How AI will revolutionize the education sector in 2023 [Video]

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This video illustrates the ways in which artificial intelligence will transform the education system in the year 2023.

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AI has reached each and every sector, even in the case of the education sector, there are quite a few applications that are coming in the future. This video delves into the ways in which AI will shape the future of education, providing insights and analysis of the trends to come.

In the year 2023, we are going to see an acceleration in terms of the adoption of AI in the education sector. The education sector has a lot of manual processes like question paper generation, evaluation of answer sheets by the examiners, traditional exam invigilation processes, and traditional document verification processes related to verification of accuracy or authenticity associated with admission or academic documents.

By 2023, you will be able to see the accelerated adoption of AI for various educational processes. AI-powered edtech schools have already crossed the mark of 2 billion USD in 2021 and that market is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 45% in the coming years. So clearly there is a potential for AI adoption in the education sector.

Descriptive answer evaluation is quite a boring task for examiners. Typically in the case of descriptive exams, the theory questions need to be evaluated manually by the examiner. But wait, AI can certainly help you to automate or simplify the descriptive answer evaluation process.

So where AI and machine learning-driven algorithms can assist examiners as well as educational institutions to improve accuracy associated with descriptive answer evaluation, AI can learn the type of patterns of marking provided by the previous examiners or the historical answers provided by the student.

Based on that historical data, AI can define the patterns of algorithms which can help you evaluate descriptive answers provided by the student automatically with high accuracy. So you will be able to see more and more adoption of AI in terms of descriptive answer evaluation algorithms.

For any educational institution or university, the admission process is one of the key aspects of the educational process. But typically if you consider the admission process, it involves a lot of manual activities where students need to upload academic documents, category documents, leaving certificates, or various associated domicile certificates, and those need to be evaluated manually by someone to authenticate whether they are valid or not.

AI algorithms can certainly help you to automate the verification of documents. DocuExprt helps you to simplify and automate admission-related document verification. So if you would like to verify marks associated with a particular student and if the student has uploaded the mark sheets, they can be easily verified by the Docuexprt platform which can compare the marks provided by the student in the application form and the marks mentioned in the actual document.

The third aspect where the adoption of AI is likely to get accelerated would be examination management. So if you considered the traditional exam process, they need to be evaluated by the invigilator, and the invigilator needs to ensure that the student is not doing any kind of malpractice.

But after social distancing, there is an acceleration in online proctored examination processes that have become very advanced with the help of AI technology.

Without any kind of physical exam invigilation process, you can assign these activities to the AI algorithms where AI algorithms will keep track of students’ activities while the online examination is in process.

AI algorithms can certainly help you to authenticate the student, verify the identity associated with the school, and ensure that the student is complying with the exam norms. So remote proctoring mechanism helps AI adoption.

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