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Online proctored exam on mobile phone

The era of digitization has commenced! Everything is getting either automated or digitized. The use of technology is empowering every field and sector by reducing the complications caused because of the manual work.

Social distancing has made the schools, colleges and universities bring in some changes in educational strategies.

The old traditional ways of pen and paper based education have been replaced by online classes and proctored online exams. Many students staying at remote locations may not have a computer or laptops but would surely have mobile phones.

Hence, conducting exams on mobile phones is the most feasible option.

Eklavvya’s award winning platform offers the best solution to conduct exams online. With the help of Eklavvya’s app, exams can be conducted on mobile phones as well. The exams can be launched and submitted through this app by using any android phone which has internet connectivity.

The mobile app for exam requires a well functioning front camera. The camera helps to stream the activities of the candidate during the exam.  It enables the proctor to continuously supervise the candidate through the camera. This way, the proctor can ensure that the candidate is not referring to books/notebooks or browsing for answers on any other electronic devices as also not taking help from any person while writing the exam.

Many reputed institutes worldwide have benefitted from Eklavvya’s exam solutions.

Now, let us see why Eklavvya’s has one of the best exam solutions. Here are a few features which make it stand out between other online exam solutions:

Proctored View of Candidates appearing for Online Exam


Online Exam Mobile View

Features of Proctored Online Exams on Mobile Phone

Proctor Role Details

Monitoring of Live Streaming of Candidate View

The app for proctored online exams requires a front camera for launching. Keeping the front camera ON is a necessity as it can be used for live video streaming. The mobile phone camera is used by the proctor to supervise the candidate during the exam. The proctor continuously monitors the candidate through the web camera to prevent any sort of cheating or malpractice.

Audio Recording and Streaming of the Environment around the candidate

Mobile microphone is used to capture the voices coming from the candidate’s background. This app for proctored online exams is developed to capture even the slightest  voice notes and depletions.  Smallest change in the frequency of the sound waves is immediately perceived by the app and flagged to be analysed by the administrator for any discrepancy.

Live Chat by the Remote Proctor with the candidates attempting the Online Exam

Artificial Intelligence has blessed the technology as well as humans. It is one of the most  important features of Eklavvya’s solution for proctored online exams.

With the help of this feature, the candidates can chat with the proctor during the online exam. They can ask their queries about the exam or the exam app and the proctors can immediately reply and resolve them. This helps to resolve the technical queries right away and in turn help in saving a lot of time.

Proctor has a facility to Pause/Resume/Terminate the Online Exam

The proctor continuously monitors the candidates during the Online exam.

If a candidate tries to cheat during an exam by referring to books or by browsing the answers on any electronic device, the system immediately captures it.

If the proctor thinks that the candidate is trying to cheat, then he/she can immediately Pause the exam and warn the student.

If the student says he/she is not cheating and provides a valid reason, then the proctor can resume the exam.  If the system sends more than two such error notifications, then the proctor holds the authority to terminate the exam at that very moment.

Detailed Audit of the entire Online Examination Activity

The Eklavvya’s app is developed to capture activity logs for the Online Exams of the students.

To capture logs, the app first checks the IP address of the system on which exam is given. This helps to authorize the IP address of the system being used by the student and it also helps to block any unauthorized access from hackers or any such user.

This feature is necessary to maintain the integrity of the exam as it captures every single activity of the candidate during the exam such as time of login and logout, the time at which exam started and ended, whether the candidate forgot the password, when was the mouse clicked for choosing an answer, the navigation activity of the candidate, etc.

Concurrent Login Prevention

This feature stores the IP address of the device which is used by the candidate for logging into the exam.

The app also stores the credentials of the user associated with that particular device. This IP address is thus considered as authentic and authorized to launch the exam.

If the system notices that the same credentials are used for logging into the same exam but with a different IP address, then it blocks the access of the user to that exam immediately. Hence, this prevents multiple logins for an exam and thus maintains integrity.

Face Recognition and AI algorithm to detect exam malpractices

This is one of the technically powerful features of AI as it helps to recognize the face of the user. It can help to identify and validate the identity of the candidate by scanning the candidate’s face as well as other details.

Multiple Face detection using AI for online exams


Speech-to-text recognition for writing long theory/subjective answers

Typing long descriptive answers for every question can be a cumbersome task. Therefore, Eklavvya’s app for proctored online exams has been designed with a speech to text feature.

The candidates can say the answers out loud and the app recognizes it and translates it to text and types it on the screen. This feature is very helpful as it saves a lot of time required for typing answers on a mobile phone.

Facility to upload scanned images related to diagrams and graphs

In case of questions, where the students need to draw the diagrams, they are offered with a facility to draw the diagrams of graphs on paper which would later be scanned and uploaded for evaluation.

Facility of Calculator on the Exam Screen

Eklavvya’s app for proctored online exams also provides the facility to carry out calculations using a calculator. The calculator can be opened anytime during the exam. The option to open the calculator is present on the screen.

Responsive and User-Friendly User Interface on Mobile Phone

Eklavvya’s mobile app is one of the easiest apps which can conduct examinations. It can be launched on any mobile phone having internet connectivity. It can easily verify the identity of the candidate and provide access to start the exam.

This app can adjust the display to the mobile phone screen even if the auto-rotate mode in the phone is off. Both objective and subjective types of exams can be given using the mobile app. The numerous features and facilities provided by the app makes it the most user-friendly mobile app for proctored online exams.


The world is inventing ways to conduct classes and examinations. Proctored online exams can be a little tricky to conduct as they are given by different students who can be located at any far distances. Eklavvya has developed an app which has many features embedded in it to prevent cheating carried out in any way.

This app can be used not only to conduct exams but also to evaluate them digitally. Eklavvya is one of the most user-friendly, simple and secure app to use. And the best part is that it is extremely cost effective as well!

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