective Online Exams with Intelligence Analysis of AnswersKnowledge Management processSupport for multiple languages in online exams
Custom Online ExamsRole Based Online AssessmentsDetailed auto Log for Online ExaminationAnalysis of Online Examination Process
Online Exam center ManagementImage Graphical QuestionsCandidate Batch Management for Online ExamsGeo tagging for Online Exam Users
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Frequently Asked Questions about Online Examinations

Client’s Feedback

Annie Francis Registrar- MIT SDE MIT Group of Institutions
Annie Francis
Registrar – MIT SDE MIT Group of Institutions

The entire examination experience for us at MIT School of Distance Education and our students has changed since we partnered with the Eklavvya platform.
The once very complicated system of getting the question banks ready to get uploaded, and making any corrections in them has just vanished. 
With the very simple registration process, swiftly created exams, easy-to-use interface, proctored examination link, proctored invigilation reports, examination videos, and ever-ready-to-customize requirements, we find Eklavvya to be a one-stop-destination for all exam requirements for any educational institution.
We are able to follow an exam pattern and monitor the exam performance of every student without any hassle. Eklavvya  –  we definitely see it to be a World Class Technology Partner.

Abhijeet Joshi
Abhijit Joshi
Sys Computers, Senior Partner

I appreciate the Online Exam platform developed by Eklavvya solution. I have managed to conduct IT Flair Hunt Contest for more than 10000 students from 12 schools. 
We at Sys Computers, are finding Online Exam activity simplified with Eklavvya solution.  Looking forward to continued support in the future for college-level talent hunt initiatives.
The platform is user-friendly and it is easy to configure.