online assessment tests

The selection process or evaluation process is a critical step for any educational institute or organization.  Education institutes and universities need to evaluate prospective students to identify if they are eligible for the course. During the learning process, there is a continuous evaluation process to inform students about their progress and how they stand in terms of knowledge with respect to the course curriculum. Online Assessment or examination technology can help to simplify that process.

Organizations are looking out to new ways to identify prospective employees. Employee selection, the interview is a long and time-consuming process. Online assessment process can simplify this process to great extent. There are new techniques available that can help to automate the selection process.

Following are some of the popular assessment tests which can be used to simplify the selection process or evaluation process of the individual.

  1. Aptitude Test

Design and Conduct Aptitude Test

Aptitude test is useful to understand problem-solving ability, information analysis, reasoning ability of the individual. It is a popular test for many management institutions. Many organizations also conduct aptitude tests during the selection of college pass out candidates.







  1. Personality TestDesign and COnduct Personality Test

It is a new trend to understand personality aspect of the individual before hiring. There are various algorithms and tests defined to understand key personality aspects like leadership, team player, introvert/ extrovert quotient, decision making, etc. It can help organizations to identify if a person is suitable for the job profile. Personality tests have proved to be an effective way to identify the personality traits of individuals as interviews may not reveal various personality aspects of the person.



  1. Domain Specific Test

Domain Specific Online examDomain specific tests are useful to check if the candidate has prior knowledge of a particular job area/domain of the work profile. Online tests are defined according to domains like customer service, quality assurance, digital marketing, inbound marketing, technology programming, etc. Such tests are useful to know the knowledge of the candidate. Many organizations are finding it suitable to organize such tests prior to the interview to know the domain knowledge of the applicant.





  1. Listening Ability TestListening Ability Test

Listening and writing ability is important for job profiles like a reporter, clerks in various sectors. E.g. if you want to select a candidate for the media industry as an analyst or reporter then listening ability and writing it as it is would be critical. The online tests can be defined where candidates need to listen to some speech and it should be typed on the computer screen.

The assessment system would compare text written by the candidate with the original text and provide recommendations and accuracy reports. It can be used as an important selection criterion.


  1. Test to understand Knowledge Acquired During Training

Training Specific TestThe online test can also be defined to check knowledge acquired by the student/ employee during training/classroom sessions.

Topic-wise tests can be defined and based on the results of such test individuals can decide about the focus area for the learning.

Technology is playing a crucial role in automation and it can save a lot of administrative hassle. Many organizations, education institutes are opting for an online assessment process to evaluate, shortlist, filter out suitable candidates from the pool of candidates.