Online Assessments: The best way to Identify Employability of Graduates

Online Assessment for Employability


Latest reports suggest that less than 20% graduates are employable in India. While hiring employees, employers assess the candidate on core competencies that make him / her employable. Online Assessments perhaps remain one of the easiest ways to test candidates on basic employability skills.


Online Assessment for Employability











Fortunately, today, Assessment tools and technology are ready at our disposal to identify gaps in the graduates for communication, interpersonal skills, technical skills, aptitude and problem-solving skills.

Tools and assessments can provide insight of batch performance, the individual performance of the student and suggest how to improve employability index.

The responsibility of finding the right talent and hiring them cannot be underestimated, for an organisation’s growth and stability depends on the talent that has been recruited to do the work.

It is not unusual to find companies conducting online talent assessments to test if candidates “fit in” to their organisation’s work ethics, culture and more so the work that they are being hired for.

Why do companies use Online Assessments?

Many businesses have started conducting Online Assessments for some reasons:

  • Online Assessments, often referred to as employment screening tests or pre-employment tests are used by companies to scout for the right talent and identify if the one they are hiring is suitable for the jobs they have at their company.
  • They can help in predicting a prospective hire’s on-the-job performance if he/she is hired and how long the hire will retain his / her position at the company. Typically candidates who clear screening tests are perceived as people who can perform well as employees should they be hired.
  • Online Assessments are carefully developed using years of research, by analyzing data of employees and after doing several retention and hiring based case studies. Results of these evaluations are a direct indication for an employer to judge how close the candidate is to what is being expected from him/her after being hired.


So which companies use Online Assessments?

Companies use assessments as a screening process that saves a lot of time for them. These tests typically happen online and only those who clear them to get a chance to be called for an interview. Employers track applications through a Talent Management database that keeps track of all the applications.


Types of Online Assessments:

Online questionnaires are what most of the companies rely on to know a candidate’s personality, style of work and to judge if the candidate has the suitable skills and knowledge to do the job at hand effectively.


How valid are Online Assessments and are the results reliable?

Companies that post job descriptions that are detailed and as close as possible to what the candidate would be doing after gaining the job stand to benefit the most from these online assessments.

To generate results that are reliable, it is essential for Organisations to conduct Online Assessments in a standardised and ethical manner.

Most of the times, candidates are told about their test’s results then and there. Some companies may choose not to pass on the information regarding pass or fail criteria to the candidates.

Lastly not clearing the test doesn’t necessarily mean you are unfit for the job you have applied for; it may say that you are not suitable for that particular organisation’s work culture.

Candidates who aren’t able to crack the Online Assessment test may have to wait for a pre-decided period before re-applying again.