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Hiring Automation
Hiring Automation The new normal for recruiters

Being a recruiter/human resource manager/employer, we all have to agree to a fact that Hiring is a tedious process in itself. 

Hunting for a perfect match for the position to be filled at your organization becomes daunting at times. 

Hiring process includes multifarious parameters while analyzing the received applications such as analytical abilities, critical thinking and on top of all technical abilities for the job functioning being proposed.

To sum it altogether, analyzing the same profile with different set of perspectives becomes difficult and tedious. And, we all know what a wrong hire could cost the organization, very well.


There are multiple Hiring Automation software in the market, but the preferences seem a little biased to manual hiring till now. With the COVID-19 pandemic, realization to automation is also made it’s way to the middle and hiring authorities has now started shifting to hiring automation.  


With the pandemic around, the traditional hiring process is experiencing limitations as all of us are subject to follow the social distancing norms. To compensate and continue with the new normal, hiring automation is working wonders for the employers.


Many domestic and multi-national companies are now setting up a healthy WFH(Work From Home) culture for their employees. Obligating the WFH procedures, hiring becomes even more challenging as it is now supposed to be implemented through Online/Video interviews for the new candidates.


Even the start-up organizations are planning to adopt the work from home approach and the following processes to concur with the Social Distancing Norms.


Some of the organizations have even declared that the majority of employees would continue to remain work from home permanently.

The bottom line is, it has now become essentially inevitable for organizations to adopt technology like Hiring Automation to keep the recruitments in a healthy functioning.

Traditional Hiring Process

Traditional hiring practices include conduction of aptitude, psychometric tests along with some domain tests like programming tests. Such tests are popular for entry-level profiles or fresh candidate selection.


Some of the government organizations conduct large scale recruitment or hiring exams to shortlist suitable candidates for the next process of interview.


Face to face interviews are arranged for suitable applicants based on the aptitude test results.

Social Distancing Environment

Social Distancing Environment

Following the social distancing norms, it has now become inevitable for the companies to adopt the remote working environments and hiring automation with the use of prominent technology solutions.


Considering the hiring procedures, a candidates needs to be analyzed and assessed remotely using technology like Remote Proctoring.

Hiring Automation with Remote Proctoring

Hiring Automation with Remote Proctoring

Remote proctoring with AI-driven assessments can help you to conduct remote online exams securely. Technology like AI (Artificial Intelligence) proctoring can help prevention of cheating during the online assessments of candidates. Candidates can appear for online hiring tests securely even by using their mobile phones or computer.

Remote exam invigilators can see live activities of the user. There is a facility to see screen activity along with candidate’s video streaming. Remote exam invigilators can also initiate a live chat with remote users.

Remote proctoring stimulates the environment of classroom-based assessment for remote users with ease. Such an assessment process can empower organizations to conduct assessments for any candidate situated at any location across the world.

Online exams or assessments can be attempted by remote candidates sitting at any location

There is a facility available to conduct the following types of assessments

  • Domain-Specific Tests: You can define domain-specific tests based on the requirement of domain knowledge like insurance, supply chain, operations, technology etc.  Such tests can provide insights if the candidate has got required domain knowledge for the job.
  • Aptitude Test: Such tests can be useful to know the problem-solving, analytical ability of the candidates. Such tests are a popular choice to recruit entry-level/ fresher recruitment.
  • Psychometric  Assessments: You can get useful insights into the nature of the person, leadership qualities, working in the team capabilities of the individual.
  • Campus Placement Test: For hiring and recruitment of entry-level candidates directly from the college. You can design such tests and ask students to appear for the remote exam sitting at their campuses or even from home with AI-driven proctoring process.

  • Programming tests: Programming tests are an essential part of a hiring process especially conducted to hire developers. Programming tests are conducted to measure the candidate’s technical skills. These tests come with many features such as easy third party installation, automated evaluation, remote proctoring, location independence, etc. 

Oral/Viva Assessments

Suitable candidates need to appear for the interview process of the organization. In a remote environment, you can use remote collaboration tools and technology for online meetings.


The Eklavvya platform has developed an automated interview or viva process for hiring automation. In this case, the candidate can appear for the remote interview where the system would ask questions to the candidate.


The person needs to speak about it and it would be recorded in the system with audio+ video.


You can define questions to be asked during the viva or interview assessment. Questions would be displayed on the screen and the candidate would respond to it verbally.


The system would store all information including candidate responses for individual question.


As an interviewer, you can assess communication skills, the body language of the user and can assign a grade based on your qualification criteria. All information is recorded so it can be accessed at a later point in time as well.


Such an automated viva or oral interview process can be useful. Such a process can be initiated and completed without the need for interviewer presence.


You can easily conduct such interviews or vivas concurrently for hundreds of candidates with available recordings for later access and analysis.


With hiring automation in place, your interview and hiring assessment can be scaled easily with the use of technology like Remote Proctoring and Remote Viva assessments.

Video based interviews

Video-based interviews are one of the many advanced ways of conducting face-to-face interviews in an online mode. This type of exams would help the interviewers to see the candidates while they record their answers. This will help them to gauge the candidate’s confidence level, communication skills, body language along with the knowledge they acquired.

Video based exams can be conducted with the help of any electronic device which supports internet and has a connectivity to web camera. The candidates need to read the question displayed on the screen, press the ‘Start Video Recording Answer’ button to record the video footage of them while answering the question and then press the c once they are done.

The interviewers can watch the video recordings later for evaluation. The video based interviews can help the interviewers to interview any candidate without the need to be present in the same room.

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