Unlock the Power of AI with the Revolutionary Question Bank Generator [Video]

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This video demonstrates an effective way of creating question papers in a few minutes using AI.

When AI is becoming increasingly popular in the education sector and the market for AI-powered education technology groups is expected to continue growing at a rapid pace in the upcoming year.

In today’s fast-paced world, conducting assessments and preparing the person bank for online exam power or even a pen and paper-based exam can be a cumbersome task. It involves a lot of activities starting with the subject matter expert.

A subject matter expert is a person who needs to compile the question bank association. So subject matter expert needs to define hierarchy based on difficulty level objectives.

A descriptive examination paper can be compiled with the help of AI tools. Now it is possible to completely automate question bank management for the assessment process. AI tool can help you automatically generate questions for any subject, any topic, or as per your difficulty level.

So AI tools will take into consideration various input parameters like the name of the subject, the name of the topic associated with the difficulty level of a question target associated with the question bank, etc.

Apart from that, what is your goal associated with the question bank and test? So all those inputs can be provided to the AI tool. So you take the example, if you want to conduct an academic exam for management students with a syllabus associated with say accounting and it should include saying 25 multiple choices based questions, then that should be completed in 30 minutes of time.

So if you provide this input to that AI question bank that the tool will provide, you automatically generated questions on the subject of accounting related to management students.

So using the Eklavvya AI tool you can quickly generate online questions quite easily. You can well verify those questions with the AI Tool and you can directly take them into consideration as input to your question.

Question Bank Management operation Paper Generation Process so using AI two, you can save a lot of time associated with the question.

In the Question Bank management or question paper generation process, you do not have to rely on subject matter experts in order to define question bank but the AI tool will definitely help you generate questions that can quickly verify.

So overall question bank management process or question paper generation process can be easily simplified with the help of advanced AI question paper solutions provided by the Eklavvya team.

So if you would like to explore how exactly AI tool works and what the key advantages associated with it, then you can certainly log into eklavvya.com for a free trial of the system so that you will be able to understand best practices associated with AI question bank management process.

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