Effortlessly Onboard Top Talent with These 4 Campus Placement Tips

Campus Placement Interviews

A company has to strike a balance between diverse parameters during a campus placement drive. From attracting the right talent and carrying out aptitude tests to conducting interviews, placement drives which is a tough and quick decision making.

Additionally, this can also be a physically consuming activity. It involves many logistics – going to a campus, invigilating the aptitude tests, evaluating the answer sheets and finally conducting the interviews.

Many times, avoidable mistakes happen in this process like students not fitting the criteria appearing for the test, erroneous evaluation of the aptitude test papers, mismanagement in interview schedules etc.

Even the institute where the company is conducting the drive is rarely organised and contributes to the errors. This leads to the hiring of undeserving candidates (or missing out on the good ones) which eventually hurts the quality of the workforce of the company.

Traditionally, the complete process is undertaken manually and/or physically. This increases the probability of errors. Switching to technology, like the applications developed by Eklavvya minimizes these errors. 

A simple 4-step process can save not just time and money, but also effort on the part of all the three parties involved – the students, the institute and you, the company.

1.User Exam Scheduling

Once you zero in on the institute in which you want to conduct a placement drive, it is quite easy to schedule the exam. You can do this in three simple steps:

Procure a list of eligible students from the college. 

The list can be added under something like ‘Candidate Data’

Create the test (like an event of Facebook) under title similar to ‘Assign to Exam’. You can insert Name of the Test, Date and Time here

You can then add the names and email IDs of the students eligible for the test

The exam window can also be easily set. e.g. On the date May 29, you can have an exam window (duration) from 10 AM to 11 AM

Exam Result Analysis

2.Remote Proctoring

Remote Proctoring is a significant tool for a company which can make logistics of undertaking a test really easy. It is an innovative technology that allows a virtual connection between a single invigilator (Proctor) and multiple students. While ensuring that no scope is left for any malpractice, the technology allows students based on multiple locations to participate easily in the test.

The steps involved in this are:

1. Connecting with the student through a web camera.

2. Verifying the identity of the student through the camera (the student is asked to show certain identity proof on the camera).

3. Initiating test application, which prevents running other applications on the student’s computer.

4. The proctor can monitor many such students simultaneously.

5. The complete process is recorded and stored on Cloud for further use.

User Exam Scheduling

An Aptitude Test, consisting of mainly objective questions, can be conducted with much ease through the application. It will save time and energy for both the students and the company. One proctor can invigilate several students simultaneously.

4 steps to simplify campus placement activity for your company

3.Exam Result Analysis

The result of the Aptitude test can be obtained quite easily from Candidate Result Menu. After selecting the Exam Name and the Date and Time, the results of all the students can be obtained. Here, you can also set the cut-off criteria and get the pass/fail statement from the application itself.

An application, like that by Eklavvya, also provides the analysis of which questions were tough, moderate and easy. 

It gives a question-wise scenario – how many students answered a particular question correctly and how many didn’t. This helps in designing tests in the future. It also helps companies analyse the overall strengths and weaknesses of the students of a particular institute.

Remote Proctoring

4.Shortlisting for Interview

Shortlisting of the candidates comes under setting the cut-off criteria. Once the pass/fail statement for all students is generated, a list of shortlisted students can be prepared.

All the students can be informed through e-mail and SMS about their results. Their report cards can also be sent through the application.

After this, the crucial part is the interview process. While companies are used to conducting face-to-face interviews, online video interviews can save you a great deal of time, effort and money.

Online Viva or Voice recorded interviews is great way to conduct firs round of interview. You can interview students located at multiple locations (including the graduate students of the institute). The scheduling can be flexible and the interviewer can perform with more efficiency while interviewing more candidates than possible in face-to-face interviews.

Technology Makes it Cheap and Easy

Adapting technology in the process of campus placements not only makes you relevant but also opens up innumerable opportunities for you as a company. You can connect with many more institutes and choose from a wider pool of students.

Aided with the technology, you can save the effort of a physical visit without compromising on the safety and sanctity of the test. You can also save a lot on the expenses involved in such a vast placement drive.

Students who have graduated from an institute but eligible to participate in the drive can also become a part of the placement drives. Even from their native places, they can just connect to the internet and take the test.

The same applies if they are selected for the interview. They can easily appear for the online video interview.

Eventually, you can also save a lot of human effort. The invigilation can become easier with very few proctors assigned to a larger number of students.

There would be no distribution and collection of physical question/answer sheets. Everything, including the results, will be done virtually.

Eklavvya Online Assessment

Pune University Management Department (PUMBA) is using Online Assessment Platform Eklavvya to prepare their students for the campus placement drive.
Each Student needs to appear for a certain number of exams in the area of General Knowledge, Analytical Ability, Business Knowledge, Marketing, etc.
Preparing the students for the placement drive has become easier with the help of Eklavvya Platform

Pune University
Pune University

Thakur Education Group has been using the Eklavvya platform to prepare their management students to be ready for campus hiring process.
Each week specific no of tests are conducted to assess domain knowledge, the aptitude of the students.
Analytics provides a detailed analysis of student performance.
The system also provides inputs about weak areas of students so that they can prepare for the specific subject/ topic.
It is helping them to prepare for the campus selection process.

Thakur Education Group


What are the main features of a campus placement hiring software?

Some common features of a campus placement hiring software include:
Candidate registration and application submission
Resume parsing and profile creation
Interview scheduling and coordination
Assessment and evaluation tools
Offer letter generation and management
Performance tracking and reporting

Can the campus placement hiring software handle multiple job openings and positions?

Yes, most campus placement hiring software platforms are designed to handle multiple job openings and positions. They typically allow you to create and manage job listings, review resumes, schedule interviews, and make offers to candidates.

Can the campus placement hiring software be customized to fit the specific needs of my organization?

Many campus placement hiring software platforms offer some level of customization to fit the specific needs of an organization. For example, you may be able to create custom assessment tests or evaluation criteria, or integrate the software with other tools or systems your organization uses.

How can the campus placement hiring software help streamline the hiring process?

Campus placement hiring software can help streamline the hiring process by automating many of the tasks and procedures involved. For example, you can use the software to automatically review resumes, schedule interviews, and generate offer letters. This can help save time and reduce the workload for HR staff, allowing them to focus on more high-level tasks.

Can the campus placement hiring software be accessed from any device?

Most campus placement hiring software platforms are designed to be accessed from any device with an internet connection, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This allows you to manage the hiring process and communicate with candidates from any location.