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How can voice assessments and oral tests be conducted in online mode

What are voice assessments and oral tests?

Education is transforming with online platforms. Nowadays, it’s imperative that educational institutions change their methodologies in order for them to keep up with the times and adopt more modern teaching methods .

As there has been an increase of adoption amongst all levels across world; oral tests too need not be held any longer on-site but can instead do so through Internet based assessments which will allow students from different parts or countries have access without having difficulty attending these examinations as well because they don’t require travel!

Now let us take a look at how those voice exams are conducted using such platforms –

How can the voice assessments or oral tests be conducted in an online mode?

The online platforms are developed using mechanisms which can help you to record voices. These mechanisms are robust and sensitive to voices. Thus, they can help you to record your voice efficiently.

These online examination platforms have in-built features or mechanisms which can enable the candidates to record the audio. As soon as the candidates logs into the system, a question is displayed on the screen.

Oral question needs to be answered by the candidate by recording them using the features provided in the exam.

The candidates need to start the recording, say the answers loud and clear and then stop the recording as soon as the answer is recorded.

Similar procedure can be followed for rest of the questions asked in the test.

Some of the online examination platforms provide a text-to-speech option which types the words spoken by the candidates on the screen. This helps the candidates to check if the answer recorded by them is correct or not.

As soon as , all the questions are answered, the candidates can submit the exam for further processing. These answers are assigned to the examiners for evaluation.

The online examination platforms allow the examiners to log into the system, listen to the answers allocated to them for evaluation and then provide the marks with the help of the options or features provided to them.

The process of conducting such voice assessments and oral tests with the help of online platform is as easy as it sounds. Such examination platforms can prove to be a blessing very helpful for performing teaching-learning activities at all levels of education.

advantages voice assessments and oral tests conducted in online mode using software platforms

What are the advantages of conducting voice assessments or oral tests in the online mode?

Due to the Covid crisis going on in the world, the schools, colleges and the entire education sector were looking for virtual options which would work as efficiently as pen-paper based exams and face-to-face oral tests which are usually conducted in the classrooms.

The online exam platforms can help the candidates and the educational institutes to conduct such exams from any remote location. Even if the examiner and the candidate are very far away from each other, the oral and viva tests can be conducted smoothly.

The requirements to appear for this exam are very minimal. They candidates will require an internet based electronic device and a microphone. These online platforms can work even in case of limited internet connectivity.

The online platforms are very user-friendly, simple to operate and absolutely error free. Even the candidates are techno-savvy which enables them to record their answers and give the online exam like an expert.

Due to the online nature of the exam, the candidates and the examiners have the freedom of location but the examiners receive an additional advantage.

The examiners get the liberty of evaluating the audio tests anytime at their preferred pace and convenience. They can also hear the answer recordings multiple times if they wish to.

Let us look at some of the cases in which the online voice assessments and online oral tests can prove very convenient:

1. Viva competitions

The schools sometime conduct competitions wherein one same question is answered by multiple candidates. As every candidate has a different thought process and perception of the question, the answers given by them would be different as well. Those answers will reflect their knowledge, analytical skills and their attitude towards solving the problems.

2. School admission interviews

Some of the schools conduct interviews as a part of admission process. They conduct interviews if a candidate wishes to transfer from another school. The school can gauge the knowledge gained by him/her in the previous school. This will help them decide if the candidate will be able to adjust to the new school, teaching style and the syllabus taught in that school.  

3. College admission interviews

Many colleges do feel the need to conduct interviews of the candidates before giving them admission in their colleges. These interviews are based on everything they learned till that point in their education journey. These interviews hold a lot of weightage as the college authorities can check the capability of the candidates to cope up with new and most of times difficult syllabus which they would learn in the college.

Some of the MBA colleges conduct interviews of the candidates who apply for admission. These interviews are important as they give the institutes an idea about the knowledge acquired by the candidate while completing bachelors. With the help of these interviews, these institutes can analyze the future performance of that particular candidate.

4. Recruitment interviews

As we are aware, the organizations and multi-national companies also need to conduct interviews for recruitment purposes. These interviews care based on the skills they have gained, the knowledge and the requirements of the job position. These interviews are a must for the candidates who apply for the job. The chances of getting the job increase only when the candidates are able to clear these interview tests.

In all of the above cases, interviews can be conducted in the form of voice assessments with the help of online exam platforms. The interviews can be conducted online in the same way oral tests and competitions are conducted.

Such type of competitions or viva tests can be conducted by the schools to gauge if the candidates are able to communicate properly, if their speech is clear and if they are fluent or not. These tests can also help the teachers to measure the candidate’s memorization skills, knowledge and confidence.

The examiners can listen to the answer recordings, evaluate them or they can even share the same recordings to the moderator if necessary. The candidates can appear for the interview, read and understand the question displayed on the screen and record their answers.

Even in the case of recruitment interviews, the interviewer or evaluator can listen to the answers later and gauge candidate’s knowledge in the particular technology. Such online interviews can also help the interviewers to measure the candidate’s communication and analytical skills as also the ways to approach a problem and find its solution.

The interviewers can also share the interview recordings with other interviewers or peers so as to make a fair decision about accepting or rejecting the candidate application.

Thus, we can see that the online platforms which provide mechanisms to conduct online oral and voice assessments are indeed very useful for every educational institute and both school and college education.

Final thoughts

The online exam platforms are creating a new digital revolution in the world. This revolution is certainly going to bring in some positive changes which yield wonderful results. It is not a surprise that the educational institutes are increasingly adopting online examination platforms to conduct written and oral exams.

These institutes are embracing this change happily as they are aware of its advantages. They are familiar with the security and reliability provided by these online platforms while conducting online exams.

Eklavvya is an award winning platform for conducting online exams. Eklavvya has been adopted by many reputed schools and college around the world only because of the best, secure, reliable and user-friendly features and mechanisms offered by the platform to conduct the online exams.

Eklavvya supports both written and oral exams as also supports voice assessments. It provides the user with software which is easy and extremely uncomplicated thus making it as one of the best available platforms for conducting online exams in the market.

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