Question Bank Analytics feature enables you to do more with your question bank

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Question Bank Analytics – An Overview 

Now, learning and assessments can be conducted online, in a highly virtual manner, thanks to cutting-edge technologies such as online examination systems, on screen evaluation systems, online question bank management systems, etc. These innovative solutions have transformed the education ecosystem substantially. 

In this blog, we are going to discuss more about question bank analytics, why these are essential for businesses and institutions. 

Before we delve into question bank analytics, let’s understand what a question bank is. 

A question bank is the collection of questions that are crafted based on the subject, syllabus, skill sets, and difficulty levels, etc. 

There are online question bank management systems that cater to the end-to-end process of question bank creation, execution, and distribution. 

Question Bank Analytics helps institutions and organisations gauge the relevancy, proficiency and performance of the existing question banks.

The institutes store thousands of questions in the Eklavvya question bank, the questions stored on Eklavvya portal can be sorted subject, topic, difficulty and mark wise in the question bank tab of Eklavvya. These question banks are exportable if the institute needs to keep the question bank in digital format at their local PCs.

While repurposing the questions, it is important to analyse the question bank available with the institute in an online exam portal, Eklavvya supports the functionality of Question bank analytics, that lets the administrator keep track of available questions in the system efficiently.

Here are the certain question parameters that can be used to sort the questions available in online examination system-


  1. Question type– The question bank data can be sorted using defined Question type while importing the question, various question types available in the Eklavvya system include-

  • Multiple choice questions (MCQs)
  • Subjective questions
  • Fill in the blank
  • True or false questions
  • Match the pair
  • Multiselect type
  • Programming type


  1. Difficulty level for chosen question type– Filter of difficulty level can be applied, this can help in question paper creation as the question paper contains a predefined proportion of difficult, moderate and easy questions

  • Basic
  • Easy
  • Moderate
  • Hard
  • Difficult


  1. Marks per question- In this field you can choose desired marks per question

Based on the selected parameters, the questions will get sorted and displayed on the screen, which would help the admin to analyse the QB.

Here are the steps to follow for checking the Question bank analytics


Steps to access QB analytics

Step 1

Login to the Eklavvya admin portal as super admin/exam administrator/ Manager 

Step 2

Select the “Question bank” tab and then click on “QB analytics” button

Step 3

Select the applicable values for filters of Question type, difficulty level and marks per question

Step 4

Click on the “Show” button and the data of questions that match the defined criteria will be shown at the bottom of the page. Subject and topic wise question count will be displayed.

This way, the administrator can access the question bank analytics and leverage the feature for repurposing the questions in Eklavvya online examination portals