Reputed autonomous Institute has streamlined academic exams


The reputation comes with responsibility, it comes up as a challenge to keep up the quality and grow the reputation even more. On the same note, It must be noted that the capability and quality brings the reputation, thus reputation is linked with quality.

About SP College

SP college understands the importance of quality in education and is an institute of repute, located in the city of Pune, the Oxford of the east. SP college is a progressive college that has kept the student and quality-centric approach for delivering the education, all processes at SP college, right from student admission to student data management are digitalized, and the examination process is no exception to this.

By leveraging the ever-advancing online exam technology, the SP college conducted 1,65,000+ examinations for total of 9000+ students in online mode, here are the top features of the online exam platform and services that helped the process of exam conduction

Effective Question Bank Management

Large volume question bank management

Question bank management is an essential component of the examination process, it becomes hectic to handle the number of subjects and questions when done manually, the process needs to be made sophisticated in order to be able to use these questions in the exam without any mistakes.

Eklavvya supports the import of questions under subjects, further, the topics can be specified; making the question bank management procedure easier than ever.

No wonder SP college could efficiently import and handle 1300+ subjects, 1400+ topics, and thousands of questions under them

Apart from this, the question bank analytics feature gives insights about available question banks, here is how

Bulk Handling of the Data

Efficient handling of the large volume data

When the volume of examinations goes high, it is no longer possible to do the data entry manually, imagine entering details of 1000+ students manually!

Eklavvya is designed in such a way that the data can be handled in bulk, may it be questions or candidate data, a thousands of questions can be imported into the Eklavvya system with a single click

Handling of questions

The thousands of subjects, topics, and questions can be imported into the system using the bulk import feature of Eklavvya, the questions can be imported in bulk with a single click, and the data in excel sheet can directly be used as question.

Here is how you can handle the questions on the online exam platform

Handling of bulk candidate data

There can be thousands of students enrolled in college, these students study in different streams, classes, and batches. It is a must to keep the student data organized to be able to handle the data efficiently.

Here is how you can create batches and import candidate data

Technical Error Free and Scalable Platform

Technical error free and stable online exam technology

The platform was scalable, meaning that it can handle a largely varying number of students who are appearing for the examination, the scalable platforms can handle significant fluctuations in user count, and thus are free from technical errors.

SP college could conduct the exam free from technical errors, a coordinator from the Eklavvya team was assigned to assist in the smooth conduction of the examination, and the training sessions were conducted for the staff to make them familiar with the online exam technology

Students were shared with certain training videos prior to the examination, mock exams were conducted which made students familiar with the online exam technology

Here is an example of a student training video

Intuitive User Interface and User Experience

Easy to understand and adoptable user interface of online exam technology

The online exam interface was intuitive and easy to understand, students did not find it difficult to attempt the examination, and the username and password for the exams were shared well in advance to make avoid last-minute confusion and coordination.

Before submitting the exam, students were asked for confirmation and were shown the summary of attempted, not-attempted, and review questions, students could go back to the examination and complete all the remaining questions, this minimized the chances of accidental and unintended examination submissions

Efficient Result Generation and Publication with Online Exam Technology

Automated and exportable result generation using online exam technology

The result management publication is a tedious process, the result processing must be done in time bound manner with great accuracy, balancing accuracy and processing results within a time limit comes up as a challenge; especially when the number of students appearing for the examination is large.

SP college used the online exam technology to generate the results, the results of all examinations for all students could be exported in excel sheet format, and it was possible to download the results in multiple formats, for example; it was possible to download student wise result, exam wise result, with the leadership board feature, it was possible to see toppers for each subject and topic as well.

All these processes were highly accurate and fast, which comes up as a great advantage of the online exam technology, when result processing is done with aim of high accuracy, the process becomes time-consuming and doesn’t necessarily get completed within the stipulated time limit

SP college acknowledges the excellency of Eklavvya products and services, here is what they say-

We, at S.P College, Pune are using Eklavvya for conducting online proctored examinations. Till now, we have successfully conducted various CIE and SEE examinations for different subjects under the faculty of Arts, Science, Commerce, Computer Science and BBA, UG and PG for the last two years.

The coordination for online exam was excellent, the exams could be conducted without any major technical issues, we got excellent cooperation and time to time assistance from the Eklavvya team.

Due to such an excellent cooperation from Eklavvya team, we were able to display our examination results in timely manner.

The college is fully satisfied with Eklavvya, I hope the same cooperation continues in future as well

Dr D.B. Pawar,
Controller of Examinations,
SP College, Pune