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Explore how organisations, education institutes, and universities are adopting AI-powered remote proctoring technology to conduct remotely proctored exams.

The pandemic of Covid-19 has forced each one of us to think differently and use technology for various day-to-day operations. Social distancing norms force education institutes to adopt technology and continue critical education for students, including assessments in a remote manner.

Cutting-edge technology solutions, such as Eklavvya, are the go-to solutions to cater to these situations. Educational institutions can conduct online tests in a remote proctored manner. The AI proctoring capabilities make Eklavvya the ultimate choice for educational institutions and organisations that want to make the most of e-learning, virtual assessments, and skill development.

Throughout the last year, schools/colleges and Universities witnessed a paradigm shift in education and adopted various tools for delivering academic lectures and in-camera assessments that are proctored remotely.

The technology of proctoring is used not only for Multiple Choice Questions but also for appearing descriptive question-based examinations as well. With the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven proctoring technology, you can conduct Objective/Subjective Online Exams for candidates seated at any remote location.

The system keeps track of the activities of the candidate using audio streaming and recording, video streaming and recording, and screen recording activities.

The system offers Manual proctoring, AI-assisted manual proctoring, or complete AI-based proctoring.

With these assisted technologies, one can very well ensure the integrity of the exams that are being conducted, preventing the maximum possible malpractices. Let us try to understand how it works-

1. Remote candidates log into the online exam with a secure browser. It prevents the user from opening any other window during exam activity. The secure browser would not let the candidate attempt anything on the computer machine that he/she is using while appearing for the Online Exam.

2. Remote user does self-authentication by showing an identity card in front of the web camera, and the system also captures the photograph of the remote candidate.

3. Next step while attempting the online exam is Facial Recognition. The system captures the photograph of the candidate appearing for the online exam and it is compared with the existing database available within the system/manually gets authenticated. If that photograph matches the identity card or identity of the student, then only the student will be able to appear for the online exam. The system also helps to identify and track if more than one person appears in front of the screen.

4. As a Remote Proctor, you can easily monitor the entire Remote Examination activity, where the entire live streaming associated with the exam activity will be shown live as well as will be recorded for future audit purposes. As a Remote Proctor, you can easily monitor all the candidates appearing for the online exam.

5. Remote Proctor can also initiate a live chat with candidates attempting the online exams. There are additional facilities to terminate, pause, and resume online exams of remote candidates.

6. Remote Proctor has entire control of the examination activity. Proctor can also see remote candidate screen activity. Audio and image proctoring help to detect if a candidate is taking help from the external environment and such an incident can be easily logged in the system with the help of technology.

The system generates various reports for various audit events where if any particular user is using a mobile phone or electronic gadgets while appearing for the Online Exam, then all those activities get flagged in the system. It gets recorded as a malpractice event, and the proctor holds the right to report the candidate.

The cost associated with the exam management activity gets reduced drastically, and multi-city, multi-location or even multiple country-based exams can be conducted effectively with the help of remote proctoring technology.

So, in summary, the cutting-edge technology from Eklavvya is helping institutes to maintain the rigour and integrity of the examination, ease of conducting examinations and expedite the result processing time.

This way, education institutes can marshall their resources on the quality of the academic content, rigour, and making it truly relevant with time.

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