Online Exam Question Bank Management

Online Exam Question Bank Management ​

Question Bank Management forms an essential and core aspect of the online examination process. Extensive and detailed question bank classification can provide a better evaluation of the student during an online exam. Following are some of the parameters of the question bank which can be defined in the online examination platform.

With a question bank in online testing software, all your questions are stored and organised in a way that makes them easy and quick to access for anyone that is creating an exam. This feature allows a teacher to create, preview, and edit questions in a database of question categories. The questions in a category can be added to a test or to a lesson activity. Question banks are also really useful for getting an in-depth analysis of questions, such as when a question was used or its difficulty level.

There are ten types of questions, including multiple-choice, multiple-choice questions, indefinite multiple choice, completion, true or false, essay question, comprehension, sorting, matching and cloze. Case analysis, reading comprehension, listening, video, and other questions can also be flexibly set. At the same time, Online Exam Maker supports users in setting picture questions, audio questions and video questions.

Objective Question

You can define objective questions with multiple choices ranging from 2 to 5. Useful to define questions for fill in the blanks, true/false type of questions



Objective Online exam Question

Subjective Question

Useful to define questions where users need to type answers for theory based questions.

Online Subjective Questions

Image Based Questions

1. Some Graph and Question is based on the Graph

2. Some complex Chemical Equation/ Mathematical Symbols

3. Puzzle


IMage based questions for online exams

Questions with Multiple Responses

Questions with multiple responses in online exam

Bulk Question Upload and Authoring Tool


Video Based Questions

Upload Video and Ask relevant Question Associated with Video

Video based Questions for Online Exam

Audio Based Questions


Upload Audio File and Ask Relevant Questions associated with it.