Online Exam Process

Exam Management

Define Exam with various features like Negative Marking, Scheme of marking, Objective/ Subjective Question types

Support for Multi-Language

Conduct Exams in languages like Arabic, German, Spanish, Hindi, or any regional language with ease.

The candidate can see questions in the preferred language
Eliminate the barrier of English for online exams

Timer for the whole exam and for Each Question

Eklavvya provides a facility to define a Timer for each exam question. In such a case, the candidate is unable to navigate questions.

A specific sequence must be followed while appearing for the Exam. Each question would have a particular time, e.g., 30 seconds/ 45 seconds/ 60 seconds to attempt.

Audit Logging

You can also see a detailed activity log of the candidate appearing for the Exam. You can check it from the Candidate Logs section as shown on the screen.

You can click on individual candidates to see exam activity. You can also check the IP address, internet speed of the candidate machine when exam activity is active.

Role Based Access to Online Exam System

Role-Based Access to Online Exam System

Access to the system based on specific Roles
Subject Expert
Exam Supervisor
Result Viewer

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need to manage your exams !!

We provide extensive and engineered features to provide a seamless online exam experience.

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