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Assessments are an essential part of the education system. They are used to evaluate student learning, provide feedback to educators, and identify areas where students may need additional support.

With these outcomes of assessments, assessments have always been an important part of academics, but now in the year 2023, with major changes in the learning ecosystem, the assessments have taken a totally new form.

Students are preferring to learn from multiple sources and even governments are encouraging students to take two degrees at a time. This change is driven by the technology that makes education accessible to students at any time and from any place.

As the educational ecosystem continues to enjoy technology-driven growth, it is important for the institutes to adopt technology to match the novel requirements put forth by this positive change.

There are many examples where schools have totally optimized the academic processes by using technologies like School ERP, online examination systems and Learning Management Systems (LMS). Question paper generation is yet another process which is now being streamlined using technology.

When done manually, creating multiple sets of question papers for assessment can be a time-consuming and challenging task for educators. With the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Question Paper Generation Tools, educators can now streamline the assessment process, allowing them to create high-quality assessments quickly and easily.

What is Question Paper Software for Schools?

Question paper software for schools (also called a question paper generation system) is a tool that can be used to build customized question papers from the digital question bank with a single click. The tool utilizes the available question bank and can generate multiple sets of question papers with a similar difficulty level which greatly helps teachers.

This article explores the top five features of AI Question Paper Generation Tools for schools and explains how they can help schools to revolutionize the question papers generated.

Features of AI Question Paper Generation Tool

1. Customization of Question Papers

One of the most significant advantages of AI Question Paper Generation Tools is their ability to customize assessments to meet the needs of each student.

Educators can select the question types they want to include, such as multiple-choice (objective questions), short-answer, or essay questions (subjective questions). They can also customize the difficulty level of the questions, ensuring that the assessments are challenging but not overwhelming for their students.

Customization features make assessments more personalized, engaging, and effective in measuring student learning. By creating assessments that are tailored to the individual needs of each student, educators can help students to achieve better learning outcomes and improve their overall academic performance.

The question paper generation system accepts inputs like the overall difficulty level of the question paper, question type (multiple-choice (objective questions), short-answer, or long answer questions, subjective questions) subject and topic-wise weightage, and total marks of the question paper. Once these inputs are provided, voila, a question paper is generated! Further, the system can generate multiple sets of question papers tailored to meet specific requirements.

2. Question Bank Dashboard to provide data-driven insights to create question papers

AI Question Paper Generation Tools use data available in the question bank to generate questions. The question paper generation tool supports the Question Bank Analytics feature that enables the administrator to review the available question bank with ease.

The tool supports sorting of the questions on the basis of difficulty level, question type, marks per question, subject and topic. This dashboard helps greatly in analyzing the available question bank. This data insights about the question bank can be exported in the form of an Excel to process further.

In another way, these insights into the available question bank can help the paper setter to add new questions on a particular subject/topic as required.

3. Fast, Efficient and Accurate System to generate question papers

Creating assessments can be a time-consuming task for educators. AI Question Paper Generation Tools can help save time by generating questions quickly and accurately. Educators can create assessments in a fraction of the time it would take to create them manually.

Time-saving features allow educators to spend more time on other important tasks, such as providing feedback and guidance to students. With more time available, educators can focus on providing students with personalized learning experiences, which can help to improve student engagement and academic performance. The whole process of question paper generation can be completed from any location in online mode.

Pro tip: Personalized feedback to students

If the exams are conducted using the online exam tool, the subject, topic and question-wise performance of each student can be reviewed, this can help the teacher to give personalized feedback to the students.

4. Unlimited Unique Question Generation

Once you generate a digital question bank, there is no limit to the number of question papers that you can generate using the Question Paper Generation system.

As described earlier, once the required inputs on difficulty, subject and topic-wise weightage, and total marks are provided, the system generates customized question papers with high accuracy in a few seconds.

Multiple sets of question papers with similar difficulty levels, and subject and topic-wise weightage can be created with a single click. This turns out to be one of the most essential features for such assessments which are conducted in the phases.

One such example is the recently conducted state government recruitment exam, there were around 2 lakh candidates registered for the examination, and it was next to impossible to conduct the examination for all the candidates at a time without hassle. The state government decided to conduct the examination in a phased manner.

As the exam was in a phased manner, the challenge was to maintain the difficulty level, subject and topic-wise weightage the same for all candidates, but the questions could not be repeated due to the nature of the exam. This feature that enables administrators to create multiple sets of question papers with similar difficulty levels and subject & topic-wise weightage greatly helped.

5. Accessibility

Question Paper Generation System is accessible to authorized users without any restrictions on the location or time. Further, the tools allow educators to create assessments that are available in multiple formats, such as print, digital, or audio. Once the question papers are generated, they can be saved in the system, exported and can be accessed using any device at any time without location constraints.

According to a report by ResearchAndMarkets.com, the global market for AI in education is expected to reach $3.68 billion by 2023, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 38.2% from 2018 to 2023.

This growth is driven by the increasing demand for personalized learning, adaptive learning, and data-driven education. AI Question Paper Generation Tools are a crucial part of this trend, as they enable educators to create personalized assessments that are tailored to the individual needs of each student.

No wonder the question paper generation system can greatly help schools to simplify the question paper generation process.

Here are the steps to start using the Question Paper Generation system-

Start using Question Paper Generator!

Step 1- Understanding the requirements:

The very first step to start using a question paper generation system at your school is to identify the requirements so that you can communicate those to your software provider. You can ask yourself certain questions-

  • What is the type of exam I would like to use the question paper generation system for? (You may use it for any of the examinations, but answering this question can help to identify the next questions to identify the requirements)
  • What are the features that you would need? (Based on what type of examination you would conduct, and the required exam pattern, the relevant features can be selected, for example, if you are willing to conduct high-volume entrance exams, you may choose a software that supports the creation of multiple-question papers with similar difficulty that will enable you to conduct the exam in a phased manner
  • As you might not be fully aware of the features available in question paper generation systems, it is fine not knowing what features you exactly need, but having clarity on ‘your requirements’ rather than ‘software features’ will help you greatly in identifying the right tool.

Step 2- Connect with the software provider, communicate the requirement and get a demo

  • Once you are sure of what the requirements are, you can connect with the question paper generation system provider. The majority of the software providers provide demos before you actually buy the software, further, you can get a dummy login (demo user login) to try out features by yourself.
  • With a demo login, you can import your own question bank into the system and try out generating the question paper. You can explore other features of the platform as well.

Step 3- Select the required features

  • The advanced question paper generation systems come up with many advanced features, right from building the AI-generated question bank, question bank analytics, including all types of questions, and integration with online test software to count a few.
  • The software providers usually club the features and make plans that you can readily adopt. You may choose the plan that meets your niche requirements.

Step 4- Start using the Question paper generation system

  • The majority of the software providers walk you through the software by providing the demo, necessary training and resources.
  • Based on the requirements, the software service providers also assign you a single point of contact who can be reached in case any support is required.


AI Question Paper Generation tools are a game-changer for education. They provide educators with the tools they need to create assessments that accurately measure student learning, improve student performance, and enhance the learning experience.

The question paper generation system with its features like customization, efficiency, accessibility and reliability can greatly help teachers to meet the requirements of high-quality question papers.