7 Ways to Simplify Skill Assessments for Your Organization

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7 ways to simplify hiring process

Skill assessment of the person is a crucial aspect for organizations, especially during the hiring process. Hiring and Interviewing is considered a subjective assessment and it may vary from person to person or department to department for each organization.

Technology can help reduce bias and the subjective assessment process. Technology can help you to simplify the skill assessment process on a larger scale. This article discusses the 7 ways to simplify the skill assessment process for your organization.

“According to a report, 86% of companies transitioned to Virtual Interviews and 85% of the companies planned to use Online Platforms for onboarding candidates”

– Gartner Study

On average, 118 people apply for a job post, out of which only 20% of the candidates get to appear for an interview which means 1 in 7 applicants gets to appear for an interview.

The screening of the candidate becomes important when such a large number of applications are received against a job role, in order to get the most deserving candidate onboarded, the recruiter must have a systematic approach towards the screening process, the screening process can be broadly categorized into three categories-

The screening process can be broadly categorized into three categories-

  1. Domain Knowledge Tests
  2. Emotional Intelligence and Behavior Assessment
  3. Psychometric/ Aptitude Tests

These tests can be conducted as per the need of the job role.

Let us discuss each of 7 skill-based assessments to help you understand which one works best for your HR requirements-

Coding Skill Assessment

Online coding assessments

Coding Skill Assessments (Often referred to as Coding tests) are used to Evaluate candidates’ ability to write logical code. The HR recruiter can Filter out suitable candidates with coding/ programming skills. The recruiter can Save the cost of hiring qualified candidates with an online coding assessment

Typically there is an online compiler and coding question assigned to the candidate. People need to write logical, error-free code and compile it. The system can compare it with the expected output.

A recruiter can easily understand if a candidate possesses coding skills for a particular coding language like c, c++, c #, JavaScript, Java, PHP, etc.

Here is a how you can define and conduct the coding assessments-

Aptitude Test

Online aptitude tests

This is a popular way to assess the problem-solving and analytical ability of the candidate. If you want to conduct campus placement of fresh graduates, then an aptitude test is the best way to filter out suitable candidates from the available pool of candidates.

The composition of the Aptitude test varies largely but generally includes the questions from mathematical puzzles, and reasoning ability. Remote campus hiring activity can be easily achieved with the help of remote proctored aptitude tests.

Communication Skill Assessment

Audio based assessment

Communication Skill is one of the important skills in today’s world. A person with good communication skills can be a useful team member for any organization.  Positions like Sales, Pre Sales, and Customer Service Departments require candidates with good communication skills. 

A recruiter can conduct a communication skill assessment where candidates need to record their answers in the form of an audio file and it would be saved against the response of the particular assessment question. 

As an evaluator, you can listen to the audio of the applicant and decide if communication is good enough for the selection. Some AI tools can also assist if a sentence spoken is grammatically correct or not. You can easily evaluate your confidence level and overall communication skill using it.

Writing Skill Assessment

Writing skill assessment

Writing skill is crucial for email writing, writing proposals, emails to customers, writing content for social media, articles, etc.

In the Writing skill test, the paper setter can design questions to assess the ability of the candidate to write good and grammar error-free correct sentences. In such cases, both manual, as well as automated evaluation of writing, can help you to shortlist suitable candidates with good writing skills.

Writing skills can be effectively evaluated using generative AI-based assessments, where candidates are required to provide detailed answers to case studies or essays.

With the aid of AI tools, automatic evaluation of descriptive responses is possible, enabling individual candidates to receive ratings based on grammatical accuracy, sentence structure, and overall writing abilities. Thus, instead of sifting through lengthy paragraphs written by the candidate, one can confidently rely on AI for a highly precise evaluation of writing skill assessments.

Check out how a globally reputed firm streamlined skill assessment in an automated way.

Customizable Domain Knowledge Assessment

Remote proctored tests

There are many organizations conducting domain-specific tests using the Eklavvya platform. It helps organizations to know where their employees stand in terms of domain knowledge essential for the job.

When hiring an experienced candidate for your domain, the recruiter can easily assess one’s domain knowledge with remote proctored domain tests.

We’ve been using the platform for conducting evaluations for our employees internally and for recruitment tests. Eklavvya is a much more streamline platform than the previous platform that we have been using.

Lindo Paul (Zerodha Broking Services Ltd)

Audio/ Video-Based Bulk Interviews

Audio and video based inerviews

Recruiters can conduct virtual bulk interviews of the candidate with recordings of the individual responses for each question asked during the test. It would help the recruiter to assess body language, domain knowledge, communication skill, and the confidence level of the person.

Psychometric Assessment

Psychometric tests

Psychometric tests are used to understand the key personality aspects such as leadership, team player, introvert/ extrovert quotient, and decision-making.

Psychometric tests have proved to be an effective way to identify personality traits of individuals as interviews may not reveal various personality aspects.

Many organizations are relying on Psychometric tests to know candidates.

Technology-driven skill-based assessments are useful for candidate assessment. You can empower such tests with AI proctoring mechanisms. It can easily help you to scale up, simplify and improve your hiring process.

Eklavvya platform has been used for skill-based assessment tests by many organizations. If you want to know the best practices of skill assessments or if you would like to check free demos of such tests then please connect with us for more details.


What is an online skill-based assessment test?

An online skill-based assessment test is a type of assessment that evaluates an individual’s skills and abilities in a particular area or subject. These tests are designed to measure an individual’s aptitude, knowledge, and proficiency in a specific area of expertise. They may include multiple-choice questions, practical tasks, or simulations, depending on the skills being evaluated.

How do online skill-based assessment tests differ from traditional tests?

Unlike traditional tests, which often focus on memorization and recall of information, online skill-based assessment tests are designed to measure an individual’s ability to apply their knowledge and skills in real-world situations. These tests may involve practical tasks, simulations, or other hands-on activities that allow individuals to demonstrate their skills and abilities.

What are the benefits of using online skill-based assessment tests?

There are several benefits to using online skill-based assessment tests, including:

Convenience: Online tests can be taken from any location with an internet connection, which makes it easy for individuals to take the test at a time that is convenient for them.
Flexibility: Online tests can be customized to meet the specific needs and requirements of the organization or individual administering the test.
Efficiency: Online tests can be graded automatically, which saves time and resources for the organization administering the test.
Accuracy: Online tests can be designed to minimize bias and ensure fair and accurate results.

How do online skill-based assessment tests help organizations?

Organizations use online skill-based assessment tests to evaluate the skills and abilities of potential employees, contractors, or volunteers. These tests allow organizations to identify individuals who have the skills and abilities needed to succeed in a particular role or task. They can also be used to identify areas where an individual may need additional training or support.

Are online skill-based assessment tests reliable?

Online skill-based assessment tests can be highly reliable if they are designed and administered correctly. It is important to use reputable and trustworthy test providers and to carefully consider the test design and content to ensure that the test is measuring the intended skills and abilities.