How to hire talented software developers like an ace Tech company?

Coding Assessment automation

Importance of hiring developers

Hiring developers for organizations is a crucial task that cannot be taken lightly. A company’s success depends on the expertise of these professionals.

With an ever-increasing demand for software development, companies are looking to hire talented developers who have the skill set to create quality solutions in an efficient manner. But with so many new programming languages emerging every day, it becomes more difficult for employers to gauge the technical skills acquired by every candidate who applies for the job.

The process of hiring developers for an organization is an extensive and time –consuming process. It can take as long as hours to days to hire a single candidate.

Having said that, assessing the knowledge and technical skills acquired by the candidate before hiring is extremely important and what could be a better way to do that than conducting programming assessments!

As per the data collected in august 2021, the job postings have improved by 14% as compared to August 2020.

In this age of digitalization, it is important for organizations to have a robust and reliable system to assess the candidates. This will help them in achieving their goals and objectives smoothly.

There are many ways that an organization can use to accomplish the same goal but programming tests are one of the most effective methods. Programming tests are crucial for organizations that want to maintain a competitive edge in the IT industry.

The programming tests help them identify the candidates’ weaknesses, strengths and the skills which require improvement. This way, the organizations can hire developers who can deliver quality work within the provided deadline.

Shift to online mode of hiring process

The traditional way of hiring has been followed by the organizations since a long time. The organizations have been involving a lot of manual efforts and certainly a lot more cost investments.

The traditional hiring process is dependent on software installations. The evaluation and marking of answers is dependent on humans which increase the chances of bias. Manual human evaluation also affects the accuracy of the results.

The traditional methods are now outdated and ineffective as they can’t cater to the needs of a generation that is accustomed to using technology in every aspect of their lives. The need of the hour is to shift from offline mode of conducting programming tests to online mode.

 With the ever increasing use of technology, it has become imperative to shift the mode of conducting programming tests. This will not only make it easy for organizations, but also increase efficiency and accuracy in finding programmers with the right skill set. Moreover, this will help firms save their time on recruitment processes as there won’t be any need for them to go through different interviews with candidates before finalizing one.

6 most effective features of online programming tests

One of the best uses made of technology is to automate the examination process during hiring. Technology has made it possible to conduct programming tests in an online mode.

A software platform can prove very useful in this scenario. The software platform or online examination platform which offers some amazing mechanisms and is utilitarian in many ways can be easily adopted by the organizations to conduct online programming tests. 

Let us have a look at the features offered by these platforms offer.

1. Easy third party installation

Traditional way:

Many of the online examination platforms which can help you to conduct programming tests are not necessarily compatible with every device. Launching a programming test might require third party installation of the software.

The organization needs to make arrangement for installing the third party software or tool in every system which is being provided to the candidates during programming tests. The organization needs to arrange for technician who can carry out the installation which is a tedious and a cumbersome task.

Online mode:

The new age technology used by the online examination platforms eliminates the need of third party installations. These platforms have in-built mechanisms which make it easier to launch the exam on any system irrespective of its compatibility.

Candidate can type code and compile it online

Online coding environment for hiring software developers

2. Automation of manual evaluation

Traditional way:

In the traditional process of hiring developers, the examiners or experts had to be specially appointed to evaluate the answers written by the candidates. Even if the number of candidates was more such as 100+ or 500+, all the evaluation was done manually.

As the programs require keen observation and a lot of focus, it takes a lot of time for the examiners to evaluate even a single program. Also, there is a high chance of missing out on a minute detail such as a comma or dot due to human limitations.

Online mode:

The online platforms not only offer to conduct the exams in online mode, but they also help to evaluate the answers. These platforms offer a feature of automated evaluation wherein the programs are corrected character by character by the system itself.

This helps to reduce the manual efforts to a large extent ad also eliminates the chances of bias or any errors committed due to general human limitations.

Coding test online for hiring software developers

3. Elimination of manual supervision

Traditional way:

Manual supervision is a task which is not just monotonous but also very unreliable. It is indeed a difficult task for the invigilators to supervise every candidate closely.

The candidates might take an advantage of this shortcoming to cheat and pass the exam. They might carry books or electronic devices or can even browse for answers online.

Online mode:

The online exam platforms address every single shortcoming related to manual supervision. These platforms provide many different mechanisms which take care of the exam security.

The online platforms make use of advanced technology such as audio, video and image based remote proctoring, secure browser, audit logging, etc. to supervise and keep a track on the candidate’s actions.

Some of these platforms even use technology based on Artificial Intelligence which is in high demand these days. AI based techniques such as object movement detection, facial recognition, Chatbots, etc. are used in these online platforms to curb identity frauds.

4. Elimination of location dependency

Traditional way:

Most of times, the programming tests are conducted at the organization office. The candidates were required to visit the site office, present their documents and then appear for the exam.

Sometimes, the candidates were even asked to travel to other cities to appear for the exam and to attend the interview process. Thus, the candidates had to spend too much time on travelling.

Online mode:

In the online mode of hiring process, the candidates can simplify appear for the tests from their own homes. Rest of the interview process can be carried out with the help of other tools used for conducting video calls or conferences.

The online exam platforms provide the freedom of using any available electronic device which has internet support. Thus, these online platforms provide the flexibility of conducting the programming tests from any remote location without worrying about the exam security.

5. Saves cost investments

Traditional way:

In the traditional scenario, the organizations have to bear a lot of expenses related to infrastructure, facilities, manual supervision, manual evaluation, logistics, etc. sometimes, these organizations even have to reimburse the costs spent by the candidates on travelling to the suggested location of office.

Online mode:

Due all the reasons such as freedom of location, automated supervision and evaluation, elimination of third party installation, technologically advanced security features, etc. which we saw above, online mode is the best way to conduct programming tests at a much reduced cost investment.

6. Scalable with difficulty level and Programming Language Management

Traditional way:

The exams conducted in computer labs in the office sites can accommodate only a fixed number of candidates. Due to this, either the deserving candidates were unable to appear for the exam or the organization has to continue with the hiring process for many days so as to provide a fair chance to every candidate who applied.

The difficulty of the programming test is decided on the experience of the candidate. But in the traditional scenario, it was not possible to change the difficulty level every now and then. Thus, those tests were very easy for some candidates but very difficult for others.

Also, these traditional programming tests could be conducted in only one language that is English. For the candidates who did not understand English much, found it difficult to understand the question and answer it accordingly.

Online mode:

The online platforms provide a very useful mechanism which enable the organizations to conduct exam for a large number of candidates simultaneously. The scalability feature thus allows the organizations to conduct programming tests without worrying about the increase in the traffic load on the server.

The online platforms offer a feature of Question Bank Management wherein the organization can create different question sets for different set of candidates. The organization can thus decide the different difficulty level for each set. Any set can be selected before beginning the exam.

In case of online programming tests, there is a feature of language selection. The candidates can select the language of their choice before appearing for the exam. The questions will e displayed in the language which they selected and hence they would get a fair chance to prove their skills.

Thus, we can see that the organizations which adopt the online platforms for conducting programming tests receive many advantages. By adopting for online programming tests to hire developers, these organizations can find a little relief from carrying out the exhausting process of hiring.

Technology Adoption for Hiring Assessments

Eklavvya platform has been adopted by many multinational organizations to automate and simplify hiring process. You can reduce time and cost associated with hiring process using online programming assessments


We all know the importance of conducting programming tests for hiring developers. The programming tests are necessary not only to test the candidates’ technical skills but also to tests some other skills such as analytical skills, problem solving skills, time management skills, etc.

The programming assessments are not only an effective way to gauge talent but also a cost-effective method of hiring. Programming assessments can be used as a replacement for interviews or also as an added step in the normal procedure.

These assessments are easy to check because they are automated and evaluated by complex computer algorithm which means that you don’t need someone trained or a subject matter expert to assess the candidates’ programming skills.

Award winning online exam platforms such Eklavvya can help you to conduct programming tests in the most hassle-free way. Due to the presence of many pre-defined and in-built advanced mechanisms, Eklavvya is able to check the program code in a very efficient way.

It can help you to check the program codes grade the candidates by counting number of lines written in the code, considering the time required to compile the code, measuring the efficiency of the code, etc. It can also make use of historic data and generate the final results.

Thus, Eklavvya is a certainly one of the best solutions to all you hiring related problems as it is reliable, secure and extremely user-friendly. It can help you to digitalize the hiring process which would help you to build a good reputation of your organization and as also help you stay ahead in the competition.