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Training institutes can use the online Assessment Process to guide their students while preparing for various exams. Here is how it can be benefitted for the training institute.



Chapter-wise Assessment

If you want students should appear for a test which is based on each chapter then you can manage it effectively using our solution.

You can define question bank with attributes of each subject/ chapter. Online Exam syllabus can be defined according to chapter and specific tests can be assigned to the students accordingly.

Chapter-wise tests are useful to prepare for year end entrance exams. Students can also get to know the progress of each chapter or topic on a regular basis.

Mock Test

Mock tests are useful to understand overall progress made by the students in order to prepare for the final exam. Mock tests can provide ranking and percentile across nation/ state. A mock test can also provide essential practice for the final exam preparation.

Many students find it easier to appear for the final exam with mock tests completed.

Online Test Series

If you are a training institute and want each student should enroll for a specific series of tests then it is possible to define it in this platform.

Students can also write answers on paper and can upload scan copy of it for examiner evaluation.

Platform also provides various advance configurations for online exam.

Platform has role based access and security. Subject expert can login and define question bank for test series associated with the students.

Here is the testimonial from one of the coaching institutes who is training students for exam preparation. You can explore more such case studies here.


Successful Online Test Series Implementation

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