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7 things you should know about Remote Proctoring

7 Key facts about remote proctoring
7 thing about remote proctoring

Today we see that education is going digital, and the examinations are no exception to that. The online examinations are getting better accepted by the academicians, schools, colleges and students due to the reliability and convenience associated with these online examinations. Here are a few case studies to explore about remote proctored online exams.


One of the major reasons behind the acceptance of online examinations is that these exams can now be conducted in a secure and malpractice-free manner. This is achieved by implementing various malpractice prevention mechanisms.  

Remote Proctoring is the most widely adopted malpractice prevention mechanism worldwide. Remote proctoring has made the process of examination a lot more reliable. It has helped make it possible to monitor the students appearing for the examination from a remote location. And, that’s not all, there are many more interesting facts that you would like to know about remote proctoring, here are 7 things you should know about remote proctoring.

1. How does remote proctoring work? – The functionality of remote proctoring

Remote proctoring utilizes a technological interface to connect the student with the invigilator. The activity of the candidate can be tracked during the course of the examination. The student has to take the exam at his or her home or anywhere through an internet connection.

Role of proctor-

The role of proctors is vital in the case of online proctored examinations. The proctors; also referred to as ‘online invigilators’ are responsible to make sure that the students adhere to the rules and regulations of the examination. The invigilators are usually employed by the examination body to ensure that the examination process is conducted in accordance with the standards and also across different locations.

Here are activities that the proctor can perform during the course of the examination

activities proctor can perform
The proctors are entitled to do any of the activities mentioned above in order to make the exam process more reliable and malpractice free.

2. Challenges that might occur while implementing remote proctoring

One of the major challenges faced by schools and colleges in implementing remote proctoring is related to human resources and Proctor management. In case a large number of students are appearing, it comes up as a challenge to arrange and train a number of required proctors in a short period of time. Usually, one proctor is assigned per 15 students, for a stricter examination; around 8-10 students are invigilated by one proctor.

However, it is also possible to conduct a proctored exam without a human proctor!

Yes, you read that right; it is possible to conduct a proctored exam without a human proctor by using the novel AI-enabled proctoring.

AI-enabled proctoring, also called AI proctoring, is a mechanism in which AI traces and recognizes the activity of the students and reports any possible attempts of malpractice. Read more about AI proctoring here.

3. Remote proctoring stands out in an e-learning space

In today’s digital age, online studies have become an integral part of the educational process. An increasing number of students, who are geographically distributed, are taking their examinations online.

Considering these changes, there is no wonder that proctoring is becoming a highly important part of the e-learning space. This scenario can be seen specifically in the case of courses which are totally delivered online mode, the same trend can be seen with hybrid education courses. No wonder the advanced plugins are being installed by the course creators to implement the proctored exams in LMS. Here is an example of how the instructors can conduct proctored exams using a common LMS, Moodle.

4. Candidates cannot cheat during proctored online exams

Yes, although it has always been a point of debate, with the newer proctored examination technology, it is quite not possible to cheat. Below are the various proctoring mechanisms-

Various Proctoring Mechanisms
The proctoring mechanisms can be made stricter as per the importance of examination.

More than one kind of proctoring mechanism which is listed can be clubbed together for examinations with even higher exam security, so yes, it is true that the candidates cannot cheat during proctored online exams.

Going further, these all-proctoring mechanisms can be integrated with AI for even stricter examination, which brings into discussion our next point, AI proctoring!

Looking for ways to conduct malpractice-free exams? Here are the 5 tips to prevent cheating during online exams-

5. AI has transformed how online proctoring works

AI has turned out to be a breakthrough in the 21st century in all domains, the education sector is not the exception to the same. When a large number of candidates are appearing for an online examination; it might not be feasible to track the activity of each of the students effectively. Here is where AI proctoring comes into the picture.

Challenge faced by school

With AI proctoring, it is possible to conduct malpractice-free exams of 1000s of students without needing even a single human proctor.

As mentioned earlier, AI algorithms can be integrated with one or more proctoring mechanisms to conduct malpractice-free examinations with the least human resource.

6. Features of Online Proctoring

Here are a few key features that you should know about-

  • The online proctoring services can be integrated with School ERP and Moodle as well.
  • It is possible to save the video recordings of the candidates as documented evidence.
  • One can conduct video interviews and viva using the online proctoring solution.
  • The proctoring solutions can be well utilized for hiring.
  • Certain online proctoring solutions support bulk online interviews.
  • It is possible to authenticate each candidate before they appear for the exam.
  • The AI Remote proctored exam processes are unbiased and highly transparent.

Apart from these, there are many other features which make online proctoring solutions serve their purpose better, these solutions come with certain other features which include-

  • Exam creation and configuration options.
  • Question bank management feature.
  • Result analysis and leadership board support.
  • Result in export and sorting mechanisms.

7. Growth & future of remote proctoring

In the past, the interaction between students and teachers was limited due to physical barriers. In recent days, this barrier has been broken down with the use of modern technology. Nowadays we have a number of online learning management systems that allow students to interact with teachers. Carrying ahead the same trend, it is sure that ‘remote proctoring’ is the future of online examinations.

Bonus Tip- 360 Degree Proctoring

The 360 degree proctoring capability of Eklavvya revolutionizes remote exam supervision.

It provides a thorough view of the exam taker with its cutting-edge 2-camera streaming capacity, providing the highest level of security and preventing any malpractices.

This cutting-edge technology enables you to keep an eye on the test-taker’s face as well as the entire activity taking place behind and below the computer equipment, eradicating any possibility of unapproved aid or cheating.

You may confidently administer online exams with Eklavvya’s 360 degree proctoring because every step of the exam procedure is being closely watched and secured.

Explore the world of remote assessments and introduce you to innovative technologies such as Remote ProctoringAI proctoring, and 360-degree proctoring.


The majority of the reputed institutes worldwide are adapting to remote proctoring considering the enhanced reliability, transparency, ease of handling and cost implications. On the other hand, the students can appear for the exams from the comfort of their homes, which saves them a lot of time and money which would have otherwise been spent on travelling. On the same point; the online remote proctored exams are really a win-win situation for all.