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Are you facing challenges in manually evaluating descriptive answers during the assessment process? Manual checking of descriptive answers is time-consuming and error-prone, presenting a significant issue for many educational institutes.

Fortunately, there is a solution available – leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate the evaluation of descriptive answers. With AI, thousands of descriptive answers can be evaluated in a matter of minutes, a task that would traditionally take days or even months.

Introducing the AI automated descriptive answer evaluation feature provided by Eklavvya platform, designed to streamline the assessment process with high accuracy through advanced AI algorithms.

AI’s growing adoption spans various sectors, and the education industry is no exception. Descriptive answer evaluation is a critical use case where AI can enhance accuracy and expedite result processing.

By employing AI to evaluate descriptive answers, teachers can save time and effort. Rather than manually reading lengthy responses, AI can analyze patterns, compare answers with model solutions, and provide recommended marks for each response.

Eklavvya platform has successfully implemented AI-driven descriptive answer evaluation for numerous educational and training institutions, simplifying the process and enhancing efficiency.

Using the AI algorithm, examiners typically evaluate around 15% to 20% of the student’s answers. AI learns from these marked answers, discerning the marking scheme pattern based on model solutions and examiner-awarded marks for various responses. Subsequently, AI generates recommendations for the remaining 80% to 85% of answers with remarkable accuracy.

A notable example is one of India’s largest training institutes, which automated its descriptive answer evaluation process using AI algorithms. This implementation resulted in saving over 2000 evaluation hours for teachers and achieving an accuracy rate of over 95% in evaluating students’ descriptive answers.

If you are interested in adopting AI for automated descriptive answer evaluation, you can request a free demonstration from us. We are committed to helping you improve evaluation accuracy and accelerate the assessment process through AI technology. Thank you.

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