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Online assessments are now widely adopted across all the streams of education; not being an exception, the majority of the reputed commerce colleges have opted in for online assessments. The commerce colleges have their unique requirement of features considering their academic structure and curriculum. Also, these requirements are again different for each of the courses.


Tolani College of Commerce is one of the reputed institutes in the field of commerce, the college has gained a reputation for serving quality education since it was established in 1989. The college is rich with experience and expertise, and most importantly open to adopting newer technologies. Tolani College of commerce conducted 1 lakh+ academic assessments for its undergraduate and postgraduate students enrolled in a variety of courses.

The examinations were conducted successfully by the efforts that have been put by the faculty members and the Eklavvya team

Here are the highlights of examinations conducted by Tolani College of Commerce

Effective Coordination

The coordination for online exams was done effectively

Coordination can take a lot of time and can be tedious. But, with the right organizational hierarchy, it is possible to make the coordination a seamless process. As the college had multiple courses, one coordinator was assigned to each of the departments. A central coordinator was acting as an interface between department coordinators and the Eklavvya support team. This was made possible by leveraging the “user roles” feature of Eklavvya.

Training for faculty to Conduct Online Academic Assessments

End to end training for the staff for online exam process

The faculty members who were responsible for importing the question into the Eklavvya system were trained by the Eklavvya team, support was provided if any issues were faced by the faculty. Apart from this, a training video library was shared with the faculty to learn at their own pace.

Complete Functional Support for Online Academic Assessments

Functional support to exam administrative staff

There were certain courses for which the Eklavvya provided complete functional support, the assigned coordinator from the Eklavvya team completely took over the Eklavvya-related activities, including question import, candidate data import, exam scheduling and exam assignment.

Effective Communication with Students

training and support to students during online exam

Online examinations were new for the students, so it was necessary for the college to make them familiar with the online examination user interface, for this, a training session was arranged for the students, and a detailed demo online examination was given to all the students who would be appearing for the online examination.

After the demo, certain videos explaining “how to appear for the online examination” were shared with the students followed by a mock test. Here is one example of the same-

Apart from this, the coordination of exam timings and links was totally automated, once the exam was assigned to students, the login credentials used to be sent automatically to the assigned students.

Student Data Management for Online Academic Assessments

Student data management for online exam

For an institute with multiple courses, it is tedious to manage the data if it is unorganized, the Eklavvya helps colleges to keep the student data in an organized manner, the institute can create multiple student batches, this can be done course-wise, academic year wise, stream wise or as per the requirement of the institute,

Also, as the volume of students was large, it was quite not possible to add the student data for each student one by one. The Eklavvya has a feature of “bulk candidate data import”, with this feature, the college could import the student data in one go, with a single click using an excel sheet template.

The Tolani college of commerce acknowledges the quality of Eklavvya software and service, here is what the Tolani College of Commerce says about us-

“On behalf of my Team in Tolani College of Commerce, I would like to express our satisfaction with the Online Examinations Software and the support provided by Splashgain before and during the recently concluded ATKT and final semester examinations of UG and PG programs of University of Mumbai. 

The Coordinators from Eklavvya team were responsive and resolved the issues satisfactorily. We are hopeful that your organization will continue to provide the same level of service and support and is using the learnings from the conduct of the previous examinations to further enhance the features of the software and the service.

Dr. Vijaya Krishna,
Tolani College of Commerce