AI Automated Remote Proctoring to prevent cheating during Online Exams

AI-powered Remote Proctoring to detect and prevent cheating during Online Exams


Remote proctoring is the need for the hour in the current era of social distancing. Education institutes and universities need to explore technology to continue their critical academic process of exams.

AI-powered remote proctoring is the one thing that can ensure end-to-end security for Online Exams and prevent the process from cheating and malpractices. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the whole globe is following some serious downfall in terms of the economy; even day-to-day activities are being restricted due to enforcements like lockdowns!

However, with the blessings of technology, the strings of knowledge and learners are still intact!

Well, knowledge is available over a single click now, through the right sources. But how about the examination processes? It has to be executed under a controlled environment, with supervision and invigilation.

When all the students are sitting in their homes and are not supposed to step out to gather for anything like an exam, how are we going to put this thing forward?

Well, technology has got us covered; AI-powered Remote proctored Online Exam is the most essential remedy for this.

However, security authenticity during online exams is one of the key criteria for its success.

For accurate identity verification and secure conduction on online exams, explore the advanced technique of 360-degree proctoring for online exams

How can an institute ensure the right candidate is attempting an online exam?  

How does the institute ensure that no cheating or malpractice is happening during the online exam process?

Is there any way where students can attempt an online exam using a mobile phone and system to ensure their identity is verified and activity is monitored?

Artificial Intelligence(AI) powered Remote Proctored Online Exams is the answer to all of the above questions.

Remote proctoring is the technology that lets you monitor online exams for candidates scattered over a bunch of locations, anywhere on the back of the earth.  

There are different parameters of remote proctoring, such as audio proctoring, video proctoring, image proctoring, and the monitoring screen of the end-user attempting the online exam. With the help of all these mechanisms, you can securely conduct an Online Exam, that too under a controlled and cheat-free environment.

1. Facial Recognition

Facial recognition

Face recognition is one of the key components of the verification process for remote users during the online exam process.

The system takes a photo of the remote user attempting the exam and it is compared with a photo stored in the system at the start of the online exam. 

At any point in time during the exam, if there is a mismatch or deviation in the face or more than one face is detected in front of the screen or no person’s faces are detected in front of the screen during the online exam, then the system records in the form of an alert.

Exam administrators can view and monitor those alerts for identification of exam cheating.

2. Secure Browser: Preventing the candidate from switching windows during the Online Exam

Secure Browser: Preventing the candidate from switching windows during the online exam

AI-powered remote proctoring also prohibits the user from switching the windows while appearing for the scheduled Online Exam. The secure browser mechanism imposed by the proctored examination process enforces this restriction in order to keep the Online Exam environment under control.

Any attempt to open another window could be recorded as a case of malpractice, and the exam administrator can further evaluate the cases to maintain the integrity of the Online Examination.

The exam administrator can also opt-out to automate the suspension mechanism for the Online Exam in line with the window-switching activity attempted by the candidate. If the candidate defers the warning alerts beyond the set limit, the system would automatically suspend the online exam for the respective candidate.

3. Malpractice Identification

Malpractice Identification

AI-powered remote proctoring uses AI-driven algorithms for user verification and exam cheating identification. It would generate a comprehensive report for you to help you to confirm if an online exam has been completed with machine-driven remote invigilation proctoring.

360-degree proctoring is a cutting-edge reliable solution that has revolutionized the way online exams are administered. Here are highlights of the 360 degree proctoring.

  • Revolutionary solution: 360-degree proctoring has revolutionized online exams with its cutting-edge reliability. 🚀
  • Dual camera streaming: This technology utilizes dual camera streaming to provide a comprehensive view of the exam room. 🎥👀
  • Uncompromised security: With 360-degree proctoring, cheating becomes virtually impossible, ensuring fair and accurate evaluations. 🔒✅
  • Remote exam administration: Educational institutions can now confidently administer online exams remotely, thanks to the advanced security measures provided by 360-degree proctoring. 💻🌐
  • Integrity assured: Say goodbye to worries about cheating and malpractice. 360-degree proctoring guarantees a trustworthy evaluation process. 👍🔐

4. Image Based Proctoring

Image-based proctoring

Every nook and corner across the globe now seems connected with the World Wide Web. It is fairly possible to connect with anyone from anywhere on the back of the earth. 

Perhaps, there could be some internet bandwidth limitations for some regions.

AI-powered remote proctoring has you covered with its extra lite proctoring mechanism in the name of Image-based proctoring. Image Proctoring has made it possible to secure online exam environments prominently. 

It is one of the lighter proctoring methods where the system captures photographs of the users after every 15 seconds, 30 seconds etc. 

As an examiner, you would be able to see a total of around 240 photos of one user for every 60 mins of an online exam. It would help you to identify if the same user is attempting the online exam or not.


You can configure the image-capturing process in the admin panel as shown in the below screen.

Proctoring Configuration for image capturing during online exam

Here is how an online exam with candidate photo capturing would be conducted.

Advantages of AI-powered Remote Proctoring

1. Ease of conducting online exams for remote users.
You can conduct online exams for remote users securely with AI-powered remote proctoring.

2. A secure and cost-effective way to prevent cheating during online exams.
System algorithms can help you to detect and prevent cheating during the online exam process.

3. Instant result generation for the objective type of exams.
Multiple choice types of exams would have instant result generation. You can get various analytics and ranking along with detailed topic-wise, and subject-wise analyses of the performance of the entire batch and the individual.

For subjective types of exams, the examiner can evaluate the results by logging in to the system to see answers written by the students for each question.

4. The complete paperless process saves a considerable cost on exam administration and logistics.
The entire examination activity can be completed in a paperless manner. You can save a huge cost of exam administration and management by shifting to AI-proctored-based online exams.

5. Used by many educational institutes with success.
Artificial intelligence is the future of technology. 

Many sectors have adopted it for automation and prediction analysis. 

Education institutes have also started using AI for the management of secure online exam processes.

You can explore AI-powered remote proctored online exam management for your education institutes.

We, at East Africa University, with seven scattered branches, had to suddenly shift our examination to online because of a new government policy which was intended to limit the coronavirus epidemic spread.
Technologically, we were not ready for such unexpected instructions to move to an online examination.
However, we found Eklavvya, which came from the blue moon, to fit our needs.
Another big surprise for us was how Eklavvya had also appropriated its remote proctoring system with our requirements. It is hard to shorten our excitement and honest feeling about how Eklavvya and its proctoring system fit our needs with a friendly user system.

Prof Abdisalam M Issa-Salwe
East Africa University

Eklavvya platform is amazing to conduct secure online exams for Graduation and Post-graduation courses. We have successfully conducted remote proctored assessments for our PG Courses. The Eklavvya platform has simplified our examination process to a great extent. It gives the flexibility for students to take the exams from home while being remotely proctored by Ekavvya’s Proctors. We truly appreciate this platform for Subjective type exams

Kalavathi A S
Indian Institute of Plantation Management