Can AI automate Document Verification process during Admissions? | Docuexprt [Video]

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This video shows how Artificial Intelligence can automate Document Verification during the Admission Process.

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During the admission process, students provide various documents like mark sheets, leaving certificates, caste certificates, etc.

All these documents need to be evaluated and verified to generate an accurate merit list. These documents are typically evaluated manually where many evaluators verify the marks one by one, whether all the documents submitted are as per the requirements or not.

This method is very tedious and requires a lot of time. What if you can automate the document verification process instantly and accurately using AI technology? To solve this problem, Docuexprt provides simplified AI APIs which can easily automate the verification of documents.

Docuexprt can easily evaluate, verify and compare the documents like Aadhaar cards, Pand cards, Birth Certificates, Academic Certificates, etc using AI APIs. You can automate document verification by eliminating manual effort and saving more time and resources.

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