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En route growing and expanding a business, one of the fuels is the training of its employees, that too on a regular basis.

Training is basically an endeavor to help employees reach the fullest of their potential. Training actually is aimed at developing better skillset, increased productivity, higher retention rates, and an improved brand.

Employee Training and Assessment

The conventional module of training is comprised of Pen & Papers, Board & Markers; which now has been replaced with the modern video and presentations based pieces of training.

In most cases, when we are intended to read or learn something new, most of us fail to adopt 100 % from the pieces of learning. In order to compensate this edge of leakage, some companies employ a blend of conventional and digital training followed by an assessment.


Conventional training has always been a tedious and exhaustive task to execute; right from training the employees up to assessing the assignments or tasks that have been accomplished by them.

Although it is time-consuming and annoying, but significant at the same time, as it defines the efficiency and helps endure the wisdom to excel into the era of globalization.

Training is an indispensable part of any organization and Assessment is the next step to it; to illustrate and examine what we have learned and what has been retained, it’s just a token to confirm that.

When training can enter into the digital mode, the next process of evaluation also can be simplified with digital assessment tools.


Pieces of training are always conducted with an aim to captivate and boost the performance of an employee, encourage and empower him/her to perform and meet individual as well as organizational goals. Evaluation is the key to unlock the benefits of training, as it justifies each and every employee’s performance and moderates each of the finer details.

Challenges of Manual Assessment

Manual assessment of an employee who has undergone training could be a really daunting and dreary task; may it be throwing a set of questions at him/her about the training or noticing the behavioral changes.

The major drawback of manual assessment is, it can be biased, at times.

Apart from this, a lot of time could be considered as waste if in the assessment you come to know that the training has not served its purpose. So ultimately, it could be a game of favors and can cost you a lot of paper and off-course valuable time!

Well to lessen your burden of manual assessment, right after training, there is huge hamper which technology is offering in the name of Digital Assessment.

An assessment program that provides you with multiple benefits and is simple, user-friendly, and cost-effective contrary to manual evaluation.


Digital assessment is the new age gizmo of evaluating your employees’ performance post-training. The market of E-assessment is growing rapidly and a number of businesses and industries have already started reaping benefits from it.

Splashgain has its innovative employee training evaluation product Eklavvya that is already tweaking the ways of Training and Assessment. Your competitors in today’s market are grabbing a hold on this state of the art product and experiencing smoother assessments. What are you thinking about?

There is no time to lag behind now, introduce yourself to Eklavvya–  The new era of Assessment. Get to know how this beautiful product can bring the change in your operations, keep scrolling!

1.All-in-one Assessment Vs Piecemeal Assessment


You may be conducting training of your employees in your organization using varied types of materials. These may include images, audios, videos, presentations, etc.

Manual evaluation of the employees, once the training is being conducted, is no doubt a tedious task but is also dependent on the medium of training used.

This becomes even more difficult and time-consuming. For example, suppose you have conducted a training session and the employees were asked to undergo a small objective test.

You would require checking the individual’s test and then noting down the scores and tallying the rankings. When you have conducted a subjective test, the evaluation becomes even more difficult since you have to read the long or short answers for each individual and then decide the scores.

Conversely, Eklavvya is built considering the wide continuum of training modes and is compatible with all of them for the assessment objective. It functions just perfectly to bring out the desired results in minimum time as well as efforts.

Whatever be the medium you use, a digital assessment product is always well suited to incorporate any training medium and evaluate the results with great accuracy.

Additionally, the digital medium supports multiple languages and can perform the assessment of both the subjective and objective tests in minutes.


2.Individual Level Assessment Vs Cluster Assessment

Employee assessment post training activity

Consider a case wherein you have conducted a training session for 50 employees in one department in your organization.

Now, after the training, you want to check each employee’s performance after the training. How will you proceed? Will you conduct surveys and ask for feedback from them? Well, do you really think that surveys work effectively? Does that ensure the success of the training program when you receive positive feedback from them?

Of course not! Even if you consider using other methods of assessment, you would not reach up to the individual’s progress accurately.

However, when you switch to the digital assessment, you get detailed data of each of the employees and this makes your assessment pretty much easy.

The data of each such employee is rich enough to define whether your training objectives have been fulfilled and that they are well trained by now. This helps you to track the progress of individual employee and thus focus on the one requiring subsequent sessions of training.


3.Accuracy and Non-bias Vs Incorrect and Biased Results


You may ask your trustworthy manager to conduct a one-day training of your sales team so as to make them proactive and skilled in communication. It may happen that one of the teammates may gain favor from your manager since he/she is a good performer.

If this is the case, which often in many organizations actually is, do you really think the manual evaluation post-training of the sales team will not go biased?

Are you confident enough that human emotions will not play any role in finalizing the results?


Well, probably you should not think so because of the uncertain and emotionally turbulent nature of human beings. Moreover, if the training and test are conducted remotely, there is much uncertainty about the candor of the candidate and there is no way to verify the disloyalty during the test.

You can definitely eliminate this predisposed result when you go for digital evaluation of your training programs. The effectiveness of training is evaluated using streamlined, standard, and secured marking system which guarantees accurate and unbiased results always.

Even when the test is conducted from a distant location, the digital medium provides you with tools to check for the candidate’s loyalty at regular intervals.

This type of assessment also helps you to understand your flaws in the training program and at the same time which employees need more attention to improvise.

Besides this, the digital evaluation medium also indirectly helps you to check which training method works well and which needs to be improved so as to bring in the desired outcomes.



4.Successful Training Implementation Vs Unproductive Training

Employee training evaluation process with assessments

You very well know why you conduct regular training for your employees.

You want to bring out their potential to the fullest, you want to engage them on a higher level, you want to scale up their performance, you want to cherry pick the best performers and promote them to shoulder more responsibilities, and finally, you expect overall growth of your organization.

When you train and test a large volume of employees at a time, you have to face certain difficulties in assessing individual employee. When it comes to subjective tests, you are more prone to land in troubles of accurate scoring.

With digital assessment, you can find the perfect trained employee and can promote him to higher positions thus mutually benefiting each other.

Digital assessment of employees post training is a great medium to ensure successful implementation of your training program. Even when you need to assess the subjective tests, your smart digital assessment partner does that in minutes with great accuracy.

Here is the feedback from Head of Learning & Development of CMS IT Services

Deepak Shetty-CMSIT




Deepak Shetty
HEAD-Learning & Development
CMS IT Services Private Limited

Thanks for building such a nice platform for online assessments. We have been using Eklavvya platform to manage skill assessment of employees to assess their technical skills.

Our entire assessment work has been digitized with ease. We have also started automation of aptitude test to hire new graduates. It has made our work simpler. We are looking forward to implement Eklavvya for many such business cases for assessment…


5.Pavement for Future Training Programs Vs Conventional Training Outcomes

Employee training

Your evaluation results are susceptible to errors and also individual assessment is most likely to be unsure. Once a training program is completed, you face the traditional concern, what next?

The digital assessment promises error-proof evaluation of every single employee and thus helps you to get the desired individual data.

The results data is extremely useful to know the status of every employee, i.e., which employees have surpassed the training as expected and which employees need to undergo future training. Additionally, the results help you to understand and identify those areas where your employees need more training.

For example, one of your employees has undergone a training program and you have found out that he has improved his efficiency and skills required to perform his tasks but he is lacking in communication skills.

This identification of individual flaws helps you to design your future training program focusing on this communication skill for such employees.

Thus, based on the individual performance assessment, you can design your next training programs that are meant to help your employees inculcate particular skill-sets only.

Here is opinion of one of the company which has implemented Eklavvya platform for employee assessment and Training.

Chintan Chavda








Chintan Chavda
-Product Manager Gujarat Terce Laboratories Ltd

Thank you for great service. We are able to conduct online assessment for medical representatives across the region with your platform.

Thanks for good platform and great support. Our exams are going smooth with medical representatives are able to appear for assessment on computer and mobile devices.

It is helping us to understand their medical field know how. Looking for continued support in future.”


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