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5 practically effective ways to improve the college placements in 2022


“Placements are one of the major factors that students consider while taking admission to any college”

No wonder that the colleges with better placement records are preferred by the students. Adhering to this trend, the colleges also have started putting their efforts in bringing the companies for campus visits for job placements. This article describes the 5 actionable tips to improve the college placements in 2022

Are colleges taking any initiatives to improve the placements?

Yes, In fact the majority of the colleges have set up their own training and placement cells to coordinate the job placement process. No doubt that the colleges are putting their best efforts in bringing the top companies to visit their campus, but the placement records of the majority of colleges are still inconsistent.

What are the factors that negatively impact college placements?

The placement records of the colleges are inconsistent because of lack of training and practice, some colleges provide rigorous training by not exposing students to mock interviews and mock aptitude tests. As the students do not attempt the mock interviews and practice the aptitude tests, they are screened out of the campus hiring process.

What can colleges do to improve the placements and make placement records consistent?

College level activities to improve the college placements

There can be various approaches of making the placements better and consistent-

Tip 1 : Improve college placements: Training students with latest industry oriented skills is the key!

train the students to improve the college placements

Rightly said in an Indian Movie, 3 Idiots- 

“Kamyabi Ke Peeche Mat Bhago, Kabil Bano,

Kamyabi Tumhare Peeche Ayegi!”

Employability bring the employment, Institutes must focus on making the students employable, that’s an absolute win-win situation

The colleges need to match the changing demands of industry and train the students with the latest knowledge and technologies. They need to focus on understanding and nurturing the inherent skills of the candidates rather than putting all students in the same module of learning. Personalized, self paced and industry skill oriented training are key strategies to follow. An advnaced Learning Management System can help you to train the students in a well structured manner.

Tip 2 :Help students to prepare standard and professional CV

CV prepaparation for better placements

Professional CV talks a lot about the candidate.

If you are able to standardize the profile of the student by instructing them or by training them about how to effectively define the profile for the resume of the students, it will certainly help them to make a better performance during campus placement activity.

There is a latest trend that is related to infographic resume which is also very useful infographic resume helps applicant to get notice in front of the recruiters or organizations and infographic CV we also have project your strength and weaknesses. Here are 4 basic steps to preapare CVs for campus placements

Tip 3 : Conduct mock interviews and practice tests

The ultimate activities to improve college placements in 2022

Mock interviews

No matter how intelligent the student is, if the student doesn’t perform well in the interview, there is no chance of getting hired !. 

Mock interviews help the students in building confidence to face the real interviews, understand how well they can face the interviews and improve their performance further. 

“Is it really possible to conduct mock interviews for 100s of students?, How much time and human resource do we need to conduct the mock interviews?”

Yes, with technology it is possible to conduct mock interviews for hundreds of students in one go. 

Yes, you read that right, 100s of mock interviews can be conducted simultaneously, that too with least human resource. This is possible with the audio based bulk interviews.

Audio based bulk interviews allow the universities and colleges to conduct even 1000s of mock interviews simultaneously. These audio interviews are then evaluated by the evaluator or can be sent to students back for peer to peer review.

Practice tests

Getting a job through placements is a challenge, Isn’t it? One must go through the aptitude test prior to appearing for the interview. Many students find cracking these aptitude tests difficult

But with a proper vision and efforts, it is possible to prepare and crack these aptitude tests with flying colors. 

The aptitude tests are designed in such a way that the skills, knowledge and problem solving ability of the candidate. Colleges can arrange practice tests for the candidates aspiring for the job placements.

Here is an ultimate guide, how to create an exam on online exam platform

Coding tests

These tests are specifically for those candidates who are studying software engineering or appearing for the job placements which require coding skills.

In 2022, it is a trend that the coding tests/ programming tests are being conducted as a part of the hiring process. These tests are the stepping stones for candidates to enter in a job interview. College students either lack coding skills or are totally unaware of the coding test pattern that keeps them apart from getting their dream software engineer job. 

Colleges can consider conducting the mock/practice coding tests for students to make students familiar with these tests, and to increase their chances of getting selected in software development firms.

With technology, creating an online coding test for students is a matter of minutes, you can create the coding exam in few easy steps

1000s of students can concurrently appear these examinations via a cloud based software, here is how

Tip 4 : Make the alumni network work

Utilize alumni network to improve the campus placements

The alumni of the college are the biggest brand ambassadors of the college, if your college is well established and old, there are high chances that the alumni of the college are well in position in corporations. The placement cell must collaborate effectively with the alumni network to increase the prospective job availability for the current students.

Alumni meets can serve as a great aid to introduce the current batches with the alumni, the alumni network shall not just be leveraged for jobs, but also to guide the students about interviews and aptitude tests. Furthermore, the connections with alumni can even help the students to get their jobs in hand off-campus.

Tip 5 : Have a structured placement cell

Establish a placement cell

The placement cell is the team of people, with faculty and student representatives who work together to arrange the placement activities in the college. The role of placements coordinators becomes vital. A proper coordination between the faculty and students is a key in making the placements better and consistent.

The placement cell shall reach out to the companies, coordinate the interview and result process on behalf of college. If your college has a website, you should consider having a dedicated section for placement cell on the website, furthermore, it is important to keep the section up to date with the latest updates.

No doubt that helping and making all students get their dream job is a tough task, realistically, it is possible to help students to reach their potential best version during the interviews and overall placement process, with technology; it is now easier than ever to reach out every student and help them in improving their employability, coding test is a great example of such a technology.

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