Complete Feature List and Brochure of Online Assessment Platform Eklavvya

Online Exam Features is an online assessment and knowledge management solution used by many corporate, Professional Training Institutes, Universities to conduct entrance exams. It is possible to design online exam with define question bank and question randomization approach according to difficulty level and exam syllabus.

It is useful tool for conducting assessment along with remote proctoring. You can conduct online video streaming or can capture photographs of the candidate after certain time interval during online exam process. Remote Proctoring helps to keep track on overall activities of the candidate during online exam process.  It is possible to conduct assessment process using tablet to manage offline mode exam process.

Solution supports objective and subjective question bank management. You can use system to define various types of questions including true false type, fill in the blank, multiple choice objective questions. Our platform also supports questions with images. If you wish to have question on certain graphics, mathematical symbol then it can be managed easily. Multimedia type questions with audio/ video visuals is also supported.

You can define online exam with specific pattern. If you wish to conduct exam with negative marking , defining passing marks criteria then it is possible in the system. You can also define online exam based on certain subjects, topics and difficulty level. Examination questions can also be ramdomised from the available pool of question bank based on defined criteria.

Online Examination result can be analyzed with all analytics support. You can download exam result in excel. You can get topicwise results of batch as well as for individual. Analytical data of overall batch performance, minimum, average ,max scores can also be generated. You can also download results based on ranking.

We also have innovative technology of remote proctoring. Using this technology it is possible to monitor remote candidate appearing for the exam. You can monitor and can also initiate live chat with candidate.In this manner online examination can be invigilated using web camera attached to  the system.

Our platform is highly scalable and secure. Entire information is stored in encrypted format along with encrypted communication technology. We provide secure browser technology which is useful to prevent users from opening any other window during online examination activity. Our solution can also be deployed as white labelled solution. You can also define online test series. Many entities have been benefited with our customised solution

There are very simple steps to subscribe and get started. You can register and upload your question bank and define examination pattern. Assign candidates for the exam and get started with your online examination process.