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If you have ever been through the bizarre enchilada of interviews, then you would know that there are a variety of people one gets to see. Some are overqualified while some are under qualified for the position that is being offered.

Some candidates are deserving while some are undeserving for that position as well. The hassle to opt the right candidate from such variety of choices can really be a daunting task!


That is exactly the reason why developers have initiated a software that can help organizations find the most suitable candidate as their employee. All these software are basically created to analyze the applicants according to their overall capacity, be it intellectual or academic.


The most commonly conducted online tests for recruitment purpose are called Online Hiring assessments which mainly include multiple choice questions. The candidate is asked to choose the correct answer from the multiple options given.


Now-a-day, even programming tests and voice-based interview assessments can be conducted in online mode. While appearing for programming tests, the candidates need to write the programs on the screen while they need to say out and record their answers in case of voice-based assessments.


The question included in any of the pre-hiring assessments, could be objective, subjective, image, audio or video based. This helps the organizations to design many different types of questions to measure the candidate’s knowledge and skills.


These tests are designed with respect to various aspects needed for the job designation. The tests are divided into different sections. Each section aims at analysing the various qualities of the candidate.

For example:


(i) Numerical Tests

(ii) Linguistics Tests

(iii) Logical Reasoning

(iv) Intelligent Quotient (IQ) tests

(v) Programming skills

(vi) Communication skills and knowledge about the subject


The main agenda or aim behind the conduction of Online Hiring assessment is that the organisation gets their hands on the best of candidates for their company, who is the perfect person for the job or designation they are offering. The person they will choose will have appeared for the tests that will show or bring up the qualities required from the applicant.

Traditional Methods of Hiring

Earlier, before the Online Hiring Assessment program was introduced, the methods that were used to select a particular candidate were very generic and typical. It was monotonous and required lot of manual efforts.


One of the old processes included looking at the CVs of the applicants and then comparing those with the other applicants. Then inviting the selected candidate for a PI (Personal Interview) round, which would help decide a view about the candidate. In case the candidate is able to impress the interviewees with both his CVs and the PI round, he/she would then get selected for the job. 


In the another process, the applicant was asked to do an internship for a certain period of time and then appointed as an employee with reference to his performance as an intern.


In both these methods, what goes down is that the selection of the candidate or applicant may be biased. Favouritism might be done towards a particular applicant. This is simply unethical and unjust towards the other applicants who have applied for the same designation, and who might even be more worthy than the ‘selected candidate’.


Looking at the other side of the process, this process was pretty much time consuming and tedious as well; for both the organisation and the applicant.    


The detailed process, if you would ask, would be:

1. Sending out articles or ads in newspapers, via flyers, etc.

2. (a) Receiving the applications

(b) Conducting walk-in interviews.

3. The shortlisting of probable applicants.

4. Conduction of the PI (Personal Interview) rounds.

5. Final selection of the candidate.


Managing this entire process may or may not go as planned every time. There might be occasions when the organisation may have to face certain ups and downs or say difficulties in dealing with the whole thing. 


The complete interview session can become a fail too. These old methods had a few shortcomings which did not work out properly and hence the innovation of the software came into being.



The New Methods of Hiring

New Methods of Hiring

The new hiring methods that came in with time were something of the exceptional kind. 

They were the ones completely challenging the existing methods of the hiring process.


Bringing out changes in the old system, the new hiring process has sort of occupied or grabbed the entire market! 


Online Hiring assessment has changed the ins and outs of the complete hiring or interview process. Right from the basics, to the final appointment, it has been changed. 


The type or format of the invitations or ads sent out about the interviews being held has changed. The submission of the documents of the applying candidates is done online entirely. No chance of getting the applications through the posts and keeping track of them!


Here, there is no possibility to conduct walk-ins. The candidates have to appear for an online examination that is objective-based. Later the results of the applicants decide if they are selected for the PI (Personal Interview) round or not. In the end, the final selection is entirely based on the Interview. 


The online hiring method just simplifies the whole interview process. Not only for the organizations but also for the candidates who have to go through the bitter wait for the interview results. 


Traditional Hiring & Productivity

With the title being productivity, if you are wondering, how traditional hiring and productivity are related or to rephrase that, How Traditional Hiring can hamper productivity? Then let us take that scenario into consideration.

Let us say the companies X & Y currently have vacancies and are looking for suitable candidates. Both organisations will obviously want the best for themselves.

X and Y initiate the interviews, but with different approaches. X has chosen to go with the traditional method, whereas Y company who decided to digitalise the process, chose to go with the new methods.

Now the company X having chosen the traditional method had to go through the entire commotion of interviews, the Ads, Applications, sorting, etc.

Y had chosen to go with the new methods simply sent out the invites to appear for their designed online assessment for hiring. This skipped them to the part of direct Personal Interview with the eligible candidates.

When surveys were conducted after the hiring process for both the companies, it was found that within the next few years, the progress of that department in which the new candidate was hired was completely opposite for both the organizations.

X (who chose the traditional method) showed about 6% extra productivity whereas Y (who chose the new methods) boomed their productivity with a hike of 15% which was entirely double than earlier.

The double hike in company Y’s productivity was because they opted to go with the Online Hiring Process for choosing their candidate. The Online assessment program, helped them do the analysis of the applicant through each and every aspect and angle.


Primary things to be changed in the Traditional Hiring Process

Taking a look at the traditional methods, there are few aspects which are tedious, unreliable and not so cost effective which affect the entire hiring process. These aspects need to be changed, altered or even nullified in the earlier process.


There are certain steps which by skipping completely will be able to simplify and make the whole process much faster. 


The vital issues in the Traditional methods that need solutions are:

1. The tedious sorting of the eligible applicants according to their academics.

2. The everlasting wait for the results for PIs (personal Interviews) .

3. Choosing the right candidate.


Let us look at each point in detail.

1. The Sorting of Eligible Candidates

Sorting of eligible candidates

In the traditional method, the applications that came in had to be sorted out according to the academic eligibility of the applicants. This would take a lot of time and manpower as well. 


The solution to this would be in opting for a platform which can help you to conduct Online Hiring Assessment. This platform does the sorting of the applicants at the earlier stage itself, choosing only the eligible applicants for the assessment. 


This saves the time, resources and manual efforts invested in the culling of applications.    

2. The Wait for the PI's ( Personal Interviews )

Wait for the personal interviews

After the applicants send their applications, they had to wait for weeks to get the calls for their first PI rounds. This was the major drawback in the traditional method of hiring.


With the adoption of the Online Hiring Assessment, the middle stages of the whole process get skipped directly to the PI round. The assessment platform analyzes the candidates according to the requirements of the company and then chooses the final candidate. 


This eliminates the waiting time which is frustrating for both the candidates and the organizations. This time dodge has tended to attract more and more people towards the Online Hiring Assessment platforms.

3. Choosing the Right Candidate

Choosing the right candidate

As we saw, the surveys conducted showed that with the traditional method, the companies failed to achieve the productivity they desired. This means that the candidate they chose was not suitable for the job. 


But in case of the other company who adopted the option of Online Hiring Process succeeded in achieving a productivity rate which was double of what they had earlier. This means that the candidate they chose was definitely suitable for the job! 


The switch from traditional methods to the new methods of Online Hiring certainly hit the blue button for the process of interview conduction.


What is the Online Hiring Assessment?

The Online Hiring Assessment is a virtual examination that is conducted by companies to choose an appropriate, suitable and eligible candidate for the designation they are offering at their firm. 


This examination does the assessment of the candidate on many different criteria. 


These tests assess the following skills acquired by the candidate:


·        Aptitude

·        Logic

·        Presence of mind

·        Practicality

·        The ability to deal with times of distress or difficult situations, etc. 

·        Technical skills

·        Communication skills


The specific names of the tests that are conducted are as follows:

·        Aptitude

·        Logistics 

·        IQ (Intelligence Quotient)

·        TSA (Thinking Skills Assessment), etc. 

·        Programming tests

·        Voice based assessments/interviews



The format or say the paper pattern of the examination is entirely MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) based for the first four tests. In case of programming tests, the pattern of the questions can be subjective which will enable the candidates to write big codes easily.


For voice based interviews, the candidates will be able to say their answers, record them and save them before submission. The interviewers can later listen to these answers and evaluate the candidates.


All the candidate need to do is to login in the exam software and start giving the exam.


The examination is divided into varied sections, analyzing the different aspects and eligibility criteria of the applicant. The result of the test is generated instantly post-exam, as soon as the candidate submits the exam. The results of voiced based assessments are declared later once the evaluation is completed.


After the result is generated and handed over to the candidate, they know if they are selected for the next round of interview or not. This saves the candidates from waiting which they usually do after the test and necessary submissions and verifications are done.  


The Online Hiring Assessment program has proved to be convenient and immensely useful for both the interviewer and the interviewee; by flipping the process and the view about interviews.

Another way in which pre-hiring interviews can be conducted is video interviews. Video-based interviews are created to simplify the process of hiring candidates in an online mode.

The candidates need to make sure that a web camera is attached to the electronic device before launching the exam. The candidates can answer each question by recording a video footage of the answer.

These video responses would be later reviewed by the interviewers to evaluate the candidates and assess their confidence level, communication skills, body languages, etc. This enables the interviewers to filter out the most suitable candidates for the job position.


Advantages of Online Hiring Assessment

As we saw above, there are many advantages of the Online Hiring Assessment; starting right from the basic to the final stage of selection. The Online Hiring Assessment has not only benefited the applicant but also the organizations or the companies to a huge extent.

To sum it all up, the Online Hiring programs aids in ways like:

1. Reduces the time needed.
2. Reduces unnecessary expenses.
3. Saves the frustrating and everlasting wait for call-ins of the applicants.
4. Chooses the right and eligible candidate for the company.
5. Provides the company with quality employees.
6. Makes the verification and eligibility check of the applicant much easier and legit.
7. For the unselected candidates, shows them the areas which they need to work on.
8. The adoption of the online platforms turns out to be a beneficial one-time investment for the companies.
9. The selection of eligible candidates can prove beneficial for the institutions in the long run.
10. Positively affects the productivity of the company.

The Pre hiring online assessment program is an invention of the software world, which has proved to be a boon while hiring employees.

This technology has come up in the recent decade, maybe there will be some other technology in the near future. The point is to keep on changing and digitalizing with the times and adopting the changes that take place to keep up with the mutation of the world.


Big thanks to Team Eklavvya for professional support.All our recruitment exams were conducted perfectly.

We were looking to automate and simplify campus tests for the students.Your platform has helped us to manage campus placement activity across multiple locations.

Thanks for great platform and looking forward for continued support in the future recruitment activites of the company

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